200-Year Information War. Patriots around the world know the enemy and join together to defeat the one world order beast.


Our history books are silent about the Pilgrims Society that has controlled mainstream media with lies for 120 years

This anti-Christian secret society hijacked the name “Pilgrims” in 1902

They lure promising young Americans and Brits with Rhodes Scholarships and Privy Council peerage for continuity and legal protection

The Pilgrims control all British and American intelligence (MI5, MI6, GCHQ, Foreign Office, FBI, C.I.A., NSA, State Department)

They organized the Imperial Press Conference, 1909 to take over the public discourse and the meaning of words

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PREFACE: At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the authors feel compelled to say that these facts have literally debunked almost everything we thought we knew about modern history. You may have a similar reaction. Therefore, we highly recommend that you return and re-read it, and follow the links to the evidence, until the facts start to take hold. We will also be adding more research links over the next few weeks. We have learned in working with this evidence that practically all of our assumptions about the principalities and powers of this world have been FAKED by a secret Pilgrims Society formed in 1902 intent on a satanic world-domination agenda. And, they are still it. We “deplorables” have not known about them because all our news and books have been published by them. For example, this appears to have been one of Andrew Carnegie’s primary motivations in funding the U.S. library system to rewrite American history to be pro-British. See A Declaration of Interdependence (Jul. 04, 1918) (“corrected histories”). When some news would leak out about the Pilgrims Society’s secret motives, their Press minions would demean it as “tin foil hat conspiracy theory.” We have worked for many months to dig up these facts buried deep in archives warehouses around the world so that you can learn them quickly. The future of freedom-loving humanity hangs in the balance, we believe.

(Oct. 24, 2019)—Few history books even mention the Imperial Press Conference, 1909 (Jun. 5-26, 1909). This silence is deafening given that the Conference is perhaps the most defining event of the Modern Era. None of the British historians we interviewed had even heard of it.

We now believe the silence is intentional because the results of the 1909 Imperial Conference are still being played out on the world stage in 2019.

The Pilgrims Society perpetrators are still executing on their 200-year Cecil Rhodes information war for world domination by white, English-Speaking, self-anointed elitists—120 years later.

See AFI. (Jan. 24, 2019). So you thought Rhodes Scholarships Were Good?; AFI. (Jan. 08, 2019). The 100-year Anglo-American Propaganda War Is Coming To An End; and AFI. (Sep. 12, 2019). Stunning Revelations Prove MSM Is Much More Dangerous Than You Can Imagine.

The UK-U.S. Pilgrims Society is the “Deep State” or “shadow government”—start naming it!

In the U.S.A., their step-and-fetch-it boys and girls are the Senior Executive Services (SES), SERCO and British Crown Agents. They are spread out in all executive agencies.

See AFI. (Mar. 16, 2018). Obama hired them. Trump cannot fire them. So they say; AFI. (Apr. 20, 2018). The shadow government uses SES, Serco and OPIC as portals into horrific corruption.

In the UK, they control the British Privy Council, Fleet Street (law, banking, intelligence, propaganda/press), Tavistock Institute (psychiatry), and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

All other government and nongovernmental agencies take their orders from the Pilgrims Society, including the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), Atlantic Council, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum (Davos), Aspen Institute, Tavistock Institute, NATO, USAID, OPIC, Clinton Foundation (35 different names), The McCain Institute, Romney Institute, Obama Foundation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Open Society Foundation, Quantum Fund, George Soros, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) Group, U.S. State Department, U.S. Dept. of Defense, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, etc.

The Pilgrims Society founders recruited the world’s newspapermen as their mouthpieces in June 1909 for their 200-year marathon

Unprecedented societal forces converged on Shepherds Bush, White City in West London between Jun. 05-26, 1909. This is the current site of BBC Television Centre—the actual scene of the crime we are going to unfold here.

ALL of the 1909 Conference organizers were founding members of the Pilgrims Society (1902) led by Sir Harry Brittain. Sir Harry was also the organizer of the Imperial Press Conference, 1909. No coincidence here.

