The Pilgrims Society – Enemy of Humanity


Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss the evil secret society called the Pilgrims Society. Once you see how this organization is responsible for war, strife, and white supremacy around the world, you will demand that your elected officials shut them down for being a domestic and foreign terrorist organization.

The Pilgrims Society IS the White Supremacist group everybody is looking for!

We offer PROOF that they have been terrorizing the world for over one hundred years. And we “name names”!

John F. Kennedy warned us. Will we take heed?


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If you want to find the source of WHITE SUPREMACY, look no further than this domestic-foreign group – the Pilgrims Society. This is the world’s most dangerous enemy and they should be named as a terrorist organization in all freedom-loving countries. They fund terrorism, war, and internal strife. They own the media and the publishing houses and spew fake news, revisionist history, and propaganda. They are the enemy of the people.

What is the Pilgrims Society?




The next history lesson for AIM Cats is one that your high school and college teachers probably didn’t teach you because they didn’t have textbooks that disclosed the treacherous organization called the Pilgrims Society.  You certainly won’t find it mentioned in main stream media because the members of this secret, anti-American group own and control the media.

They lie to us. They spew propaganda. They run false flag narratives. They distract us with obfuscations and semi-truths. These are their weapons in the information war.

The intermarried old-line hereditary wealth gougers, British Crown loyalists, and Wall Street Episcopalians go back many centuries and have their tentacles on all the levers of power in America.

And guess where where this cozy little group of traitors got started? Queue up DRUM ROLL here:


queen and privy council
Queen Elizabeth and a few of her Privy Council pals plotting and planning  total control of the planet.

Once you are educated and enlightened about this next layer of global corruption that stands between the Queen and our U. S. Constitution, you can help others take the steps they need on their journey to truth. AIM Cats gently nudge people along the path and help them become wiser each day.

Our goal is to have patriots around the world shine a bright light on this evil plan of enslaving humanity in a digital, one world order tyranny.

school_house_redWe recommend you save this PDF below on to your computer so we always have a copy in the world for truth seekers.

Here is the link you should save:ël-van-der-Reijden-ISGP-Jul-17-2008.pdf

Don’t try to grok the subject all at once. It’s HUGE and you might choke on all the hairballs you cough up. We will take you step by step through this secret organization that works with the British Crown to keep America under its control. We will show you the evidence that links the Senior Executive Service to the Pilgrims Society. We will show you the evidence that this group is the American “privy council’.

We will also show you how the Pilgrims Society members control the media corporations, as well as many alternative media channels. You will see that this IS the Great Information War we are fighting. And one that Donald Trump has been trying to show us this since the first day he called the media “fake news.”

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John F. Kennedy warned us of secret societies


sheriff trump barrDon’t despair…there is a solution to taking down this House of Sinful and Sordid Cards. Our AIM4Truth community has provided the President with an info bomb that will be a lethal blow to the swamp.

The “weapon” comes from Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies’ with their offer to let the President hold the original source code of internet scalability. This puts our elected Donald Trump in charge, and not unelected globalist pigs like Mark, Peter, Eric, Nick, Jack, Sheryl, and the gang.

Let’s inform the Silicon Valley Boy Kings of the new TERMS OF SERVICE, compliments of Betsy Ross and Thomas Pain-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists in service to the American people and patriots everywhere.

A new sheriff is in town. And it’s High Noon.

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Pilgrims Society


This, Patriots, is the EVIL CABAL that has been running America secretly for the British Empire. Time to name the enemy of the Republic – PILGRIMS SOCIETY.

And guess who their secret army is in Washington?


pilgrims afi 1.JPGpilgrims society members

The British Privy Council and its Peers have used the interchangeable British and American Pilgrims Societies for over 100 years to subvert American history, seize control of US banks, corporations, government, education and media propaganda

The Pilgrims are overrun with Privy Council-led British peers including Viscounts, Dukes, Barons, Knights and Lords.

A Pilgrim named Robert L. Schuettinger helped Jimmy Carter organize the Senior Executive Services (SES). Page 2010. See SES expose.

A Pilgrim named Thomas Warren Childs helped FDR organize the theft of over 50,000 patents held by citizens of the Axis powers and occupied lands (Anglo-American Patent Committee, 1940-45). Page 410. See NOW patent theft ring

Pilgrims dominate activity in the CIA, MI6, NSA, FBI, GCHQ, etc.

