Outrageous Discovery: New FISA Court Judge James E. Boasberg dramatically falsified his Senate ethics disclosures to hide anti-American leftist bias and propagandists


AFI. (Jan. 08, 2019). Outrageous Discovery: New FISA Court Judge James E. Boasberg falsified his Senate ethics disclosures to hide anti-American leftist bias and propagandists. Americans for Innovation.

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James E. ‘Jeb’ Boasberg. (Prepared Jan. 15, 2020). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.


  • In 2002, Boasberg failed to disclose massive conflicts re. Pilgrims Society, Mueller, FBI, Wilmer Hale LLP, MI6, Imperial Press “Five Eyes” control of global propaganda, Privy Council, Hillary attorney David Kendall, Obama bundler, Yale Skull & Bones, Oxford University and wife’s Silicon Valley deal making

  • Three Boasberg court clerks now work for Hillary’s Skadden Arps LLP and Mueller’s Wilmer Hale LLP

  • Boasberg must resign or be fired and impeached for his Senate confirmation fraud

Impeach John Roberts or the Republic is Toast

(JAN. 08, 2020)—James E. “Jeb” Boasberg, the incoming presiding judge of the FISA Court, has a secret past hiding under his black robe. He avoided disclosing numerous Oxford University relationships with well-known globalist Pilgrims Society/Privy Council media propagandists.

Judge Boasberg’s conceals his secret past. This new research proves his duplicity.

Our investigations have uncovered numerous relationships that Judge Boasberg did not want the American public to know in 2002 when he promised to tell the truth.

On Jun. 26, 2002, at Boasberg’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, Senator Dick Durbin asked Boasberg “Is there anything that you are aware of in your background that might present a conflict of interest with the duties of the office to which you have been nominated?”

Boasberg answered: “No, sir.”

Boasberg lied, as we shall show.


skull bonesSkull & Bones, Yale: In 2002 (and 2010), Judge Boasberg concealed his membership in the Yale University secret society Skull & Bones.

Many well-known people are also Skull & Bones alumni, like Steven Mnuchin, George W. Bush, John Kerry, Winston Lord (CFR), George H.W. Bush, Jonathan J. Bush, William H. Draper III (EX-IM bank, UNDP). Bill & Hillary Clinton are both Yale Law graduates, as is Hunter Biden.

This omission alone condemns Judge Boasberg.

Robert Mueller and Wilmer Hale LLP: In 2002, Judge Boasberg concealed his relationships to Robert S. Mueller III and Mueller’s Wilmer Hale LLP (renamed Wilmer Hale in 2004) law firm. In the wake of 9/11 and Mueller’s collusion with the Clintons, this was a material nondisclosure (material means he had an ethical duty to disclose it). Given Mueller’s tenure as FBI director and his central role in sustaining the Trump-Russia hoax, this omission alone condemns Judge Boasberg.

Williams & Connolly LLP (David E. Kendall): In 2002, Judge Boasberg concealed his relationships to the Williams & Connolly LLP law firm. Williams & Connolly had a long-time relationship to Bill & Hillary Clinton, national security advisor James P. Chandler III and critical matters involving America’s intelligence infrastructure. The firm incorporated The Clinton Foundation and its 35 fictitious names, like the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and Clinton-Giustra  foundations. Since Hillary for President paid for the Steele dirty dossier, this omission too, condemns Judge Boasberg.

Munger, Tolles & Olson . In 2002, Judge Boasberg concealed his relationship with Munger, Tolles & Olson that is notorious for only funding Democrat politicians including Adam Schiff, Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton. The firm, and was an Obama bundler.

Oxford University/Rhodes Scholars/Imperial Press: In 2002, he concealed that he had written for The ISIS Oxford University Magazine in November 1985. The ISIS is well-known to have been a far-left organization that supported the agenda of the Pilgrims Society, Empire Press Union (renamed Commonwealth Press Union) and their minions in MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ).