See Pilgrims Society membership list with detailed commentary; Pilgrims Society List (alphabetical). See also A Study of the Anglo-American Establishment and the 1940 Congressional Record.

The dominance of the 1902 Pilgrims Society over the 1909 Imperial Press Conference agenda is self-evident.

In fact, the Pilgrims Society should be considered merely an extension of the one-world, English-Speaking corporation-driven government advocated by Cecil Rhodes a decade earlier. In fact, the Conference minutes describe Rhodes’ influence quite clearly.

The delegates were not only leaders of the British Empire Press, like Lord Burnham owner of The Daily Telegraph, and Lord Northcliffe owner of The Daily Mail, but they were also the Empire’s leading figures in politics, banking, technology, military, commerce, industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, legal, medicine and education.

It seems that the whole of the British Empire staked its future on this Conference. The Pilgrims hovered over every meeting.

Banker Lord Nathan M. Rothschild was there. In politics, Prime Minister Asquith, Lord Alfred Milner and Winston Churchill, then President of the Board of Trade, were there. In military, General Lord Roberts—the King’s general, was there. In pharmacy and print chemicals, Henry Wellcome—Burroughs Wellcome (now Glaxo Smith Kline) bankrolled the meetings and likely provided the “discreet” recreation for the delegates. In technology, Guglielmo Marconi (now GE Co., RCA, NBC, BAE, SERCO) provided suitable window dressing for the Admiralty-Post Office’s confiscation of global cable and wireless telegraphy. In education, Lord Curzon—Oxford chancellor sang the praises of saint Cecil Rhodes’ (“cheers”).

Organizationally speaking, if ever a plan for global domination were to be set in motion, this was the time to do it.

And, do it they did, as we shall unfold below, thanks to the discovery of their meeting minutes, fully bound and in near pristine condition (albeit with 120 years of yellowing of the pages) in a box of old books in an offsite university library warehouse in America’s fly-over country.

“A Parliament of the Press” shows these media spies are the new world order

parliament of the press

Thomas H. Hardman, ed. pub. (Jun. 05-26, 1909). A PARLIAMENT OF THE PRESS – THE FIRST IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909, Illustrated, with Preface by The Earl of Rosebery, K.G. London: Horace Marshall & Son (150 MB).

They ignominiously named their gathering like a sovereign government, “A Parliament of the Press.”

Even the master of ceremonies, Lord Rosebery, recognized the significance of the event in his preface to the Conference minutes memorialized in a recently-discovered original copy of A Parliament of the Press.

Lord Rosebery wrote:

“. . . this Press Conference stands out by itself; it makes a distinct epoch in the history of our Empire.”

This EPOCH-making result is what the Pilgrims Society wanted, and they made sure they orchestrated the meetings to get what they wanted.

The minutes show that the founders of the Pilgrims Society—all Cecil Rhodes disciples, some even trustees of the Rhodes Scholarship trust—hovered over every meeting.

They listened, cajoled, initiated, steered conversation, reinforced copasetic thoughts and sussed out the best candidates to be their new Imperial spies (“Hear, hear.”).

At the end of the three weeks, they had recruited a cadre of newspaperman-spies to start their new Imperial intelligence services. They also used the Conference as the springboard to form a “permanent” Empire Press Union (all were Pilgrims Society members) as the platform for running their Imperial spy operation, including in the U.S. These were the precursors to the U.S. intelligence services that they set up and direct to this day, namely the FBI, C.I.A., State Department and NSA.

empire press union.JPG

See Parliamentary Record, Jul. 29, 1909 (Home Defence—MI5, Colonial Defence—MI6 and archiving—GC&CS, renamed GCHQ).

