Shiva Ayyadurai’s Fraud

Shiva Ayyadurai’s three patent applications re. Email contain evident frauds in even what has not been censored by SERCO

shiva faster cures

Several glaring items are that: (1) all of his detailed communications with examiner Hai V. Nguyen are missing; (2) the two more recent patents were issued on the same day with the same examiners (Hai V. Nguyen &  Kenneth R. Coulter); and (3) the two more recent patents contain exactly the same list of prior art references (which cannot be verified since that detail has been removed by British SERCO that runs the U.S. Patent Office).

Shiva’s attorney, Robert E. Krebs, appears to have been his Pilgrims Society handler.

Apr. 30, 2020—Shiva Ayyadurai* is certainly not “the inventor of email” as he claims. His claim to have invented email at age 14 defies common sense, appears to be yet another faked Zuckerberg boy wonder façade, is anecdotal at best, and this is all based on his own evidence he produces on his website.

* He also goes by the names of Sivapathy Ayyadurai, V.A. Ayyadurai, and V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai

Shiva presents a hodgepodge of largely irrelevant items as evidence of his inventorship—none of which hold up when analyzed. An undated, unsigned and unattributed Westinghouse award entry flow chart is especially suspect. It was made to look like it was banged out on an old Royal manual typewriter while the content even mentions word processing. Note: Westinghouse is a stepchild of NBC, RCA, Marconi Wireless and GE—all Pilgrims Society insiders.

Shiva presents the cover pages of copyright filings as proof of his claims. This literally proves nothing about inventorship, other than that his filings included “email” or “electronic mail” in the title.

Literally anyone on the planet can create such a filing.

Shiva evidently relies on the lack of knowledge of the public about the difference between a copyright and a patent. His so-called evidence is not convincing to anyone knowledgeable in intellectual property.

For example, he presents copyright office form TXu000111775, Aug. 30, 1982  titled “EMAIL, Computer program for electronic mail system.” This proves nothing since he does not show us the contents of the filing. One would presume that if he was truly intent on making his best case in the example, he’d include the full content of the filing (like he did for the alleged Westinghouse flow chart). He didn’t. The omission is most assuredly intentional and meant as a deception, seems to us.

On Mar. 07, 2011, Shiva formed CytoSolve, Inc. (File No. 4950124) in Delaware. This is confirmed by Delaware Entity search. CytoSolve is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

john edwards

Figure 1: John Edwards, Breed’s Hill Capital LLC

The company website says: “Cytosolve provides the world’s first computational systems biology platform for scalable integration of molecular pathway models to enable predictive and quantitative understanding of complex biomolecular processes and diseases to determine risk, toxicity, and efficacy UPFRONT in the product development process. CytoSolve’s technology platform is enabling innovative and visionary manufacturers to develop and deliver products to end-consumers that truly advance health and well-being, faster, cheaper, and safer.”

What does this even mean? What does Cytosolve do? Looks like whatever they want to claim it means.

Shiva’s CytoSolve funding handlers are a seven-layered cake, which is a classical Pilgrims Society obfuscation:

  1. Shiva/Cytosolve et al;
  2. Breed’s Hill Capital LLC;
  3. Lake Street Advisors LLC;
  4. Ballentine Finn & Co;
  5. Senior Executive Service (SES, OMB);
  6. Oracle/Goldman Sachs/Mercer/Honeywell Aerospace; and then,
  7. Pilgrims Society (Privy Council).

Shiva’s most immediate funder is director John Edwards, who is a director of Breed’s Hill Capital, LLC, Boston, MA (assets under management $1.4B). Breed’s Hill appears to be little more than a feeder front company for Edward’s previous company:  Lake Street Advisors LLC (up to 100 high net worth clients), Boston MA.

Lake Street has at least four sister companies: Lake Street Advisors LLC (CRD# 125471), Lake Street Advisors Group, LLC (CRD# 288300) (owned by LSA MANAGEMENT, LLC (NY); 47 clients, $1.2B under management; Fidelity Brokerage LLC operation (largest mutual funder of Facebook): includes former Bank of New York bank supervisor named Matthew R. Krege; former Fidelity auditor Brian J. Durkin; Merrill Lynch, State Street advisors Jaclyn Hirl, Leah Upton), Lake Street Financial, LLC (CRD #296761) ($376m assets under management), Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC (CRD# 164447) (Paul McNamee, CFO, formerly with Honeywell Aerospace) .

