Ancient Oligarch Families Keep Humanity Steeped in Ritual Sin and Murder

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Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin was a creation of the Pilgrims Society using P.W. Wilson, the Empire Press Union, The New York Times, MI6 and their creation to control the masses: Communism. Explosive new evidence that the British-American Pilgrims Society (1902) 1900 created the Vladimir Lenin and Bolshevik Revolution as a “false flag” to destabilize Russia so British-American corporations would have access to Russia vast resources.

The British-American Pilgrims Society steals and weaponizes trade secrets & patents for mass surveillance and media propaganda

The British wanted control of Russia’s wealth, and at the same time to disempower Russia and Germany

Lenin’s “Bolshevik Revolution” in 1917 was a Pilgrims Society criminal operation executed on the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Telegraph, London Times, Daily Mail, Guardian—all founding members of the Empire Press Union (1909)

“Five Eyes” Pilgrims Society spies are attempting a U.S. coup d’état right now

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Who controls the Queen? SHOCKING NEW HISTORY!

(Oct. 01, 2019)—Our 120-year old historical findings are so explosive that we have puzzled with how best to frame the story. We decided to just start sharing these findings as best we can and let the story tell itself after being buried for so long. Truth finds a way.

We welcome patriots across the globe to share additional findings as “the penny drops” (English def.: A belated realization of something after a period of confusion or ignorance). (

Lenin was created by the British-U.S. Pilgrims Society

Nikolai TeslaVladimir I. Lenin. Ideological stooge of the British-American Pilgrims Society.

Cutting to the chase, our new findings prove that The Pilgrims Society, with its two branches in London and New York, created Lenin, Bolshevism, communism, social democracy and sociology university curricula worldwide (their recruiting ground).

Lenin was coached in London by Pilgrims Society founders—visiting in 1902-03, 1905, 1908 and 1911

Lenin visited London on at least four occasions starting in 1902 when he was 32 years old.

Lenin’s second visit in 1905 at 16 Percy Circus is the smoking gun.

Philip Whitwell Wilson
Philip Whitwell Wilson (1875-1956). Radical liberal MP hosted Vladimir I. Lenin in 1905 (Apr. 22 to May 10).He was a “prime mover” of the Imperial Press Conference, 1909. In 1918, he moved to the USA and used The New York Times for his evident MI6-C.I.A. espionage cover for over 39 years. He appears to have been the British Pilgrims Society’s top man in the U.S.

Lenin was hosted in 1905 by radical socialist Liberal MP Philip Whitwell Wilson


Between Apr. 22 – May 10, 1905, Lenin stayed in the home of radical socialist Liberal MP Philip Whitwell Wilson at 16 Percy Circus, St Pancras. He was attending the 3rd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Lenin was under constant surveillance by the Czar’s secret police, so Wilson was evidently a trusted insider who provided him a safe haven under the Privy Council’s protection. Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky also attended the 1905 this meeting.


Lenin @ 16 Percy Circus, Pancras, London, Apr. 22 to May 10, 1905; the home of socialist liberal MP-to-be Philip Whitwell Wilson (1906-1910).

Map from early 1900s showing Percy Circus

Philip Whitewell Wilson. (Apr. 23, 1918). Future of the Empire is with America written soon after his arrival in the U.S.). Boston Daily Globe..

We’ll discuss Lenin’s April – May 1902 visit to London hosted by socialist printer Harry Quelch at 40 Holford Square below.

In 1908 (May), Lenin stayed at 21 Tavistock Place. He used printer Harry Quelch’s recommendation to gain access to the British Museum Library nearby; by 1911, this address was used for meetings of the ‘Foreign Barbers of London’, a pseudonym for the Bolsheviks.

In 1911 (Nov.), Lenin stayed at 6 Oakley Square. He gave a lecture believed to be named “Stolypin and the Revolution” at King’s Hall in London’s East End. Stolypin was Russian Prime Minister from July 21, 1906 to September 18, 1911 when he was assassinated, probably on Lenin’s order.

History tells us that the Bolshevik Revolution was carried out with relatively few people. To aid the Pilgrims Society’s support for Lenin, Viscount Alfred Milner traveled to Russia in the Spring of 1917 under orders from Parliament to deliver approved aid to the Czar to fight the Bolsheviks, but Milner double-crossed the Czar and Parliament and refused to give it.

It is well known that Lenin received substantial funding from Pilgrims Society member banks in London and New York. Within months of Milner’s visit with the Russian Duma in Moscow (who the Pilgrims Society/and imminent Empire Press Union had hosted in London on June 22, 1909during the Imperial Press Conference), and Lenin’s arrival by train in St. Petersburg, Czar Romanov and his entire family were assassinated, triggering the Bolshevik (Pilgrims Society) takeover.

