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Entry below posted on November 8, 2019:

Note from an AIM Patriot: Second call just made.  Left voice mail message as a reporter for Salem-News (Salem, OR) requesting info on the charges against Field McConnell who was arrested on Nov 4th in Plum City: “What are the charges against Field McConnell arrested on Nov 4th in Plum City?  McConnell is an Annapolis graduate, Marine Corps pilot, and retired Air Force LtCol.”

Another note from an AIM Patriot: Left voice message w/Wisconsin governor’s office late yesterday.  Will call again today.  Tony Evers is Wisconsin’s governor. Governor Contact Number: 608-266-1212 Communications Office Contact Number: 608-266-1212.

What are the charges against Field McConnell arrested on Nov 4th in Plum City?  McConnell is an Annapolis graduate, Marine Corps pilot, and retired Air Force LtCol.

Recommend the office be bombarded with calls

Field’s Extradition Hearing has been set for Dec. 02, 2019 4pm

extradition notice

Someone should send a letter for all records re. Field McConnell as instructed below.

department of Justice wisconsin


AIM Patriot Dorothy updates us:

Field McConnell’s case:
On the You Are Free TV’s video, Nov 7th, the lady said Field was charged by Kim Picassio of Broward County, Fl with 3 Felony Counts of

1) Aggravated Stalking
2) Written/verbal threats of harm or death
3) (some actions leading to terrorism – didn’t understand that part).
Supposedly, charges were filed in FAMILY COURT under DOMESTIC VIOLENCE statutes, if that helps. She also said that when Timothy Holmseth was arrested in Minnesota – he was charged with the same 3 charges by Kim P. In her video, she didn’t say where this info came from or give any links for it in the notes.
I had no luck searching Family Court or the County Clerk – either “no results” or error message. Not my forte! Your Miners will do much better. Perhaps, if you contact You Are Free TV, she’ll tell you.
Holmseth alleges he was investigating a child trafficking ring run by CIA/FBI from MN thru Indiana all the way to Broward Co, involving Ambassadors/diplomats smuggling kids out of the country.
PS. The whole “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” seems very delusional to me.



The posts below were made between November 5 – 8.

Our researchers were very concerned to hear that Field McConnell was arrested so we sent the miners in to see what they could find. Nope. Nothing on Field in Broward County or with the Feds.

On November 5 and 6 we started pulling together evidence that we found:

field Mcconnell.JPG

Broward County Florida Court of Common Pleas

field mcconnell 2.JPGfield mcconnell 3.JPG

Then we went to Pierce County WI Circuit Court – Field McConnell

Nov. 05, 2019.

wisconsin court records.JPG

field video.JPG

2019CF000226 Case Details in Pierce County – Field McConnell

Joseph Boles – Ballotpedia


Then updates started occurring so we added this to our blog.

AIM Patriot Kevin updates us with these posts:

He is in Pierce County, WI.

field mcconnell booked

Kevin also notes:

He was listed as in the jail on Monday & Tuesday, but no longer there as of today’s records.

How Long Does it Take to Be Extradited Back to Broward County, FL?

If you are awaiting extradition back to Broward County, FL, the extradition process usually takes between 2 weeks and 90 days. Within the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act is a 30-day time limit during which the State of Florida must physically come to get you in the jurisdiction in which you are being held. Despite the time limit, the court can extend the 30 day period by up to an additional 60 days so that you can be held longer while awaiting extradition.

Even if you are released because Florida declines to pick you up, the officers can come again to pick you up and hold you a second or third time. In some cases, the NCIC will show a “no extradition” notation if Florida has previously declined to extradite. If that notation is eventually lifted, then the process starts again each time you are picked up on the warrant out of state.

It can be expensive to extradite a person from another state. In fact, it can cost between $250 to several thousand dollars with an average cost of approximately $2,500. At the end of the case, the judge can attempt to recoup that expense by making the defendant pay it while on probation as a cost of prosecution.


agent winchester.JPG
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We invited our audience to post relevant comments and our researchers continued updates with:

Updated 11-7-19 Here’s the docket in WI.

Someone should call the clerk for a copy of the complaint.


Below are the two items we posted on November 5, 2019 about Field McConnell.

Breaking: Field McConnell in Custody
Click here for details mentioned in Nancy’s video
It is being reported that the video below is what got Field in trouble.




tim able danger.JPGTim from Able Danger adds to the community discussion on our platform, but fails to see that we have been diligent in posting FACTS, not conspiracies. Tim at Able Danger sends the email below.

Just who is Timothy Charles Holmseth? Listen to his testimony!

Received in our AIM office from Tim at Abel Danger on November 11, 2019:

Strictly observations.

I just sent an email to Field McConnell to the Pierce County Jail in Wisconsin giving him moral support.

AIM is reporting if they haven’t already updated their information that it cannot be confirmed whether or not Field McConnell has been incarcerated.

He has been incarcerated on false charges under corporate statute law.

AIM needs to come down off their high horse of patriotism and start focusing on law. Nothing else matters not even their obsession with memes. It is tiring and rather childish.

Trump isn’t going to save anyone’s asses unless Americans come out from under corporate statute law and reclaim their status.

David Straight for example has done far more than AIM to restore our dignity and rights. AIM can do better. We’re not going to improve our circumstances as “patriotic Americans” unless we all focus on our individual STANDING UNDER law.


AIM needs to start framing their strategy whatever it is under the restoration of law.

It’s as simple as that.


AIM Patriot John O. weighs in:

Field McConnell is arrested, Craig Sawyer is jumping for joy & so are a ton of other glowy YTr’s-

It seems Field was arrested on warrants for violation of an injunction set forth by a BROWARD county judge, that barred Field from speaking about attorney Kim Picazio .

 You might recognize Picazio’s name in tandem with Timothy Holmseth.

Holmseth surfaced a year or so ago, claiming to have evidence of an elite pedophile ring in Indiana connected to Pence. Holmseth, pursued by Picazio for libel, has been subsequently arrested multiple times

This is another odd arrest in an even stranger series of events. We all know about corruption in Broward county, & we also know how easily stories can be made up for $$$.

Libelous trends in our culture are committed & set forth by media, why are ‘nobody’s’ the only ones arrested?