EXPLOSIVE – About All These “New” Positive COVID Cases – State Health Departments Manipulating Data, Changing Definitions


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Listen to Douglas and Tyla explain why America is in big trouble. This is a shocking finding that you need to scale to your friends and family. Contact your elected representatives immediately and demand that this legislation be terminated.

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Raw audio file: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Anthony-Fauci-and-WHO-Control-America.mp3

Read the full report at:

We Are Pharmaceutical Slaves


Source of the CDC table that Douglas discusses in the audio: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/COVID19/

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EXPLOSIVE – About All These “New” Positive COVID Cases – State Health Departments Manipulating Data, Changing Definitions


The mark of the beast | Is it here?


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Dick Cheney’s demon spawn, Liz who also supports mandatory mask-wearing, shows us who she really supports…and it isn’t MAGA! She serves the same globalshit masters as her daddy. War is big business and the Cheneys have much to lose with Donald Trump in the Executive Office.


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(David) Dean Rusk KBE Crowdsourcing Records Request

President of the Rockefeller Foundation (1952-1961), right after WWII when Rockefeller and Carnegie were investing heavily in The Tavistock Institute brain washing and mind control media techniques, for use by their fellow Pilgrims Society member David Sarnoff, president of RCA/NBC.

dean rusk 1dean rusk 2

dean rusk 3

David Dean Rusk was the U.S. Secretary of State (1961-1969) during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He was involved in the State Department from Korea, through the C.I.A.’s Bay of Pigs debacle and exited with Vietnam and Southeast Asia in flames. Clearly Rusk was one of the most heinous war mongers of the 20th century.

rothschild-nm-victorRusk was a Rhodes Scholar (dominated then by Lord Victor Rothschild, trustee); he was evidently groomed by the Pilgrims Society for his roles, who believed since shortly after its founding that control of the U.S. Secretary of State position was the most effective way to re-absorb America back into a new Imperial Corporatist British Empire.

Rusk won the “Cecil Peace Prize” while at Oxford (1933). Cecil is named for Lord Robert Cecil, a co-founder fo the Pilgrims Society; participant in the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; co-founder of the Empire Press Union; co-founder of British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ in 1946 when the treasonous “Five Eyes” was created); Imperial War Cabinet propagandist during WWI.

Rusk’s Wikipedia and a UK Independent obituary says he was awarded a KBE (Knight Commander of the British Empire) in 1976, but we cannot find the customary London Gazette announcement of the honor.




dean rusk knighthood

Dean Rusk took over the Rockefeller Foundation financing of the Tavistock Institute after WWII… ten years before he became Kennedy’s Secretary of State! By then, no doubt, Tavistock brain washing had been thoroughly been implemented by David Sarnoff at RCA and NBC.—more evidence of Pilgrims Society plans for a “new world order” with their corporation governing the planet




rockefeller 1rockefeller 2rockefeller 3rockefeller 4Rockefeller 5

Vance Packard’s book The Hidden Persuaders, about media manipulation in the 1950s, hidden persuaderssold more than a million copies.

In The Hidden Persuaders, first published in 1957, Packard explored advertisers’ use of consumer motivational research and other psychological techniques, including depth psychology and subliminal tactics, to manipulate expectations and induce desire for products, particularly in the American postwar era. He identified eight “compelling needs” that advertisers promise products will fulfill.



rockefeller 6rockefeller 7

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4 More Years – Forgiato Blow Ft Colt Ford


James Woods tweets: So Gavin Newsom is closing down restaurants and bars and destroying family-owned businesses all over California. Oh wait, here’s one that’s still open!

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West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station To Start Citing People Not Wearing Face Coverings


Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card

Please share these DIY face mask exempt badges in your network. The globalshits use masks to fill public spaces with fear and take away the human smile. By wearing the badge, we are sending message of love and hope with our smiling human face and by our peaceful resistance to the first step towards genocide.


If you cannot say NO to the face mask, will you have the fortitude to use your gun when they come to your house to remove your children? Let the DEVIL know today which path you will take towards the mark of the beast.

The Mark of the Beast 666 Part 1 with Doug Batchelor


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NY County Issues ‘Costly’ Subpoenas to People for Refusing to Talk to Coronavirus Contact Tracers


Jcjohns1971 posts

Wearing a mask is nothing.

Ceding the power to others to demand you wear a mask, or to deny you can wear a mask is everything.

You either live by compact where ‘authorities’ powers are limited…or you are a slave.

There is no middle ground


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Michigan Makes Worker Microchips Voluntary


Governor Globalshit Abbott shows his team colors. He is a globalist and is marching Texans to their genocide. First step – mandatory mask wearing. Last step – genocide.

In Major Reversal, Texas Gov Makes Mask-Wearing Mandatory


Pissonmefico posts:

To wear a mask is this week’s dictate from on high handed down from the satan worshippers who run the world by means of their fiat money scam. They will forcibly plunge the needle of their “vaccine” deep into the arm of every global “citizen” so to rob them of their humanity and make them 100% controllable to conform to Agenda 21/30. Many Mayors and Town Councils have made wearing a mask law without the authority to do so this week. Even Trump has been commanded to flip flop and is calling for Americans to wear a mask – what a huge coincidence.




The globalshits really want your children and will use the virus propaganda to remove your children from your home, or force you to vaccinate them in order to attend school. Maybe your children would do better with YOU teaching them in home this upcoming school year. No vaccines needed!

Top Health Officials: Lockdowns Disrupt Vaccinations, Leaving U.S. Children at Risk for Other Diseases


Singing in California churches BANNED


Pitchfork Wielding Protesters Infiltrate Celebrity Laden Hamptons Demanding ‘Tax the Rich, Not the Poor!’


