Can Trump Be Reelected Without Divine Intervention?


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Can Trump Be Reelected Without Divine Intervention?


Little do they know, it already happened! Michael and the Gabriels know what we were CHOSEN to do at this time in human history! What is your purpose, special mission, during this amazing time in our world?

MIchael Douglas Tyla Lance

whosoever possesses spear



From August 12, 2018

The Templars and the Spear of Antioch


Oops, what has happened to Nancy Morgan Hart that she felt it was necessary to remove the video we posted above? It was a great video on the American Intelligence Media and the spear of Antioch, but Hart has decided that YOU can’t see it anymore and it has been “removed by the uploader”. Below is an image of what we posted:

video removed by N M Hart


Hidden History of the Grail Queens by Douglas Gabriel

First Crusade: Siege of Antioch 1098 AD. Great battle story – make sure you listen from the 9:39 mark to learn about the Spear of Antioch. When you get stressed that we are losing the war against the globalshits, remember ANTIOCH.


President Trump will ‘lead America back to God,’ according to 1983 prophecy


Wanted Richard Dearlove

Richard Dearlove is Running for Cover! Throws China Under the Bus to Protect the Queen…or the Rothschilds?

Of course, all of us here at AIM know that the CORONA virus originated from a company controlled by the Queen England and the Rothchild genocidists. In this Breitbart article, Dearlove insists that it came from a lab in Wuhan.

pirbright patent

If you are late to class, catch up with the details on Richard Dearlove and his FAILED attempt to overthrow Donald Trump with the articles below, or type ‘Richard Dearlove’ in our search bar. To our British patriots, please educate and enlighten your audience about Dearlove, Malloch-Brown, Pattie and the Privy Council – because patriots in America are coming after them because they tried to overthrow our blessed president and now they are running a genocide agenda against the world…with British patriots being the first to be isolated and vaccinated – exterminated.

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of President Donald J. Trump


The British are Running a Coup Operation Against the President of the United States…Again


china damage tt


xi queen

After China writes us a BIG FAT CHECK for the damage that its failure to report the coronavirus did to the world and our nations’ people and economies, we need to go after the Whore of Babylon.

…..let’s look into her majesty’s purse and find those golden shares that control Pirbright, the company that patented the virus that caused the death and economic destruction world-wide because the Queen just couldn’t be satisfied with her trillions of wealth and hundreds of matching hats-shoes-gloves. She and her Rothschild banker thugs had to destroy the economy of the world.

queen purse


Supreme Court: States Can Punish ‘Faithless Electors’; Unanimous Decision


Ghislaine Maxwell garrison




bill clinton ghislaine maxwell


AIM Patriot Michael writes:

Tyla, did you write this for Congress in 1940?!

senate record 9

senate record 8

senate record 7

senate record 6

senate record 5


senate record 4

senate record 3

senate record 2

senate record 1

Our reply: Scratching your head why you never heard about all of this in your American history classes? Well….the Pilgrims Society controls textbook publishing through Big Publishers. They also spread the common crap curriculum in our public schools so that British lies and propaganda indoctrinate Americans to hate their country….and keep us from knowing the TRUTH of the British white supremacist plan to take over the world. 

“Back in 1979-80,” writes Tyla, “I was a Rotary scholar [not Rhodes, Rotary!] sponsored by the Oldham, UK, Rotary Club for post graduate studies where I attended the University of Manchester in a masters degree program in European Economics. I was very interested in this new governance system that was forming in Europe at the time and wanted to learn from the Europeans themselves what all the hubbub was about.”

university manchester
University of Manchester, UK

Along the way, I was slammed with my first political “redpill” by a professor that pulled me aside and explained that Americans aren’t taught the truth about history. He told me that we were a colony of Britain and that the average British ‘educated’ citizen knows this … but Americans don’t because we are brainwashed.

I was appalled! I was shocked! This would mean that all the history classes and books I had read were filled with lies, omissions, and propaganda. What else did I not know? Did this mean I needed to question everything that I was reading and watching? How would I find truth when the world around me pronounced and pushed lies and illusions?

Nothing immediately came to me about this revelation, but over many years it served me well as I rejected all media, knowing full-well that Americans were not being told truth. So when Douglas and I set out to grok the internet, it was easy for us to reject main stream media and find our own path to FULL DISCLOSURE.

You see, TRUTH is constant. Lies and propaganda must constantly shift and change to cloud the view of the awakening people. In 2020, enough of us have clear vision to see the truth of how our planet is being run.



AIM Patriot Joyti writes:

I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your efforts; I greatly appreciate your contributions towards the paradigm shift in being of service to others.

I love your work and dedication. The world is in need of people like you and myself who are concerned for the well being of others and are determined to make it a better place.

I have synthesized a Comprehensive Analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis in which I have covered every single aspect one needs to know as there is a lot of disinformation and COINTELPRO regarding the current crisis.

I would be deeply grateful to your feedback and if it resonates with you, please share with others on your website, social media ect.

My report is available on my site: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Covid 19 Crisis

If you have any doubts, questions, enquiries, feedback or additional information that you think is relevant, I am open to learn/teach or teach/learn and broaden our knowledge.

Knowledge Protects ~ Ignorance Endangers


Scythianos – The Hidden Master



russia stories


elephant perspective

Different viewpoints

A wrong judgement can only be established if one looks at the vantage point from which the perception comes. One would come to terms with one another much better in the world of human viewpoints in many instances if this is always considered. One would then find that the variety of opinions in many cases only arises from the differences of points of view. Moreover, only through the diverse viewpoints can the essence of something be grasped. The mistakes made in this direction do not occur because people reach different opinions, but they arise when everyone holds his or her opinion to be the only correct and justified way to look at something.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 45 – Anthroposophie/Ein Fragment – I. Der Charakter der Anthroposophie (page 12-13)


trump boat parade


deblasio death


“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”

That is a direct quote from BLM’s website under the heading “What We Believe”

See for yourself:

Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



Weapon of Mass Intelligence

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