Exposing Betsy DeVos’s Plan for Totalitarian Public Education

Amway globalist Betsy DeVos controls the federal levers of education for her pals in the Pilgrims Society. Her goal is the destruction of public education with a totalitarian online curriculum that will be streamed into your child’s home-prison study area in order to take control of their individual thinking, feeling, and willing.

Some are reporting (see video below) that DeVos, Peter Thiel, and other top-name globalshits are invested in K12 Inc,. an online curriculum that will be rolled out this fall to accommodate schools unable to open due to coronavirus restrictions.

Don’t kid yourselves, patriots. This has been in the works for awhile. The goal was to find a way to imprison students all over the world in their homes and make sure they get a steady brain diet of indoctrination crap. No need for a Marxist teacher when you have a computer feeding your child a steady diet of “hate America” and “orange man bad.”

Here is a summary of what has been happening to schools and education while patriots weren’t looking.

How The ‘Great Reset’ Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To ‘Reimagine’ Humanity


This is not some crazy sci-fi thing. The prototype is being improved in China.

Is this the future of education in globalist public school indoctrination centers around the world?


We predict that the 2020-21 school year will be filled with lots of drama. The evil globalshits are not looking for solutions. The Pilgrims Society Destroyers of Humanity are looking for schools to be so unmanageable that you will WANT to keep your children in home imprisonment to keep them out of the destructive place called public schools. Of course, the globalshits have already created an online curriculum for you. Just like all those blue Homeland Security uniforms were pressed and ready for distribution a week after 9-11, Betsy DeVos, too, is ready to roll out a “solution” for the “problem.”

Since most parents will be caught off guard, they will think school-recommended online curriculum will be a prefect solution to the problem. Don’t be that parent!

K12 Inc is in biz to mind control indoctrinate your children. Once your babies are plugged into their evil technology, the indoctrination will increase until they will no longer have thoughts and imaginations of their own. They will be empty human containers to be filled with satanic thoughts and feelings, leading to a total destruction of the individual, family, and country.

Let’s take a look at who is behind K12.… We weren’t surprised that we didn’t see DeVos’ name blaring out at us. She, like Thiel and others, would hide their investments behind shell companies. Take a look under the hood below and see the globalshits salivating at the opportunity this school crisis will give them in stock prices.

education indoctrination

K12 Inc. is a for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curricula. K12 is an education management organization (EMO) that provides online education designed as an alternative to traditional “brick and mortar” education for public school students from kindergarten to 12th grade (hence the company’s name).[3] Publicly traded K12 is the largest EMO in terms of enrollment.[4]




k12 1k12 2k12 3


The company was founded by former banker Ronald J. Packard.[1] Initial investors in the company included Michael R. Milken and Lowell Milken of education company Knowledge Universe, who along with the Milken Family Foundation, invested $10 million.[1] Andrew Tisch of the Loews Corporation and Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation also contributed venture capital.[1] It became a publicly traded company on December 13, 2007.[5]

William BennettSecretary of Education under Ronald Reagan was hired as the company’s first chairman of the board, serving until 2005.[6]

Private online K-12 schools

K12 Inc. operates three online private schools: K12 International Academy (AKA K12 IA for short), George Washington University Online High School, and the Keystone School.[29] In 2011,[14] George Washington University partnered with K12, inc. to offer a full-time online private school accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.[30]

andrew tischAndrew Tisch, from Harvard, did not disclose in the S-1 that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and therefore directed by the Pilgrims Society through the British Privy Council. Former CEO of Lorillard Tobacco (1990-1995), convicted on RICO, now owned by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco.


However, Tisch may be best known for his dramatic testimony before Congress (the Waxman hearings, Apr. 14, 1994) when he was the CEO of Lorillard Tobacco Company, when he and other leading tobacco execs shocked members of Congress and the American public in claiming that there was no link between tobacco and cancer and that nicotine was not addictive.

andrew tisch 2

K-12 S-1


andrew tisch 3

Tisch owned 2.55% at the IPO (2007)

larry ellison oracleLargest outside shareholder at S-1 initial public offering (2007)

Learning Group LLC (Michael Millken, etc) – 18.3%



Mollusk Holdings, LLC (Larry Ellison, Oracle) – 8,67%


2007 DEF 14A Proxy Statement (1st one)

set forth below

howard polsky 2019 DEF 14 A (Most recent)



nominees for electionguillermo Bronjohn englerKevin Chavousjames Rhyu

Insider Trading Form 400 Report on K-12


Conclusion: An interlocking feeding frenzy because they already know the DeVoss Contract is there’s.


