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The Big Ugly


(Oct. 07, 2019)— Yesterday, The Epoch Times investigative reporter Jan Jekielek sat down with Dr. Michael Rectenwald, a former communist professor at New York University and author of “The Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom.”

The Epoch Times’ Jekielek said the book shook him to his core, sharing that his parents had fled communist Poland in the 1970’s.

Remarkably, this was the exact same time when social networking inventor and Leader Technologies founder Michael McKibben was organizing a Gospel music group in Poland named Living Sound—working with Freedom’s champion Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła, later St. Pope John Paul II.

Jekielek and Dr. Rectenwald discussed Rectenwald’s vision of how Big Tech, influenced by Marxist and Postmodernist thought, increasingly enables a toxic mix of censorship, surveillance, social engineering and “social justice” policies that in effect create a digital equivalent of the Soviet Gulag.

In 1995, Michael McKibben said that he was honored to participate in a Russian Orthodox Church procession, led by a large Cross and icon of Christ the Savior, from the Kremlin, across Red Square and through the streets of Moscow. He said he was deeply moved when the procession stopped reverently at Lubyanka Square to sing “Memory Eternal” for the tens of millions of victims of the heinous KGB-led Soviet Gulag. Lubyanka was the KGB headquarters, now occupied by the FSB. It was named after Bolshevik Felix Dzerzhinsky who founded the precursor to the KGB, the Cheka in 1917—SUPPORTED BY THE UK-U.S. PILGRIMS SOCIETY!

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