To name some names here because this is hard to believe, we know, key players were the Pilgrims’ Sir Gilbert Parker who ran propaganda targeting America in WWI for the British War Propaganda Bureau (Wellington House), and the Pilgrims’ Philip Whitwell Wilson (Vladimir Lenin’s Pilgrims Society handler in London 1902-1917). Whitwell moved to New York and ran American propaganda at The New York Times between 1918-1955, having been the NYT London correspondent earlier. Whitwell is also very likely to have been the handler for the infamous British spy “Intrepid” (Sir William Stephenson).

[Note to American Readers: We should not underestimate the propaganda power of a simple “Hear, hear” to affirm British Pilgrims Society group-think. You will read those affirmations throughout A Parliament of the Press, 1909.]

1,000 pages of Propaganda were showered on the delegates to help ensure the desired outcome: Imperial Spies

A Parliament of the Press (248 pgs.) was printed within days of the end of the Conference. It was distributed to the 650 participants before they departed. It was not the only book lavished upon the delegates.

The delegates were given two other books provided by the imperial warmonger pharmaceutical Burroughs Wellcome & Co.:

The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera (371 pgs.) and

Imperial Press Conference, Souvenir Guide to London (653 pgs.).

Imperial newspapermen became the world’s modern corporate-government (Fascist) spies

The Burroughs Wellcome & Co. sponsored The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera book is quite curious. Only with the benefit of hindsight can its purposes be unpacked. See further analysis below in Footnote 1.

We know that these newspapermen were recruited at this Conference by Prime Minister Asquith and Lord Alfred Milner to be Imperial spies and propagandists (liars) who staffed a newly-forming MI5 (Home Defence), MI6 (Colonial Defence) and GC&CS (Archiving, renamed GCHQ), as confirmed a month later in the Parliamentary Record for Jul. 29, 1909.

We also know that Burroughs Wellcome & Co. had been experimenting on live subjects during the outbreak of typhoid fever and measles in the 2nd Boer War concentration camps (1899-1902). Those camps were established by Lord Alfred Milner and General Lord Roberts. Those heinous camps were only closed just months before Milner and Roberts helped form the Pilgrims Society on Jul. 16, 1902.

Those British concentration camps murdered over 60,000 non-English-speaking whites and blacks, including over 14,000 white children who were used in Burroughs Wellcome & Co. medical experiments. History points to these camps as Hitler’s model for his WWII camps. Yes, the idea for concentration camps was British spawned and was no respecter of non-English-speaking ethnicity or race.

Eugenics: English-speaking white breeding, Non-English-speaking white, brown & black exploitation

This empowerment of 650 Imperial newspaperman-spies with many untested and bogus vaccines, including solutions of dead human and bovine tissues, makes absolutely no sense medically. Even if they were all legitimate (which they were not), it was like equipping a nurse with a bulldozer. Since so few, if any, of these newspapermen were doctors, why the brouhaha over so many fake cures?

We know that British liberalism was all the rage at the turn the 18th century. By 1902 they were entertaining socialists and Bolsheviks like Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin in London.

British Liberals were smitten with the idea of eugenics (controlled human breeding) and the supremacy of the white “English-speaking race.” W.T. Stead wrote in 1902 that Cecil Rhodes stipulated “In his Will he aimed at making Oxford University the educational centre of the English-speaking race [including Americans].” Notably, Rhodes wrote German students out of his first will.

Non-English-speaking whites, brown and black families were to be discouraged from having children and were to be subjugated (jingoistically, for their own good). See First Universal Races Conference (Jul. 26-29, 1911), Burroughs Wellcome & Co. Archives (447 pgs.).

pilgrims society deplorables.JPG

Shockingly, when viewed in this new light, the 1918-20 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 50-100 million people may have been induced by a simple telegram broadcast in minutes, encrypted, to Empire Press Union newspaperman-spies throughout the world to “administer XYZ acne vaccine to 100 children in your capital.”

Indeed, these Wellcome medicine chests, in the hands of Press people, would be much better at administering poisons and pathogens than cures. Also curious here is the timing of the pandemic. It occurred during the negotiations to establish the League of Nations. Was the Spanish Flu pandemic the 20th Century’s first 911-type “false flag?” It now appears this crisis was fabricated to push the delegates into agreement out of fear that disagreement would cause further damage.