First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, Shepherd’s Bush, White City—unleashed demons of war, conflict, death and Destruction

With this backdrop, the events surrounding the First Imperial Conference, 1909 take on ominous significance. In addition to being a binge of Imperialist English-speaking demagoguery, the conference very intentionally organized the Empire Press Union (Jul. 23, 1909) to carry on the agenda. See also London Times and The Fourth Estate.

Tellingly, the entire leadership of the Imperial Press Conference, 1909 at the follow-on Empire Press Union were ALL founding members of the Pilgrim Society and disciples of Cecil Rhodes and Viscount Alfred Milner.

Pilgrim Society executives of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 (Jun. 05-28), Shepherd’s Bush, White City, London. See A Parliament of the Press (1909).
1 Alfred Lyttelton
2 C. Arthur Pearson (Harry Brittain’s boss)
3 Earl Arthur James Balfour
4 Earl of Crewe
5 General Lord (Earl) Roberts
6 Harry Lawson (later Levy-Lawson)
7 Lord Burnham (Edward Lawson, later Levy-Lawson)
8 Lord Herbert H. Asquith, PM
9 Lord Northcliffe
10 Lord/Earl Cromer
11 Lord/Viscount Alfred Milner
12 MP Philip Whit well Wilson (sponsor of Vladimir I. Lenin & the Bolsheviks)
13 Mr. Kyffin Thomas
14 Sir Austen Chamberlain
15 Sir Edward Grey
16 Sir Frank George Newnes
17 Sir Gilbert Parker
18 Sir Harry Brittain
19 W.T. Stead (Cecil Rhodes’ first heir, paramour, biographer)
20 Winston Churchill, President of the Board of Trade
Table 1: All executives of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, Shepherds’ Bush, White City, London (Jun. 05-28) were founding members of the Pilgrims Society. See A Parliament of the Press.

U.K.- U.S. newspapermen took over government intelligence on July 29, 1909

If this story was not dark enough, on July 29, 1909, British Prime Minister Asquith announced that he was forming subcommittees under the Committee on Imperial Defence—he named Colonial Defence and Home Defence (this is the way the British spell Defense), as well as archiving facilities.

Most histories point to this July 29, 1909 event as the founding of MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ in 1946).

Asquith even told Parliament that the subcommittees would report only to the prime minister (and not to Parliament), and that he would staff his new intelligence operations from Empire Press Union newspapermen.

In short, newspapermen built modern intelligence in Britain first, then the British used their influence to develop and control America’s counterparts (C.I.A., FBI and NSA).

In fact, on March 05, 1946 the Pilgrims Society used the fatigue of WWII to officially combine British Empire intelligence with American intelligence (FBI and newly-forming C.I.A. and NSA) in the infamous “Five Eyes” agreement.

Seen from the eyes of a Constitutional American, this “Five Eyes” agreement is treason. However, seen through the eyes of a Pilgrim Society member it was merely another step toward the one-world government they had pined for since the Cecil Rhodes Manifesto for an Anglo-American English-speaking one world government run by unelected Pilgrim Society corporations.

Opening Meeting of the First Imperial Press Conference, June 07, 1909

Now, for the purpose of giving a high level overview of these explosive findings, we jump to June 07, 1909 and the opening meeting and luncheon at the House of Commons of the delegates of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909.

Ground Zero for the murder of over 260 million souls by the Pilgrims Society

A detailed record of the “First Imperial Press Conference, 1909” from Jun. 05-28, 1909 was kept. However, it had largely disappeared outside of “approved” snippets in doctored media-intelligence histories. This is one of the best examples AFI researchers have seen to validate the adage that “history is written by the winners.” The winners in this case were the keepers of the Jesuit-like secrets of the Pilgrims Society. Hopefully they are about to start losing.

A Parliament of the Press was a bound, illustrated, 7-1/2″ by 9-3/4″ 248-page book that was quickly printed at the end of the conference for the 650 delegates to take home.

parliament of the press.JPG

Like a scene from Indiana Jones, AFI researchers in real life discovered a copy of this book hidden away in the offsite library warehouse of a prominent Midwestern university. The book was in pristine condition and did not appear to have ever been read.