Dogged AFI researchers were able to obtain the Winter copy of The ISIS from 1985. Remarkably, the page 18 for Boasberg’s movie review was missing. What it does include is a job notice for LOGICA.

LOGICA was sold in 2004 to CGI Federal (Canada) which received the first contract to write the Obamacare website and was run by a college classmate of Michael Obama.



The elusive Nov. 1985 p.18 movie reviews has now been obtained. Boasberg’s name does not appear in the review of five movies. We cannot rule out the possibility that Boasberg’s name was edited out, but forensic analysis is inconclusive.

We have no reason to believe British archivists would have altered the magazine to edit out Boasberg, but Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller and Michael Chertoff (former DHS director) control the world’s public key infrastructure (PKI) certification system (ENTRUST, CloudFlare, Symantec, DigiCert, Cmodo, Geotrust, Let’s Encrypt, Verisign, etc.). Therefore, they have the capacity to alter British Library, Cambridge and Oxford archives without the librarians’ knowledge.

The movies that Boasberg told the Senate he reviewed were CocoonSuburbiaMy Beautiful Launderette and Official Version. The reviews are chock full of “sex interests,” sexual fantasies, alien intercourse, “tarting-up,” “long homosexual loves scenes,” homosexual father who sodomized his son and rape.

Was this Nov. 1985 movie review by Boasberg and his collaborators a cry for help? It is notoriously known that Oxford very intentionally grooms selected students in homosexuality for the Pilgrims Society propaganda and spy business.

Boasberg’s fellow Oxford movie critics’ names are quite telling and appear in other numbers of The ISIS, including Karin Galil, Kate Davies, Jason Kingsley, Alex Connock and Richard Downes. Pilgrims Society media propaganda control is an evident theme of four of the five students listed. The fifth, Dr. Karin Galil, shows the clear fingerprints of eugenics population control via vaccines and “micro-dosing.”

Karin Galil is a medical epidemiologist who studied chickenpox trends and vaccines for the Center for Disease Control CDC’s National Immunization Program. She is a specialist in infectious diseases and micro-dosing. Microdosing, or micro-dosing, is a technique for studying the behavior of drugs in humans through the administration of doses so low they are unlikely to produce whole-body effects, but high enough to allow the cellular response to be studied.

Kate Davies is a writer and author of children’s books. She is a former burlesque dancer and notorious homosexual. She lives with her wife in east London.

Jason Kingsley is the co-founder of the gaming company “Rebellion” (Oxford-based, his only job) for which he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2012. His works include Aliens vs. Predator, Zombie Army, Sniper Elite 1,2,3,4, Rogue Trooper, Dredd 3D, Zombie Army Trilogy, Strange Brigade, Evil Genius, Mega City One and Battlezone. Are these just fun games, or the brainwashing of innocent minds?

Alex Connock is a fellow at Oxford for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Previously he founded Ten Alps (Zinc Media) where his clients included many Pilgrims Society self-styled elitists including Siemens, BMW, AstraZeneca, ITV, BBC, Discovery, London Transport and Thames Water.

Connock’s Reuters relationship means that he is an MI6 propaganda agent for the Pilgrims Society. Reuters was one of the founding members of the Empire Press Union (Jun. 1909) that founded British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS renamed GCHQ ion 1946. Another indication that Connock is an MI6 spy is his groomed resume that is larger than life. He worked for UNICEF—well known to be the Pilgrims Society’s Oxford University Rhodes Scholarship & Friends tool to usher in a corporate controlled one world government.

Cannock’s resume shows all the telltale signs of Pilgrims Society propaganda grooming including stints with ITV, People Magazine, BBC, Planet 24, SKY TV, Columbia Journalism, Digital Innovation, Royal Television Society and many more—way too many for a normal, non-groomed human being.