The Wellcome acne vaccines were pure voodoo science dressed up to look respectable

It is certain that the Wellcome medicine chest “Tabloid” brand concoctions advertised for acne vaccines were pure voodoo. There has never been a vaccine for acne.

And yet, these mad British spy-Press-scientists were instructed, for example, to inject “An emulsion of killed tubercle bacilli of human or bovine origin” (p.235). This is simply outrageous in its inhumanity. The first licensed vaccine made with the use of a human cell strain was the adenovirus vaccine used by the military in the late 1960s, experts tell us.

What untold damage to world health did the Empire Press Union spy delegates do when they took their Wellcome “Tabloid” medicine chests back home and on their many expeditions? Were those fake acne vaccines merely delivery mechanisms for depopulation viruses like the Spanish Flu pandemic?

Spy poisons

How did Britain’s Imperial spies use these Wellcome medicine chests? Experts in spy craft tell us that they would most certainly have used them to kill or otherwise incapacitate their targets.

These medicine chests contained numerous African poisons, for example. Some of those poisons had antidotes. In the right coercion circumstance, the antidote may be offered to a poisoned target in exchange for cooperation. This is a well-known Jesuit tactic.

Indeed, at the very least these Burroughs Wellcome “Tabloid” brand medical kits were cases full of intelligence and eugenics weapons.

ana padilla allan.JPGNotably, Facebook’s current European communications vice-president, Baron Richard B. Allan, has a baby mommy paramour, Dr. Ana Elena Padilla Jargstorf (Allan), who is a permanent Wellcome Trust advisor to the British Parliament. Her specialty is human blood—an elixir in great demand among Pilgrims Society members for alleged life extension.

It is also widely known that adrenochrome-enhanced babies blood is an especially potent stimulant and life-extender for the Pilgrims Society members. Indeed, Fast and Furious Judge Amy B. Jackson’s JPMorgan investment benefits from “Fast & Furious” Mexican blood money, via JPMorgan’s clients Cerberus Capital Management LP, Talecris Therapeutics and Facebook.

Media propaganda underpins the Pilgrims Society agenda

The psychological weapon of choice for these Pilgrims Society spies was (and still is) propaganda. This is why propaganda is one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons, in history.

Indeed, the Conference president Harry Lawson, who later became Lord Burnham when his father retired, owner of The Daily Telegraph and president of the Empire Press Union, admitted it in a New York speech to the Pilgrims Society on Jan. 23, 1923.

In that speech, Lord Burnham said “public opinion in all its phases and, above all, in all its minorities—which may be the righteous remnants of good causes—can only be expressed and explained in the newspaper press.”

Lord Burnham’s effusive expressions that the Press could cure all the world’s societal ills caused The Fourth Estate correspondent (a leading resource for newspapermen of the day) to write: “We have been shown that he [Lord Burnham] is nearly a thirteenth apostle, standing for a faith by which he and his equals may deliver the world from its present ungodly imperception.”

Burnham did not hold back in his speech to the Associated Press:

LORD BURNHAM: “We [newspapermen] are responsible among us for most of the influences which form the opinion and determine the conduct of the world.”

Burnham told the world in no uncertain terms that total control of the world Press was and still is paramount to the Pilgrims Society’s 200-year globalist takeover agenda.


Bankers learned millennia ago that both good and bad news can be good for profits, if one has advance knowledge of the triggering event.

For this reason, bankers like N. M. Rothschild helped bankroll the Imperial Press Conference, 1909. The Rothschild family had long ago perfected the ability to profit from the advance knowledge of a story that newspapermen would write. Alternatively, they would simply pay the Press to plant false stories in order to spook financial markets up and down—triggered by nothing more than the “false flag” newspaper article itself.

World populations have been played the fools by the Pilgrims Society

It appears that since the Imperial Press Conference, 1909, the world’s populations have been played the fool by these Pilgrims Society newspapermen turned spies.

