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Over the last few days our site was trashed. Formatting scrambled. Video embeds microscopic. Images deleted. We have been attacked. We aren’t sure at this point if it is a WordPress issue or one that is deeper and more sinister. Our plumbers are working to fix codes so by the time you read this, it may have all been fixed and everything looks fine.  (Update: By April 20, 2020 problems have been fixed. You will hear from us soon.)

Truth will keep marching on. Many of you have years of emails from us that lay out the crimes of the British Imperial Empire and the details of the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump. Use this vital information to educate and inform all that you can. Just because our site was trashed, doesn’t mean that our extensive research has gone unnoticed.

While you are waiting for us to upload new content, remember that you can “cross the bridge” of the Glass Bead Game where the Gabriels have left audios, articles, and posts to help you on your personal spiritual journey.

Let’s get to work, patriots. The next step in our battle plan is to begin the great American revivals. We hope friends around the world will join us:

Post production note: Youtube keeps removing this video so we are providing here and encouraging you to save from our raw file:


A patriot posts this message under this video:

“Oh! I had not heard this story! Oh, Thank You for this treasure and blessed-filled story!

Second half of the story not directly related to this Bible: I started research on Donald J. Trump’s background in July 2015 as I was never a fan of his before his escalator walk. I knew nothing of him except his wealth, three wives and connection to Hollywood. After months of research and understanding his story (3 wives and Hollywood) better, I felt so much better about Candidate Trump that we had no problem fiercely defending him to this day. 

Candidate Trump and I had much in common but one that stood out was his parents, Fred and Mary Ann, young Donald and his siblings regularly attended Norman Vincent Peale’s church in NYC. I grew up on Dr. Peale’s books, esp “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

God was continuing to prepare his life for the biggest job he ever had….the President of the United States of America some day. The one president who ended up having been given the hardest job any president ever had to do…was to overthrow corrupted shadow government (Deep State, Admin State, etc.). God blessed President Trump with gifts that resonate with the American Patriots and to outfox the Opposition.

And this Bible story video is just the extra frosting on a delicious red white n’blue cake any American will ever appreciate. We Americans are so blessed with a great, honorable, and spirited-filled President our country will ever see. Thank You, President Trump for bringing your Christian Heritage to the foreground for all to see, and that will help keep American’s Christian Heritage alive for many, many generations to come….God Willing.

Yes….Pray for Revival…This is our Moment.


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