Richard Downes has been a BBC Series producer since1992 to the present. He was based in Baghdad for the BBC for two years. Upon graduating from Oxford, Downes immediately started his career in journalism (propaganda) at the Press Association, Reuters and the Financial Times—all Pilgrims Society members, delegates at the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, co-founders of the Empire Press Union, co-founders of MI5, MI5 and GC&CS renamed GCHQ. Downes worked for RTE National Irish TV and was their correspondent in Washington, D.C. (2000-2003). See THE 200-YEAR INFORMATION WAR: THE UK-U.S. PILGRIMS SOCIETY CONTROLS THE PRESS.

In addition to his dubious Oxford past, since becoming a judge in 2002, Boasberg has had at least three Yale interns as DC judge: Caroline Van Zile (now Deputy Solicitor General; formerly  with Hillary’s Skadden Arps LLP—anti-Trump), Julia Veroff (now Hillary’s attorney Skadden Arps LLP, ACLU—anti-Trump) and Emma Simson (now at Mueller’s Wilmer Hale LLP—anti-Trump).

This hindsight shows a clear recruiting agenda for self-styled elitists to carry the Piligrims Society flag for the New World Order. His 2002 nondisclosures of his associations with The ISIS Pilgrims Society Oxford propaganda organ were material and evident deception.

Rhodes Scholars (Oxford-onians) caught up in the Trump-Russia, Hillary’s Private Server and Benghazi hoaxes include Susan RiceGeorge StephanopoulosBill & Hillary ClintonDavid E. KendallWesley Clark (ENTRUST encryption keys controlled by Hillary Clinton), Ashton CarterPete Buttigieg Ronan Farrow,  Strobe TalbotRuss Feingold,  Larry SabatoNaomi WolfCory BookerRachel Maddow (MSNBC), Jake Sullivan,  R. James WoolseyDavid SouterNancy-Ann DeParleJudge Leonard P. Stark (theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention exploited by the Pilgrims Society, Clinton, Obama and used to attack Candidate Trump through Cambridge Analytica, George SorosSir Geoffrey E. PattieLord Mark Malloch Brown).

It is no wonder PM Boris Johnson just said he wants no more Oxford alumni in the British bureacracy. The United States should expand the no-hire zone to not only Oxford, but also Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, George Washington University, Stanford and Princeton. That would out a serious dent in the Privy Council/Senior Executive Service (SES) choke hold on the American Republic.


Second, the Oxford Union during Boasberg’s time was led by Pilgrims Society-MI6 drones Roland Rudd, Neil Sherlock and Anthony Goodman.

Roland Rudd is tied to Facebook, Alisher Usmanov and the BBC to whom he likely fed stories.

Neil Sherlock  is tied to KPMG, PWC, Facebook, Sir Nick Clegg, Carnegie Trust and the Pilgrims Society.

Anthony Goodman is tied to The Conference Board (NY), Financial Times, SDX and Pilgrims Society consulting.

The American public needed to know about these Oxford University globalists with whom Judge Boasberg is associated, but failed to disclose in his Senate Judicial Committee confirmation hearing.


The ISIS magazine is believed to be the oldest continuously published magazine in Britain (since 1892).


The founder of The ISIS was Mostyn Turtle Pigott who continued as its editor until when the magazine was suspended for WWI (1892-1914). Pigott was a delegate to the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 (Jun. 05-28, 1909). Pigott co-founded MI6, MI5 and GC&CS renamed GCHQ in Jul. 29, 1909. Pigott helped co-found the Empire Press Union (later Commonwealth Press Union, now CPU Media Trust). Pigott was the chief Empire Press / MI6/MI5 recruiter for the Pilgrims Society who had formed the Empire Press Union as well as British intelligence. During WWI, Pigott worked for the Ministry of Information under John Buchan and even met with President Woodrow Wilson on a spy propaganda mission. His cover was as Secretary of the British Universities Mission to the United States. Pigott handpicked a notorious homosexual Beverly Nichols to restart The ISIS in 1919 after returning from the propaganda mission targeting President Woodrow Wilson. See Previous Post.

