Kamala Harris has a much bigger slave reparations problem than 99.95% of the American white population

Brent Scher. (Jul. 09, 2019). Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, Her Father Says – Presidential hopeful’s Jamaican father wrote about his slave-holding ancestor. Free Beacon.


Editor. (Jan. 13, 2019). Kamala Harris’ Jamaican Heritage – Updated – 14.01.2019. Jamaica Global Online.


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Moral: A Jamaican-Indian Caucasian who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

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Not “Natural Born Citizens”

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Incorrect, Larry. You write in your article that “her father is described as “an African-American from Jamaica.”  You do not give a source for this information. Our copy of Kamala Harris’ original birth certificate shows that her father indicated “Jamaican” as race. Harris’ father, in an interview, described himself as Jamaican, not black. Larry, again…what is your source for your statement?

Harris is culturally appropriating the American black experience for her personal gain.

Other than that, Larry posts a nice article explaining why Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbard are ineligible to hold the office or President or Vice President of the United States.

kamala harris birth certificate

Not Just Owners, Kamala’s Family Business Was Massive Slave Trading

One can’t help but wonder if she is carrying on the family tradition of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Is Kamala involved in the human trafficking of illegal aliens from her home base in California?  We must make sure this woman is thoroughly vetted so that we don’t wind up with another Manchurian Candidate as President.

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