Since 1900, the world has seen over 193 wars and conflicts big and small that have been triggered by the desires of the Pilgrims Society to consolidate their profits and power.

Demons of the Seven Deadly Sins

We now think that since these people have so chronically abused every moral standard of decency and humanity, they have “seared their consciences with a hot iron” and they allowed themselves to become demons of the seven deadly sins. I Timothy 4:2 (“Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron” KJV) (Emphasis added).

The Power of Words

Lord Burnham boasted in his American speeches that newspapermen held in their hands the power to CREATE public opinion and use words to make peace, or war.

The Bible has much to say about the power of the tongue for good or evil. By the words that we speak, we choose whether we bring:

  • Healing or sickness.
  • Death or life.
  • Restoration or destruction.
  • Peace or strife.
  • Blessings or curses.

“The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom.”

Proverbs 10:21 (KJV).

“There are some whose uncontrolled talk is like the wounds of a sword, but the tongue of the wise makes one well again.”

Proverbs 12:18 (BBE).

“For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

Luke 6:45 (NKJV).

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1 (KJV).

In 1909, human words were hijacked by dark imperial forces who have directed social discourse to this day

Those dark forces of human nature meant to divide us are screaming vacuous epithets loudly today: Impeach! Racist! Homophobe! Tin Foil Hat! Islamophobe! Transphobe! Xenophobe! Misogynist!  Sexist! White Male! Uncle Tom! Nazi! Communist! Socialist! Anti-semite! Conspiracy Theorist! Bitter Clinger! Snowflake! Much of this activity is occuring among astroturfers (paid actors who are only faking actual grassroots thoughts to fool unsuspecting nice people).

“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.”

Romans 1:25 NIV.

Imperial newspapermen in 1909, funded by insider bankers, took control of propaganda, intelligence, education, publishing, big pharma and banking. They employed Cecil Rhodes’ recommendation to use Jesuit stealth tactics to seize control of the worlds resources. In doing so, they bastardized their communications skills into fomenting endless fake wars that have the three-fold benefit of: (1) making profits, (2) murdering populations to reduce their number, and (3) further consolidating power.

Up until the Internet, these newspapermen had their way. They seized control of the emerging telegraphy and wireless communications to further control their propaganda.

Marconi even attended the 1909 Conference with his cable engineering technology handler Dr. Erskine Murray. (“Mr. Marconi delivered an address to the Conference.”) (“the Marconi system of telegraphy has come as a new factor in the situation.”).

Through the IBM-GE-RCA-SERCO DARPA military in the U.S., they created the Internet, but then something wonderful happened—the IBM and Microsoft technology that they were counting on failed to scale to the demands of the Internet. Average users were jumping on to the networks too fast. They lost control of the medium. The average person started innovating.

One of their first big moves to fix their scalability problem was in 2000-2003 when they used their control over the U.S. government Office of Net Assessment to steal the social networking inventions of Ohio State civil engineering inventor Michael McKibben and his company Leader Technologies, Inc.

McKibben and his team had solved the problem of scalability in the way communications could occur on the massive scales on the World Wide Web. Previous AT&T, IBM and Microsoft platforms were failing to handle the large volumes of transactions so they could spy on the users and push their propaganda (e.g., MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, IBM Websphere). In short, the Pilgrims Society technology “giants” were caught with their pants down.

McKibben’s invention was so critical to the Pilgrims Society’s 200-year takeover plan that they ordered the U.S. government to steal it, which they have done.

See The Weaponization of Social Networking Should Concern Us All.

The Pilgrims Society commandeered Leader Technologies’ invention to deploy mass surveillance and propaganda, consistent with their 200-year 1909 strategy.

Once stolen, the newspapermen and their minions in radio, TV and cinema (Mainstream Media) went to work fabricating creation stories for how Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and Yahoo! all emerged almost overnight in 2004. That’s right. Mark Zuckerberg’s The Social Network Harvard story was pure Hollywood fiction to fool the masses.

