Pilgrims Society Started Korean War to Hide Interlocking Directorates


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U.S. Senate had identified the interlocking directorships among the Pilgrims Society and was hot on their trail. This came to a screeching halt five days before the report was published when these companies evidently started the Korean War through the U.N.

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This report was published on Jun. 30, 1950. (It was hidden inside a 600 MB file).

Curiously, the Korean War started on Jun. 25, 1950, five days earlier (after the FTC had already sent this report to the Government Printing Office (GPO) for printing.

James M. Mead, Chairman. (Jun. 30, 1950). Report on Interlocking Directorates. U.S Federal Trade Commission.


PDF, p. 273

big four

PDF, p. 274

big four 2big four 3


PDF, p. 49

big four 4big four 5

PDF, p. 295

big four 6

.chemical company interlock

.interlock aircraft

.interlock electrical


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Nothing disrupts the system like an inquisitive mind


The Federal Department of Education (started in 1979) has been an abject failure. Time to end this farce. DEFUND the DOE – THIS YEAR!


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“The WHOLE Thing From Beginning to End is a Hoax”

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Still wearing the mask of genocide? Next step will be the forced vaccinations. Have you started making plans to homeschool this year? Hide your children from the DemonRats and Globalshits!

Florida’s State Code Would Allow Authorities to Force Shots into Kids By Any Means Necessary


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No one is forcing you to attend colleges like this… so find another school.

Fairfield University Will Force Students to Take Mandatory COVID-19 Tests in Order to Attend Class

The university plans to force students to report their health data and submit it into an invasive cell phone app, monitor themselves for any close contact with individuals who have the virus, wear masks at all times while attending class, and subject themselves to mandatory COVID-19 testing to be allowed on campus.


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Tony DuPont, a native American Indian, is an AIM Patriot. He shares this message with us:

The Sick Queen of England’s’, Privy Council, is a top enemy to the American people. There puppets are, working to destroy America the greatest country in the world

The Supreme court of the United States of America, July 9th 2020 ruling to giving half of the state to a reservation, to their fellow (child rape sicko) like the worst original America, a move to destroy Oklahoma, and the tribes if there is no plan to make a smooth reforming of America good for most all American’s, 7 gen style.

The recent move by the SES Senior Executive Service is designed to destroy America from within. Where I have yet to read the ruling but heard other read parts, it is easy to see this is a ploy to get a civil war started and to control the 2020 presidential elections.  But I can see the moves from what little I studied it is easy to see now…

The Queen and all her men are doing everything they can to over throw America, from within with their secret groups. BAR (4th tear (pillar) of our government.  Not allowed in USA constitution) SES senior executive service, are the Judges and top fake law controllers ie British spy’s. Pilgrim society All mainstream media and much shills of the social media (also British spies). SERCO a British huge corporation that controls the Patent theft apparatus for the British, set up as a payout for the judges and SES and pilgrims, all working to Destroy America from within, stealing our peoples and American’s most prized properties. Intellectual property, no country can match American ingenuity.

Which we will never allow!!!

A half bread from the greatest nation in America the Ojibwa Nation

And the second greatest nation based on the teaching of the Ojibwa grandfathers the United States of America.  United we stand!!! Divided we fall. Which will not happen because here in America all of our lives matter?  We all are working to better our own hearts in this war, we win.  The 7 teaching of our grandfathers is our guide to winning, our hearts work for ourselves Our family our community Our Nations and each of the 7 future generations to come.   United we claim our standing in America.

7 grandfathers teaching: our original Ojibwa Natural constitution of higher heart and mind.

indian girl

Nbwaakaawin—Wisdom—Use good sense.

Zaagidwin—Love—Practice absolute kindness.

Minadendmowin—Respect—Act without harm.

Aakdewin—Bravery—  Use courage to choose.

Debwewin—Truth—Be faithful to reality.

Dbaadendizwin—Humility—Treat all life equally.

Gwekwaadziwin—Honesty—Tell the truth.