“Mr. P. W. Wilson” was one of “the prime movers” of the conference

CHAPTER IV. OPENING OF THE CONFERENCE (Junw 07, 1909), pp. 43-44 identifies Mr. P.W. Wilson as one of the “prime movers” of the first meeting and luncheon at the House of Commons. The other “prime mover” was Sir Gilbert Parker who latter targeted propaganda against America for the British War Propaganda Bureau (Wellington House, 1914-1916).

wilson 1.JPGwilson 2

Oddly, even though P.W. Wilson, MP and Sir Gilbert Parker were “the prime movers” in these House of Commons proceedings, neither man is properly identified in the book’s photo caption.

In fact, Wilson is 4th from left in the Second Row and Gilbert is 3rd from left, as confirmed by a high quality Parliamentary Archives copy of the original photos used for the book.

Curiously, in the A Parliament of the Press book, Parker’s and Wilson’s names are totally mislabeled as “W.S. Douglas” and “M. Cohen.” The evident conclusion is that these two “prime movers” of the first day of the most important press conference in the history of the British Empire were obscured intentionally due to their secret Pilgrim Society intelligence and propaganda activities.

While we have yet to find Wilson on a Pilgrims Society list, all his friends and colleagues are founders. One thing is certain, if he was not a member, then he was their trusted valet. We think the former.

History is deafeningly silent about Wilson, apart from news reports of his speeches in American from 1917 to 1956. His 49-year absence from the history of intelligence and media propaganda speaks volumes in itself. In fact, less is said about Wilson than the early directors of MI6, MI5, C.I.A., NSA, FBI and GCHQ—all spawns of the Pilgrims Society.

Philip Whitwell Wilson: “the name that cannot be named.”

One can reasonably conclude that Wilson was so important to the British control of the American media, intelligence and politics that he was (and still is) “the name that could not be named.”

Since Wilson died long after WWII, it is quite possible that he was Sir William Stephenson’s (codename: Intrepid) handler during WWII in New York where Wilson used The New York Times as his cover while Intrepid worked from 30 Rockefeller Center. The Rockefellers were also founding members of the Pilgrims Society and financial backers of the Tavistock Institute (for psychological propaganda).

In 1909, P.W. Wilson was a member of Parliament as well as parliamentary correspondent for the London Daily News (1907-1917). From 1917 until his death in 1956, Wilson was the American correspondent for both the London Daily News and The New York Times, as well as president of the Association of Foreign Press in the U.S.

Wilson boasted to a New Jersey newspaper in 1927, leaving strong clues to his real identity and media/intelligence influence


Editor. (Sep. 28, 1927). P. WHITWELL WILSON to speak, MAYOR TO ATTEND DINNER, p.5. The Monclair Times (New Jersey).On September 28, 1927, in a biography Wilson provided to the press as an editor for The New York Times (likely cover for MI6), Wilson boasted that he was so close to American presidents (Wilson, Harding, Coolidge and Roosevelt) that he was called to Teddy Roosevelt’s deathbed where the dying president allegedly “thanked him for his services to the cause of international friendship.”

Who on their deathbed would pander to such socialist claptrap? Likely nobody. The Pilgrims Society’s one-world government propaganda knickers are showing in this disingenuous boasting.

With this background at the London Daily News and The New York Times we can look back with fresh eyes at Wilson’s activities in 1905.

Who was socialist liberal MP Philip Whitwell Wilson? A proponent of the socialist Settlement Movement

John Ruskin
John Ruskin. Ideological guru of communism, democratic socialism, Bolshevism as useful tools to subdue and control the masses for the English-speaking white supremacist British-American Pilgrims Society.

In the first decade of the 20th century, Wilson was well known as a radical socialist MP who strongly supported the Settlement Movement—one of the precursors of communism. It promoted egalitarian communities directed by a master.

John Ruskin is considered by many to be the father of the settlement movement. Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes were among Ruskin’s admirers. Many of his ideas are embodied today in definitions of the welfare state. His ideas about a universal income sound quite contemporary to some current Democratic candidates for U.S. President. Also notable was Ruskin’s well known promiscuity and likely pedophilia—which appears to be a ticket to the dance for British elitists.

The British Zionist Kibbutz (Israel) settlement movement traces its roots (ca. 1880-1920) to Ruskin, Milner and Rhodes . In their emerging philosophy of Empire, socialism/communism/kibbutz, and strict control limiting the resources consumed by the masses, was promoted while the enlightened classes ruling over them were to live in luxury as a sort of secular divine right.

They argued that this racist white supremacy was just the natural order of things. Ruskin borrowed heavily from models of Christian community while rejecting Christ’s teachings on love in favor of “social justice” as society’s driving moral force, with his followers being the hammers to subdue the masses.

