AIM Alert

Our Vimeo channel was delisted. All videos, including our spiritual videos, were deleted. Thanks to all y’all out there for saving copies. Make sure the truth lives on. We aren’t going back to replace them. The folks who needed the information, have long had it. And we can say all these words over again…and again…and again. We told you this is the Great Information War and YOU are an information warrior. Now go out and start teaching others what we have taught you over these last few years.

information war betsy ross

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Make an archive copy for yourself by going to or another archive site and making a duplicate url for your own records. We want to thank the AIM PATRIOT who put these files together for us and who made them available to our community. He put a lot on the line to preserve these for you. We can say more after we win the war – but for now he knows who he is and he knows why we cannot communicate with him on an open line. You know – sources and methods – we cannot disclose. He is a brave freedom warrior.

Here’s another version:

This is ‘radioactive’ information that can take down the major powers on our planet – make sure your network of truth seekers has its own private copy.

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