The fact in itself that Nichols was an open homosexual is only mentioned because the British intelligence feeder system appears to have been focused on recruiting Oxford, Cambridge and Eton homosexuals, probably because their psychological profiles made them easier to control and manipulate as spies.

Pigott was described as a licentious “dandy,” a “salesman of soft pornography” and a “peddler of erotic literature. Such was this Oxford recruiter of MI6, MI5 and GC&CS spies.

Pigott’s boss was Minister of Propaganda John Buchan—a Cecil Rhodes disciple, Pilgrims Society co-founder, Imperial Press Conference, 1909 delegate, founder of the Empire Press Union, co-founder of British MI-6, MI-5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ).

The Isis was described as “definitely left-wing and will almost inevitably remain so.”

In short, Boasberg admits writing for one of Britain’s leading spy propaganda Oxford University student magazines.


Pigott’s successor in 1919 as editor of The ISIS was Beverly Nichols. Besides being an overt homosexual and recruiting fellow homosexuals to spy for Britain, Nichols was heavily involved in Pilgrims Society propaganda, including producing substantial propaganda for the Ford Motor Company UK in 1938. Ford was at the time a well-known Pilgrims Society member who made money on all sides of WWII.


Between 1962-1970, Robert Maxwell owned  and operated The ISIS at Oxford University.

Maxwell is a notorious triple spy (MI6, C.I.A., MOSSAD) newspaperman member of the Pilgrims Society.

Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine is infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s madame used for compromising the world’s self-styled elite.


In 1980, Rupert Soames was president of the Oxford Union. The Union’s presidents are all well-known globalist insiders pushed forward the Pilgrims Society and MI6/C.I.A. This was just a few years before Boasberg and Stephanopoulos arrived at Oxford.

In 2002, Soames became CEO of Misys that supplies accounting software to Chinese banks. In 2014, Soames became CEO of SERCO. He  was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2010. He is the son of Sir

Nicholas Soames, and the grandson of Winston Churchill.

SERCO is a dubious British public company that appears to be running the Pilgrims Society’s global media, technology and eugenics programs.

Serco Group PLC is a British company with 10,000 employees and annual revenue of $5.9 billion.

Serco runs the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office! This is not a joke. It is outrageous that our politicians and SES bureaucrats orchestrate this treason.

Do you mean to tell me that the U.S. Patent Office is not capable of running itself without foreign help?! American inventors take note: You’re screwed.

We could not believe this either, but here is Serco’s 2015 press release announcing its deal with Obama. No reasonable person can view the giving away of a vital office to a foreign power as anything but sedition. This alone should get your blood boiling, but it gets much, much worse.

Serco has 11 contracts with the U.S. Army, Navy, SPAWAR, Intelligence, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, US Border Patrol as well as the Transportation and Commerce Departments.

Serco operates 58 U.S. air traffic control towers! WAT? Isn’t this a national security issue? Are Americans not capable of running their own airports?!

Serco has major contracts with the FCC, FTC, FAA, DOJ, DOS, DHS, ERO, ICE, GSA, prisons, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp and they even run U.S. military boot camps.

Serco runs major public works in Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Georgia—all Deep State shadow government globalist strongholds. Georgia = IBM.

Given this plethora of ties to Meuller and Britain, Boasberg had an ethical duty to fully described his background in 2002 so that American would not have to wait until after 2010 to learn his duplicity with the Pilgrims Society, the Crown Agents, the Senior Executive Service (SES).

This new information clearly show that Boasberg concealed an entirely secret life from the American people in 2002.

Then, when he added key elements in his 2010 disclosure, he still failed to confess his plethora of his globalist, left-wing Pilgrims Society traitors.


Chief Justice John Roberts has a duty to immediately fire Boasberg as a FISA Court judge if he does not resign first.

If Boasberg will not resign, and Chief Justice Roberts won’t fire him, then it is Congress’ duty to impeach him forthwith.

Propriety demands that Boasberg be punished for his flagrant deception of the American public.

* * *