Here is the Lake Street Advisors directory.

Lake Street’s most senior advisor is Greg Alan Vanslyke who has been a registered broker dealer for 22 years. According to Vanslyke’s SEC records, before Lake Street, he worked for Ballentine Finn & Co. Inc. (CRD #108853).

drew McMorrow
Figure 2: Drew McMorrow, Ballentine Finn & Co. Inc.

Ballentine’s president and CEO is Drew McMorrow. Before 2002, Drew worked for Mercer Management Consulting that targeted technology companies. Earlier he was director of business operations at Oracle. Before that he worked as an analysis for the Congressional Budget Office tax analysis division. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley and a dual economics, international relationship degree from Brown.

Another Ballentine officer is Coventry Edwards-Pitt. she was Chief of Staff of Goldman Sachs’ Global Manager Strategies investment group.

coventry edwards
Figure 3: Coventry Edwards-Pitt, Ballentine Finn & Co. Inc.

Conclusion: At the risk of repeating ourselves, Shiva’s funding feeder system looks like this:

  1. Shiva/Cytosolve et al;
  2. Breed’s Hill Capital LLC;
  3. Lake Street Advisors LLC;
  4. Ballentine Finn & Co;
  5. Senior Executive Service (OMB);
  6. Oracle/Goldman Sachs/Mercer/Honeywell Aerospace; and then
  7. Pilgrims Society (Privy Council).

Shiva’s Wikipedia page is too long and too bigger than life to be real. It follows the pattern of many of the “cardboard cutouts” groomed by the Pilgrims Society.

Unsurprisingly, Shiva claims racism when people question his claim to be “the inventor of email.”

Figure 4: Shiva Ayyadurai’s Wikipedia page.
fran shiva
Figure 5: (L-R) Vellayappa Ayyadurai, Fran Drescher and Shiva Ayyadurai attend as DuJour’s Jason Binn and SEN’s Tora Matsuoka celebrate Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Movement on November 6, 2013 in New York City.

Here’s a list of Shiva’s patents:

patent list

PAT. NO. Title (To obtain a PDF copy of a patent, click “Images,” then “Full Page,” then download the PDF displayed.)
6,718,368 System and method for content-sensitive automatic reply message generation for text-based asynchronous communications
6,718,367 Filter for modeling system and method for handling and routing of text-based asynchronous communications
6,668,281 Relationship management system and method using asynchronous electronic messaging

We note that in the PUBLIC PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval):

  1. U.S. Pat. No. 6,668,281 Ayyadurai PUBLIC PAIR is missing the critical Image File Wrapper documents,
  2. U.S. Pat. No. 6,718,367 Ayyadurai PUBLIC PAIR is missing the critical Image File Wrapper documents, and
  3. U.S. Pat. No. 6,718,368 Ayyadurai PUBLIC PAIR is missing the critical Image File Wrapper documents.
shiva patent 2
Figure 6: The PUBLIC PAIR details about Shiva patent number 6,718,368 – System and method for content-sensitive automatic reply message generation for text-based asynchronous communications. Notice no “Image File Wrapper” see below.
Figure 7: The PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) service at the U.S. Patent Office is supposed to provide the public full access to all communications between the patent examiner and the applicant. The critical Image File Wrapper information is missing from all three Shiva patents.
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg
Figure 8: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Shiva’s Inventor Oath or Declaration is missing

Readers should know that the Image File Wrapper contains an Inventor Oath or Declaration that he is telling the truth and that he is the true inventor of the invention being claimed.

For example, to date, Facebook has been awarded 4,533 to which Zuckerberg has given an oath. Each of these Zuckerberg oaths is hard evidence of a felony.