Wilson’s proven association with Lenin during Lenin’s formative political years, and Lenin’s embrace of communism/Leninism, is prima facie evidence that Wilson’s colleagues in the Pilgrim Society were directing and financing Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

Lenin was “J. Richter”

Earlier, during Lenin’s 13 months stay in London between April 1902 and May 1902, he was hosted by the socialist printer Harry Quelch at 30 Holford Square. Lenin used the pseudonym “Jacob Richter” in his home. As an example, he advertised for English-Russian language lessons as “J. Richter” with reply to the 30 Holford Square address (see actual ad below). In 1920 Quelch’s son Tom Quelch would become a founding member of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Jacob Richter, aka Vladimir Lenin. (May 10, 1902). Advertising for English-Russian instruction. The Athenaeum.

Then, as stated earlier, between April 22 – May 10, 1905, Lenin stayed in the home of radical socialist Liberal MP, Philip Whitwell Wilson.


Pilgrim Society Logo
Pilgrim Society Logo. Founded on Jul. 16, 1902 by Sir Harry Brittain and General Lord Frederick Roberts. Both Brittain and Roberts were close associates of Cecil Rhodes and Viscount Alfred Milner in South Africa during the Second Boer war. They were certainly complicity in the murder of over 30,000 whites and blacks in the Milner Concentration Camps, including over 14,000 children.
Brittain and Roberts were also delegates to the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909.
HIC ET UBIQUE is Latin meaning::
Source: Pilgrim Society.


On July 16, 1902, Sir Harry Brittain and General Lord Roberts formed the British-American Pilgrims Society of Great Britain. At the same time, between Apr. 1902 to May 1903 (13 mos.), Vladimir Lenin was living in socialist printer Henry Quelch’s house. Quelch’s son later founded the British Communist Party at that address.

In 1903, the American chapter of the Pilgrims Society was founded in New York.

The Pilgrims evidently groomed Lenin and the Bolsheviks to carry out their plan to take down the Czar and establish Russia with their newly-minted communist ideology.

In 1905, Philip Whitwell Wilson obviously felt safe enough in his Pilgrims Society protection to host Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky at the 3rd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.

In 1908, Lenin returned to 21 Tavistock Square, the site of the first meetings of the ‘Foreign Barbers of London’, a pseudonym for the Bolsheviks. This part of London housed the newly-formed Tavistock Institute in 1946 (funding by the Pilgrims Society members like the Rockefellers and Carnegies) where some of the most heinous brainwashing research in the world today takes place. The apple still does not fall far from the tree of these evil vibrations.

In 1909, the Pilgrims Society organized an unprecedented gathering of newspapermen from across the Empire to imbue their megalomaniacal notions of imperialism upon the unsuspecting delegates, who were overwhelmed at the flattery and attention. The crowning achievement was the formation of a “permanent” Empire Press Union that became the clearinghouse for all intelligence and propaganda . . . to this day. Indeed, delegates were recruited to form MI5, MI6 and GC& CS.

In 1911, Lenin returned again to London to give a lecture on the recent assassination of Russian Prime Minister Stolypin a month earlier (very likely ordered by Lenin and the Pilgrims Society).

These facts show an unmistakable association among Lenin, Wilson, the Pilgrims Society, the Empire Press Union, MI6 and the emergence of the global newspaper-led propaganda machine in both Britain and America.

They reveal a common thread to the radical leftist agendas of the American Uniparty and the British Remainers. Their heritage with Vladimir Lenin makes them unmistakably Communist.

It is pretty clear that the current agenda of the Pilgrims Society is One World 3.0. Their first attempt in Russia failed, as did their second failure in Germany and Italy. Now, in One World 3.0 they want a corporate imperialism according to Cecil Rhodes’ Manifesto where the masses are boxed in and restricted by communism while the elites rule from exquisite bunkers of wealth and privilege. In the Soviet period, they even had their own dollar stores called “Beriozkas” in the U.S.S.R. and “Pewex” in Poland. If these sound attractive, just ask anyone who lived in that period. They will tell you sad and often humorous stories of the yo yo of want and excess that these stores created because the state-run suppliers just never seemed to have control of their inventories.

One thing is certain, The Pilgrims Society, global surveillance, propaganda and continuous war, Vladimir Lenin and Bolshevism were cut out of the same cloth.

That cloth must be unraveled if the world is ever going to have a chance at more peaceful lives where war is no longer a requirement for prosperity, and where the Golden Rule prevails.

We can and must dis-empower these ancient oligarch families whose fortunes are steeped in ritual sin and murder.