  1. Oracle Larry Ellison is a 10% owner (because he knows he will get the DATABASE licensing)
  2. Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc. is a 10% owner. Which is a 10% owner in MTM Technologies, Inc. data center cloud services.
  3. Director Adam Cohn is a material stockholder in the British company Luxfer Holdings Plc https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191030006098/en/Luxfer-Holdings-PLC-Announces-2019-Quarter-Financial
  4. 10% owner Knowledge Universe LLC is owned by LeagFrog Enterprises https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LeapFrog_Enterprises that builds child-tracking and monitoring technologies https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/own-disp?action=getowner&CIK=0001275754The company released LeapBand, its first wearable activity tracker for children, in 2014.[25] LeapFrog also released its LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi tablet devices in 2014.[26] In July 2014, the company announced the release of LeapTV.[27] They also got net loss for $124 million and had net sales of $145 million.[28] In August 2015, the company announced LeapFrog Epic,[29] its new Android-based tablet for children, which was released in September 2015.[30]
  5. Director Mary H. Futrell is a major stockholder in Horace Mann Educators Corp https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/own-disp?action=getowner&CIK=0001247230https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Mann_Educators_Corporation

State location: NY | State of Inc.: NY | Fiscal Year End: 1130

Business Address

Mailing Address

Ownership Reports for Issuers: (Click on issuer name to see other owners for the issuer, or CIK for issuer filings.)

Issuer Filings Transaction Date Type of Owner
MTM Technologies, Inc. 0000906282 2009-03-31 director, 10 percent owner
K12 INC 0001157408 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
AFFYMAX INC 0001158223 2006-12-20 10 percent owner
Current Name:SAVVIS, Inc.
0001058444 2006-06-30 director, 10 percent owner
MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 0001161924 2003-10-22 10 percent owner

MTM Senior VP is Frank Carlucci, former Deputy Director of the C.I.A.

10% owner is one of world’s largest hedge funds https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pequot_Capital_Management

Director Gerald A. Poch is founder of FirstMark Capital LLC https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Gerald-Poch-003B08-E/biography/

Director Tom Wasserman is a director of British Telecom BT One Phone Ltd. https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Tom-Wasserman-062FB7-E/biography/

Director Sterling Phillips is VP of Northrup Grumman, FirstMark Capital, UNICOM Govermnet Inc. https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Sterling-Phillips-0034LJ-E/biography/

Director Tom B. Wasserman was Chairman of Hibernia Atlantic Cable Systems Ltd. UK. https://www.marketscreener.com/business-leaders/Tom-Wasserman-062FB7-E/biography/

Director Arnold J. Wasserman is major owner of Stratasys, Inc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratasys with HQ in Israel/Minnesota
Director Keith Hall is a large shareholder in TheStreet, Inc. financial news https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TheStreet.com

Source SEC URL for K-1: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/own-disp?action=getissuer&CIK=0001157408&sortid=ownership-data-ASC

K12 INC (0001157408)
SIC: 8200– Services-Educational Services
State location: VA | State of Inc.: DE | Fiscal Year End: 0630

Business Address

Mailing Address

Ownership Reports from: (Click on owner name to see other issuer holdings for the owner, or CIK for owner filings.)