It’s more than a hoax. It’s PROPAGANDA in order to nudge you into submission of the New World Global Order. First the mask, then the vaccine and microchip. Then, they separate family members. All nudging us towards global genocide.

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public hanging


For now, it’s just a meme floating around the internet.

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Back in the mines………………….

Miners pose for a photograph at the coal face inside a mine in Choa Saidan Shah, Punjab province

2086 pgs. Reece Committee HEARINGS


445 pgs. Reece Committee REPORT


PDF p. 104

reece report 1

PDF, p. 149

reece report 2

PDF, p. 47

reece report 3

PDF, p. 218

reece report 4

PDF, p. 219

reece report 5

PDF, p. 219

reece report 6

PDF, p. 219

reece report 7

PDF, p. 219

reece report 8

PDF, p. 219

reece report 9

PDF, p. 222

reece report 10

PDF, p. 222

reece report 11

PDF, p. 222

Note: “Mr. Rusk” is Dean Rusk. A Rhodes Scholar (even received the Cecil Peace Prize – founded by Lord Robert Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood; one of the architects of the League of Nations), and therefore groomed by the Pilgrims Society. He’s also a Berkeley Law School liar, whoops, lawyer. Here’s his Rockefeller Foundation bio. Wikipedia bio (most likely inaccurate Pilgrims propaganda). He became JFK’s and Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of State (1961-1969) (CIA Bay of Pigs invastion of Cuba, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War; the one position the Pilgrims Society believed they had to control, above all others). Hmmmm. WAR. WAR. WAR. He was pro-Woodrow Wilson, pro-League of Nations. In lockstep with the agenda of the Pilgrims Society to reabsorb American into the British Empire in their neo-Imperial Corporatist British Empire (neo-fascism).


reece report 12

On Lord Cecil’ so-called Peace Prize award to Rusk while at Oxford on his Pilgrims Society recruiting Rhodes Scholarship (remember, Pilgrims speak and name things in the opposite to fool the initiated). He served as a Rockefeller Foundation trustee from 1950 to 1961.

PDF, p. 14


Archivist. (Sep. 01, 1916). Third Report on the [propaganda] work conducted for the Government at Wellington House, Signed in 1916 Sept, 124 pp + map, Cat. Ref. CAB 37/156/6. The National Archives. Missing pp. 8,11,13 and 14, in original have been restored by the National Archives.

wellington house cecil rhodes

Lord Robert Cecil was a delegate to the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, co-founder of the Empire Press Union, and co-founder of MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ in 1946).

Thomas H. Hardman, ed. pub. (Jun. 05-26, 1909). A PARLIAMENT OF THE PRESS – THE FIRST IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909, Illustrated, with Preface by The Earl of Rosebery, K.G. London: Horace Marshall & Son.

PDF, p. 84

roberts rhodes

PDF, p. 223

reece report 13

What’s changed?!

reece report 14

Why are they so arrogant? Because they are initiates into the strategies of the secret Pilgrims Society, and we patriots are not.

reece report 15

PDF, p. 227

reece report 16


reece report 17

PDF, p. 228

reece report 18

PDF, p. 228

reece report 19

PDF, p. 228

reece report 20

PDF, p. 229

reece report 21

PDF, p. 230

reece report 22

PDF, p. 231

reece report 23

PDF, p. 232

reece report 24

PDF, p. 233

reece report 25

PDF, p. 233

reece report 26

PDF, p. 233

reece report 27

PDF, p. 239

reece report 28

PDF, p. 245

reece report 29

PDF, p. 306. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langston_Hughes

reece report 30

PDF, p. 306

reece report 31

PDF, p. 307

reece report 32

PDF, p. 307

reece report 33



PDF, p. 326. Corliss Lamont is the son of Thomas W. Lamont, banking partner of J.P. Morgan and prominent member of the Pilgrims Society. Corliss is father of Ned Lamont, and father-in-law to Ann Huntress Lamont who was a healthcare advisor to the Obama Administration and owner of major Facebook investor and shareholder Meritech Management (by many similar names); Ann Huntress Lamont is a director in Castlight Health and athenahealth created by Obama’s chief technology officer Todd Y. Park who also created the vote-rigging entity U.S. Digital Service with $1.5B from Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Corliss Lamont and 150 other left-wing writers endorsed Josef Stalin‘s actions as necessary for “the preservation of progressive democracy”.




Thomas Lamont changed his company name to Lamont, Corliss, and Company. He was partners with his brother-in-law, Corliss. His banking caught the attention of banker Henry P. Davison, who asked Thomas to join the new Bankers Trust. He started as secretary and treasurer and then moved up to being Vice President and then was promoted to director. He rose to the vice presidency of the First National Bank.[1]

He was a member of the Jekyll Island Club on Jekyll Island, Georgia. There, along with J. P. Morgan Jr. and a few others, they secretly made a plan in 1910 there for a central bank, similar to the Federal Reserve System. A member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

corliss lamont

PDF, p. 327

reece report 34

PDF, p. 329

reece report 35

PDF, p. 330

reece report 36

PDF, p. 331

reece report 37

PDF, p. 331

reece report 38


PDF, p. 334

Shows how communists disguise themselves as anti-fascists

reece report 39

PDF, p. 334

reece report 40

PDF, p. 335

reece report 41

PDF, p. 364

reece report 42

PDF, p. 361

reece report 43

PDF, p. 362

reece report 44

PDF, p. 393


Vanity Fair, managing editor (1920-21)

The New Republic, assoc. editor

The New Yorker, book reviewer

The Dewey Commission, member

The Lord of the Rings (Tolkein), Wilson panned as “juvenile trash”, saying Tolkien had “no instinct for literary form.”

reece report 45

PDF, p. 414

reece report 46

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