Each teaching ends In a WIN ….  7 Wins is the AIM we call this “7 Gen Style”

This issue is key to me for I am working to reinstate our great Ojibwa nation in a manner that makes our world thrive for the future that is coming.  I –we acquired a abandoned school on top of a hill In Heaven (Ishpeming), to encompasses the community to create many jobs to allow the community to thrive and then move to reclaim our mines which are not being cleaned and reclaimed, and whom took our value and more, We love our fellow American’s Much love and tears from our brothers and sister fought side by side for our great American nations prior wars so we can all be IN proper standing,

Where this last war is fought from within where we all find our hearts and shine with the guidance of our 7 grandfather teachings

Where we all can work with our hearts creating beautiful things to share create a thriving living.   Threw a new form of for profit education lean and mean, creating micro spin off business, We want America owners 1000’s on thousands American business of all ages (3 to 110).

Move all forms of the British and foreign control away from our children and out of America no more of their divide targeting not me not our children, not my love ones, Not one American.

As we Original Americans move to reclaim our lands we need to do so in a way that we preserve and move to fix and restore all of the American communities to our full potentials where no one is suppressed.  And in some sense we move to clean restore to our thriving futures to make the communities we reside in better more American, less or no globalist and more earthly and glaxizy focused.

Leading by the best example I can be always getting better, here is our abandoned school, our first of many education centers.    I am moving to reinstate our Nation the proper way to allow all of American thrive us original American and us American’s, being a half breed. I love all of America.

Come Join in our creations forming help give you ideas and lets implement the greatest plans into thriving flourishing.

We are In Creating of the 7 Generations Co-Operations, in the jurisdiction of Ojibwa nation; we look to do business under our 1807 treaty, fully protected to do business in America. As we have always done being the creators and protector of America. And we tony dupontwish go getters American’s world class folks and original American’s come help us create the future. 7 gen style

Let the sun shine on you,  Peace N love….    Tony DuPont




Enjoy this discussion between the Gabriels and read here for some lecture notes on this topic: Initiation and Ego Mastery.

Initiation and Ego Mastery


Raw audio file: https://neoanthroposophy.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/initiation-and-ego-mastery.mp3


The Family of Spies: Ghislaine Maxwell




stimson-henry-lewisIn 1947, Foreign Affairs carried the Henry L. Stimson, WWII Secretary of War article that triggered Congress to approve the Marshall Plan, NATO. See below.

A. The 1947 Foreign Affairs Pitch – We’re in danger if we don’t do this. Same Pilgrims tune, different time.

Henry L. Stimson. (Oct. 01, 1947). The Challenge to Americans. Foreign Affairs.


BTW. This Stimson Foreign Affairs file was broken from searching. Not anymore. 😊

Pages from 1947-10-01-The-Challenge-to-Americans-by-Henry-L-Stimson-Foreign-Affairs-Oct-01-1947

B. Danger Fixed, part 1: The Marshall Plan

H.R. 4840, H.R. 4579, Eaton Committee, Pt. 1. (Dec. 17, 1947 to Feb. 12, 1948). United States Foreign Policy For A Post-War Recovery Program (Marshall Plan), U.S., 80th Congress, House, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Hearings, 1948, Vol. 1, 1st and 2nd Sessions, 1268 pgs. GPO. (41.2 MB).



C. Danger Fixed, part 2: NATO

Tom Connally (TX), Chairman,  (Apr. 27, 1949 to May 03, 1949). Pts. 1-3, Witnesses re. NATO, HEARINGS before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, 81st Congress, 1st Session, 81st Congress, 1st Session. GPO. (112 MB).


Sen-Tom-Connally-(TX)-chrmn-81st-Congress-1st-GPO-to-May-03-1949-from Apr-27-1949

chairman patterson

5. Whew, now we’ll be safe in the hands of the: Pilgrims Society Committee of 300

See the list, starting on p. 682


robert patterson


hugh moore


dean acheson


David Dubinsky


alger hiss


william donovan


Allen dulles


Wilkie Marshall Plan

Editor. (Dec. 01, 1947). Mrs. Willkie To Head Marshall Plan Group, woman’s division. The Indianapolis Star.



wendell edith wilkie

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