Owner Filings Transaction Date Type of Owner
Allentoff Howard L 0001456573 2012-08-14 officer: SVP of Human Resources
ALVAREZ AIDA 0001268885 2020-01-02 director
BARRETT CRAIG R 0001188921 2020-01-02 director
Baule John F. 0001420023 2009-10-31 officer: COO & CFO
BEAR STEARNS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 0001062592 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
BEAR STEARNS COMPANIES INC 0000777001 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Boyd Liza A 0001420527 2007-12-12 director
BRON GUILLERMO 0001256445 2020-01-02 director
BSC EMPLOYEE FUND VI LP 0001276344 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Cassell Fredda J 0001607604 2016-01-04 director
CEPHALOPOD CORP 0001263307 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Chavous Kevin 0001694689 2020-06-15 officer: President, Academics, Policy
Cleveland Allison 0001597377 2018-06-21 officer: EVP, School Mgmt. & Services
Cloud Lynda 0001686873 2017-02-24 officer: EVP, Products
COHEN ROBERT 0001246979 2020-01-02 director
Cohn Adam 0001570967 2016-01-04 director
CONSTELLATION VENTURE CAPITAL II LP 0001115990 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Constellation Venture Capital Offshore II, LP 0001293523 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Constellation Ventures Management II, LLC 0001293522 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
CORNERSTONE FINANCIAL GROUP LLC 0001420401 2011-02-02 other: See Footnote (2)
CVC II Partners, LLC 0001293524 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Davis Bruce J 0001420966 2012-08-14 officer: EVP of Worldwide Bus. Dev.
DAVIS NATHANIEL A 0001259955 2020-07-01 director, officer: Chairman and CEO
DREW JOHN 0001188456 2016-01-04 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
ELLISON LAWRENCE JOSEPH 0000901999 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
ENGLER JOHN M 0001215409 2020-01-02 director
FINK STEVEN B 0001215011 2020-01-02 director
Friedman Clifford H 0001294655 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
FUTRELL MARY H 0001247230 2015-08-14 director
GRIFFITH WILLIAM 0001188458 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
HAMPSTEAD ASSOCIATES LLC 0001275753 2013-06-30 10 percent owner, other: See Footnotes (1)-(5)
Harker Victoria D 0001350579 2020-04-02 director
Hauge Nancy H 0001420230 2008-09-30 officer: Former officer
HAWKS HARRY T 0001029038 2013-05-31 officer: EVP & Chief Financial Officer
HOAG JAY C 0001082906 2016-01-04 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Hughes George B Jr 0001420517 2012-08-14 officer: EVP of School Services
KCDL HOLDINGS LLC 0001497168 2013-09-03 other: See Remarks
KIMBALL RICK 0001197937 2016-01-04 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRIES LLC 0001401679 2011-06-30 other: See Footnote 1
KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSE LEARNING GROUP LLC 0001420402 2013-09-03 other: See Remarks
Knowledge Universe LLC 0001275754 2013-06-30 10 percent owner, other: X(3)(5)
KNOWLING ROBERT E JR 0001207632 2020-01-02 director
LAWRENCE INVESTMENTS LLC 0001263306 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
LEARNING GROUP LLC 0001420400 2013-09-03 other: See Remarks
LEARNING GROUP PARTNERS 0001420398 2011-02-22 other: See Footnote 2
Marshall Christopher P 0001440008 2016-01-04 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Mathis Vincent 0001751108 2020-07-09 officer: EVP, General Counsel
McAdam Timothy P 0001498115 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
McAlmont Shaun 0001370096 2020-02-15 officer: Pres., Career Readiness Ed.
McFadden Eliza 0001713829 2020-01-02 director
Medina Timothy 0001808841 2020-04-13 officer: Chief Financial Officer
MILKEN LOWELL J 0001261505 2013-06-30 10 percent owner, other: X(2)(5)
MILKEN MICHAEL R 0001045218 2013-06-30 10 percent owner, other: X(2)(5)
MOLLUSK HOLDINGS LLC 0001263308 2007-12-18 10 percent owner
Moon Robert 0001293131 2011-10-14 officer: SVP, Chief Information Officer
Murray Timothy 0001548316 2015-09-15 officer: President and COO
Olsen John Patrick 0001477257 2012-08-14 officer: EVP of Operations
Packard Ronald J 0001420478 2013-12-31 director, officer: Chief Executive Officer
Polsky Howard D. 0001419879 2018-08-31 officer: General Counsel & Secretary
REYNOLDS JON Q JR 0001188444 2016-01-04 director, 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Rhyu James Jeaho 0001443328 2020-06-11 officer: Pres – Corp Strat, Mktg & Tech
Rosenberg John C. 0001406576 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Saxberg Bror V H 0001420374 2009-05-26 officer: Chief Learning Officer
Stokes Celia M 0001420371 2012-08-14 officer: EVP & Chief Marketing Officer
Swift Jane 0001307744 2012-06-30 director
Szalay Maria A. 0001505948 2012-08-14 officer: SVP, Product Development
TCV Member Fund, L.P. 0001361345 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
TCV VII LP 0001420295 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
TCV VII(A) L P 0001419272 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Technology Crossover Management VII, L.P. 0001467001 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Technology Crossover Management VII, Ltd. 0001466999 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
TISCH ANDREW H 0001009879 2017-04-27 director
Trudeau Robert 0001343722 2016-01-04 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Udell Stuart 0001477740 2018-02-15 director, officer: Chief Executive Officer
WILFORD THOMAS J 0001284085 2010-07-26 director
Yuan David 0001406509 2011-04-27 10 percent owner, other: May be part of a 13(d) group
Zarella Joseph 0001640130 2017-11-15 officer: EVP, Business Operations



Reject all forms of public schools in 2020-21 – in school and especially any of their evil online brainwashing products. Many private and religious schools will need to be avoided as well. If your school requires social distancing, face masks, and vaccinations, then keep your children at home this year. Many parents are joining the homeschool movement.

A great website to bookmark is Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They can help you navigate your state’s requirements for homeschooling. https://hslda.org/

You do not have to put your children through the TORTURE of public education, idiotic teachers, clueless parents, and fearmongering. Afterall, you probably didn’t like school either. Something deep inside of you knew that they there was something not right with your teachers and administrators….now you know.

Don’t make your children go through even worse torture of public school INDOCTRINATION.

four temperaments waldorf

For those who have asked which homeschool curriculum we would recommend:  Frankly, there are so many fabulous curricula out there, it would be difficult to make a specific recommendation if we did not know your family’s particular needs. However, Douglas, being a Waldorf master teacher, points out an excellent homeschool Waldorf program called Oak Meadow. https://www.oakmeadow.com/

He also invites parents to supplement any homeschool material with the books and lessons at http://www.eternalcurriculum.com.

Douglas’ book, Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children, can be downloaded for free and is available on Amazon for a nominal cost.

He also offers a curriculum specifically for grade one. It’s free, too.

Spirit of Childhood: The Waldorf Curriculum Grade One


Why is Homeschooling Growing? Andrew Pudewa on Education