Barack Hussein Obama
Figure 9: Barack Hussein Obama

Mark Zuckerberg’s Nov. 02, 2006 oath for the second U.S. Pat. No. 7,669,123 patent granted on Feb. 23, 2010 is shown below. Keep in mind, this patenting activity for Facebook occured during the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial. This document alone (shown below) is hard proof that the British-SERCO run U.S. Patent Office was obstructing justice in the trial by the U.S. government showing partiality to Facebook at a time in the trial–the Markman Hearing (Mar. 09, 2010)–when Leader’s attorneys eviscerated Facebook arguments.

Leonard P. Stark
Figure  10: Leonard P. Stark, Delaware District Court judge groomed at Oxford by the Pilgrims Society; replaced a veteran judge in the Leader v. Facebook litigation just one month before trial.

After Facebook’s devastating performance in the Markman Hearing, Barack Obama hurriedly nominated Pilgrims Society-groomed Rhodes Scholar Leonard P. Stark as a judge in the same Delaware district (Joe Biden’s domain). Then, Obama’s Justice Department (Eric Holder) pushed Stark forward to replace 25-year veteran Joseph J. Farnan, who suddenly announced his retirement to occur before the imminent trial–after saying repeatedly how he looked forward to the trial.

Also, Facebook’s Leader v. Facebook trial attorney, Cooley Godward LLP, and McBee Strategic, were at the same time busy helping Obama disperse tens of billions of dollars of his “energy stimulus” boondoggle. Over  $5B went to Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla).

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Figure 11: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hindsight further reveals that Hillary Clinton  as Secretary of State was at the same time busy paying Facebook secretly to write a “template for winning elections.”

Shiva Ayyadurai. (Aug. 30, 1982). OATH LISTED, Computer program for electronic mail system, Copyright No. TXu000111775. U.S Copyright Office.
Figure 12: Image File Wrapper Oath or Declaration listing for Nov. 02, 2006, Zuckerberg et al. (Nov. 02, 2006). U.S. Pat. No. 7,669,123 Oath Declaration of Inventors, p. 3. USPTO.
Zuckerberg et al. (Nov. 02, 2006). U.S. Pat. No. 7,669,123 Oath Declaration of Inventors. USPTO.
Figure 13: Zuckerberg et al. (Nov. 02, 2006). U.S. Pat. No. 7,669,123 Oath Declaration of Inventors, p. 3. USPTO. Each of these oaths in the 4,533 Facebook patents is a felony, for each alleged inventor who signed them. This appears to have ensnared the entire Facebook engineering staff and their Starbucks baristas. We encourage Facebook whistleblowers, that still have any conscience left, to come forward, for the sake of your immortal soul. Don’t take these sins to your grave.

Since Shiva’s Image File Wrapper has been removed by British SERCO who is running the U.S. Patent Office, we cannot review Shiva’s Oath and Declaration. Again, a false statement on this oath is a felony.

robert krebs
Figure 14: Robert E. Krebs

Shiva’s first patent, U.S. Pat. No. 6,718,368 was represented by Robert E. Krebs, THELEN REID & PRIEST LLP, P.O. BOX 640640, SAN JOSE CA 95164-0640.

This patent was filed by Krebs on Jun. 03, 1999.  Awarded on Apr. 06, 2004.

For context:

On Apr. 04, 1999, Alibaba was founded in China by Jack Ma as their cardboard cutout. This appears to be the genesis of the platform for the Chinese “social credit score” that descending upon the hapless American public.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown
Figure 15: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

On Jun. 30, 1999, the 40-year Independent Council law was allowed to lapse.

In Jul. 1999, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown was appointed chairman and administrator of the U.N. Development Group.

On Jul. 01, 1999, Janet Reno implemented a new special counsel procedure inside the Justice Department (that was used to justify the Mueller witch hunt).

Figure 16: Lawrence “Larry” H. Summers

On Jul. 02, 1999, Larry Summers was appointed to be Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary.

On Jul. 03, 1999, Sheryl K. Sandberg was appointed Summer’s chief of staff (later started Gmail and is now COO of Facebook).

On Jul. 14, 1999, Clinton forms the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC) and later appoints Bill Gates and James P. Chandler as directors.