Pilgrims dominate American media including CBS, PBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, New York Times BBC, the Economist, etc.

Pilgrims run the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Le Cercle, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, NATO, and in the past The Milner Group, Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table, Skull & Bones, Ford Foundation, Zionism, Knights of Malta, Aspen Institute, Soros, Hoover Institution, Atlantic Council, etc.

The Pilgrims are dominated by a small group of families including Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothschilds, Rhodes, Milner, Woolsey (self-styled “British and American Aristocracy” modeled on Cecil Rhodes’ British-American federation dream

The Pilgrims created British-Israel Zionism to maintain a British foothold in the Middle East after WWII

The Pilgrims are smothered with Ivy League and Oxbridge self-styled elitist pontificating narcissists

The Pilgrims promote eugenics as a religion.

See full list including self-search capability of 2,548 pages of Pilgrims Society membership lists starting from the early 20th Century to the current time. This is a huge find for the community so make sure to take the time and save this PDF for your records. We do not want this evil secret society to be a secret any more. Thanks to the researchers at AFI, this extensive document has been made so that it is easy to search key words. Use control F to search words, names, phrases.

Click Here to Review and Search the Pilgrims Society Membership List.


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In this article below, AIM Patriot Condor explains the relationship between the Pilgrims Society, the suppression of silver prices, and the suppression of much-needed technologies as the planet enters a mini-ice age.

pilgrims society awareness.jpgWe wanted to know about Edwin Pauley and his relationship to the Pilgrims Society so we turned to our expert in these matters, AIM Patriot and Conclave member Condor who offered this article:

Pilgrims the Silver Stealers – An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens

Condor continues his comments in this post:

How the Pilgrims Society Steals Our Silver Wealth



The Pilgrims Society




Our Human History

For those of you sick and tired of the Pilgrims Society force feeding fake history in public school and university indoctrination centers through their revisionist history books, you might want to save this history timeline for yourself and your family. We put it in a convenient PDF form so that you could save a copy off line.



Joël van der Reijden. (Sep. 29, 2017). 40 White Guilt Propaganda Tactics Used By Media and Political Elites to Push for Third World Immigration. Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP).


Now we know the truth that John F. Kennedy spoke. Let it set us free. Let’s usher in a thousand years of peace and prosperity to our planet. Tell everyone you know about this secret society and their evil plan to take over the world. Tell them about every thing you have learned here at the American Intelligence Media.

Educate and enlighten those in your circle of influence – be it on Twitter, a public billboard, t-shirts, fliers, public lectures at the library, social media, anywhere your talents, time, and passion take you. Be a truth warrior.

know truth

Rudolf_Steiner_1908Where education is concerned, people claim straightaway to know how to educate

I would merely like to say that when one speaks on educational questions at the present day one finds oneself in a peculiar situation. For if one sees much that needs reforming in education, it is as much as to say that one is not satisfied with one’s own education. One implies that one’s own education has been exceedingly bad. And yet, as a product of this very bad education, of this education in which one finds so much to criticise — for other-wise why be a reformer? — one sets up to know the right way to educate! This is the first thing that involves a contradiction.

The second thing is one which gives one a slight feeling of shame in face of the audience when speaking on education, — for one realises that one is speaking of what education ought to be and how it must be different from present day practice. So that it amounts to saying: you are all badly educated. And yet one is appealing to those who are badly educated to bring about a better education. One assumes that both the speaker and the audience know very well what good education should be in spite of the fact that they have been exceedingly badly educated.

Now this is a contradiction, but it is one which life itself presents us, and it can really only be solved by the view of education which is here being described. For one can perfectly well know what is the matter with education and in what respects it should be improved, just as one can know that a picture is well painted without possessing the faintest capacity for painting a picture oneself. You can consider yourself capable of appreciating the merits of a picture by Raphael without thinking yourself capable of painting a Raphael picture.

In fact it would be a good thing today if people would think like this. But they are not content with merely knowing, where education is concerned, they claim straightaway to know how to educate; as though someone who is no painter and could not possibly become a painter, should set up to show how a badly painted picture should be painted well.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 305 – Spiritual Ground of Education: Lecture IV: Body Viewed from the Spirit – Oxford, 19th August 1922
Translated by Daphne Harwood
Previously posted on July 15, 2015