Consistent with their British Privy Council origins, Facebook has essentially turned over control to its British handlers in Sir Nick W. P. Clegg and Baron Richard B. Allan.

Fake News

President Trump has brilliantly called out “Fake News” foisted upon the world by the Pilgrims Society. We have just shown you from absolutely unexplored history of our modern world that our media (newspapers, radio and TV) are all dangerously fake, by nature.

The weaponization of the word—they lie by nature

Pilgrims Society-directed newspaperman-spies only know how to lie, and that’s what they have been refining for 120 years.  Any person alive has only ever lived under this dark cloud where words were turned into weapons for the Pilgrims Society.

Knowledge is power

Hopefully, the WORDS of this post will be like a candle to your soul.

We encourage you to examine your thinking and opinions for the telltale signs that you have formed many of those opinions based upon the darkness and lies told to us by Mainstream Media propaganda spies who have, by nature, NEVER told the truth in their 120-year history since 1909.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

St. John 8:32 NKJV.

“No one who lights a lamp hides it away or places it under a bushel basket, but on a lamp stand so that those who enter might see the light.”

St. Luke 11:33 NABRE.

Light your candle. Stand up for truth.


Hammer Time

It is hammer time for the demons of the seven deadly sins. Through the Pilgrims Society, for 120 years, they have attempted to subvert human words that are in themselves the image of God in Trinity (mind, word, breath)—unique yet inseparable attributes of unity. These demons have brought only words of domination, death and destruction.

“Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? Jeremiah 23:29 NIV.

This is why we must ALL fight with all our power to identify and crush fake news.

The future of America depends on it.



Footnote 1

Summary of The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera

The first 51 pages of the The Evolution of Journalism Etcetera cursorily summarize the history of the written word. It finishes with samples of British newspapers, more than a few are operating today, like The Times, The London Gazette, The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph.

The next 131 pages lionized some 81 notables in the British Press, including 14 war correspondents.

Consistent with the militaristic tone, the next 139 pages had 16 sections under the title “The Evolution of Weapons for the Battle of Life.”

On the surface, this was the most absolutely bizarre part of a book that was otherwise dedicated to the Press.

It drilled down on the history of Burroughs Wellcome vaccines. It even published test results for diphtheria, e-coli, diphtheria, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, rheumatism, puerperal fever, meningitis, typhoid fever, staphylococcus, gonorrhea, streptococcus, pneumonia and acne.

Then, for 41 pages, Burroughs Wellcome promoted its “Tabloid” brand of vaccines, potions and treatments (and poisons) in an all-in-one medicine chest.

burroughs wellcome kit.JPG


It also advertised Wellcome’s printing and photography chemicals!

Two pages included evident promises of pedophilia, possibly implying that the medicines could induce such opportunities (pp. 310, 311), or otherwise promising young children to the delegates for their enjoyment. The experts consulted strongly believed these images were promises of pedophilia.

imperial press conference bees


The naked child is holding an inverted pentagram which is usually associated with the devil Baphomet. An upside-down pentagram, with two points projecting upwards, is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces because it overturns the proper order of things and demonstrates the triumph of evil over spirit. Baphomet is the “goat of lust” attacking the heavens with its horns and is a well-known symbol of black magic.


The Knights Templar were accused of worshipping the “Sabbatic Goat” or Baphomet. The Wellcome logo being held by the naked child is clearly an occult signal to the delegates. The image above was drawn by the magician Eliphas Levi and was later adopted as the Sigil of the Church of Satan.

imperial press butterflies.JPG


The last part of the book showed the Burroughs Wellcome employees exercising and at play.

One notably odd page showed the inside of a gymnasium with walls festooned with African war spears and shields. This was an evident reference to blood rituals and killing—all favorites of demonic blood rituals (p. 336).

Burroughs Wellcome’s World War I propaganda speaks volumes about the militaristic motivations of this company:

pilgrims propaganda 1pilgrims propaganda 2.JPG


wellcome 1wellcome 2.JPG



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