On Sep. 24, 1999, Yahoo! China was launched in partnership with Alibaba Group.

Richard C. Walker
Figure 17: Richard C. Walker

On Sep. 29, 1999, the C.I.A. is cleared to created In-Q-Tel as a private company. On Oct. 01, 1999, BlackRock went public.

On Nov. 21, 1999, Glass-Steagall Act repealed. On Nov. 17, 1999, Agilent spins off from HP in a $2.1B stock offering, the biggest ever. Agilent was evidently raising money to fund the development of Richard C. Walker’s “wet-ware” patents for the “Internet of Things.” On Nov. 30, 1999, General Electric Company (GEC) merged into BAE Systems in the UK; Pilgrims Society and Privy Council leader Sir Geoffrey Pattie continued as an officer.

James E. Freeze
Figure 18: James E. Freeze

On Dec. 16, 1999, Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze became inventor Leader Technologies first outside director. On Spe. 01, 1975, Freeze, as director of the U.S. Army Security Agency, approved the deployment of the “Echelon” to start illegal surveillance of American citizens.

robert krebs patent
Figure 14: PUBLIC PAIR details about Shiva’s attorney for patent number 6,718,368 – System and method for content-sensitive automatic reply message generation for text-based asynchronous communications

Robert E. Krebs has been the attorney/agent of record on 221 patents at the U.S. Patent Office.

At about this same time (Jun. 03, 1999), Krebs also represented Sierra Wireless, Inc. in the award of U.S. Patent No. 6,712,627 for “Modem ejection assembly for a handheld wireless communication device” on Mar. 30, 2004—one week earlier than the Shiva patent.

Sierra Wireless, Inc. is a Canadian company that is completely dominated by the Pilgrims Society and the Queen’s Privy Council. The Sierra executive team includes people from Boston Consulting, Canada Media (Empire/Commonwealth Press Union), Canada Media Fund, Bell Canada (British Telecom), Cisco IoT (Pilgrims Society, C.I.A.), Orange (Privy Council), Cambridge, Juniper Networks (Pilgrims Society, C.I.A.), AT&T (NBC, Marconi Wireless), Sprint, Blackberry (Privy Council), Avaya/ Nortel/Bell-Northern Research (Pilgrims Society),

Krebs represented a Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. U.S. Pat. No. 6,714,529 that was also awarded on Mar. 30, 2004—also a week before Shiva. It is notoriously known that Nippon Telephone is a creation of the rogue NSA/C.I.A.

Krebs also represented Nippon U.S. Pat. No. 6,753,857 that was awarded on Jun. 22, 2004—less than three weeks after Shiva.

Very evidently, Robert E. Krebs was the Pilgrims Society’s man in San Jose, CA to handle and file for “special protected category inventors” like Shiva.

It appears that Shiva’s patents were originally intended to be a patent buffer between IBM Notes/Domino (groupware) against other claims of other collaboration tools.

However, when IBM and Professor James P. Chandler, III learned about Leader Technologies radical innovations (that have come to be called social networking), Leader’s innovations overturned their apple cart plan, so their Shiva asset had to be repurposed into bioweaponry.

Shiva’s email patents were obviously groomed by his Pilgrims Society handlers as some sort of sham-patent buffer against other inventors, like Leader Technologies, who had developed real innovations in collaboration. Leader’s inventions leapfrogged IBM Notes and Domino that the Pilgrims had evidently been planning to use as their platform for “The IBM Internet of Things.”

In Conclusion

Readers need to be reminded that the U.S. Patent Office is run by the American subsidiary of British SERCO GROUP Plc. This means any record can be doctored, removed or added to maintain the Pilgrims Society’s hold over world intellectual property. (Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie actually seized full Privy Council control of the British Patent Office on Sep. 22, 1994, just as the Clinton Chronicles by Larry Nichols, Clinton’s former chief of staff, were released.)

The very fact that none of the patent wrappers for Shiva’s three patents are available for public review means his handlers are hiding the inner workings of his bogus email patents.

At the very least, given all the questions surrounding his claims, Shiva has a lot of explaining to do.