Breaking News! Rothschild Pilgrims Society interlocking bank, Digital, Biotech subterfuge against America


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Trump Signs Executive Orders On Coronavirus Relief, Payroll Tax, Student Loans, Housing


1) The first executive order signed is a payroll tax holiday for Americans making less than $100,000 [Details Here] President Trump stated: “If I’m victorious, November 3rd, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax and to make them more permanent.”

2) The second executive order is directed to “the Department of Housing and Urban Development, HHS and CDC, to make sure renters and homeowners can stay in their homes.“ [Details Here]

3) “The third executive action I’m taking today will also provide additional support for Americans who are unemployed, due to the China virus. Under the CARES act I proudly signed I expanded unemployment benefits into law.” Benefits will be $400/week. [Details Here]

4) The fourth XO is a “directive providing relief to student loan borrowers.” The policy will be extended through the end of the year. [Details Here]

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Afeazo explains:

If you want a permanent extra 8% of your money in your bank account (15% if you are self employed), your only choice is Trump.

Calculate what this means for you, and what this means for the average American. This can buy a whole family vacation for the average household. If you are a full time worker and work the average 250 days a week, this means you can take an extra ~20 unpaid days of vacation every year and make the exact same amount of money.

This also means every company out there will see a decrease in 8% in operating costs in wages. Think about what this savings means, it can lead to more people being employed, better pay for current employees, or just a stronger valuation for the company and as a result increases in our personal investments and 401k’s.

N7fury explains the strategy:

The problem with that is SCOTUS’s ruling on DACA. EOs are extensively legislation without going through the legislature. In my opinion, this is a brilliant move by Trump. This is a lose-lose for Schumer and Pelosi. They show the evil scum that they are by potentially suing to block it and look like even bigger ass clowns for celebrating the DACA ruling that predicates this move. That fuckwit Schumer said he cried when they upheld it. Now, he looks like an even bigger hypocritical piece of shit by trying to obstruct this through litigation. This is redpill MOAB if executed successfully

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That is correct. He’s saying $400 in weekly benefits, with the feds paying 75% ($300) and the states paying 25% ($100). The state money is supposedly coming from leftover CARES Act money, so (while I have done NO research to back this up) the states should have the money and if they don’t pay out, there ought to be an uproar.

KekistanPM remarks:

Thanks to Democrats, precedents have been thrown out the window along with history. It’s all uncharted territory now. They’re all Judge Sullivans.

DACA tweet

bchdrum22 17 points out:

The states are only responsible for 25% of the $400 for unemployment, he said that the money should be allocated from the China Virus relief fund sent to each state. Basically, if your state doesn’t pay you, it means that they have already wasted the money. Not only does congress look bad, but these blue states also will too. Outstanding move, Mr. President!

newt gingrich trump smartNYC_4_Trump posts:

Too many bombs today. HCQ gets increasing amounts of positive news, CNN admits every mask that isn’t an N95 is garbage and now Trump put the Dems in a position to stop money being returned to Americans.

Poopenstein69 does the math:

Trump made an order to end payroll tax until the end of the year retroactive to July I think. Payroll tax is 8% So you’ll get an extra 8% of your gross income back… I assume at tax return time, but going forward until the end of the year it won’t be deducted. So you essentially get an 8% pay raise.

WestCoastG asks:

And they’re suing him for that?

Redheadgrrl answers:

Yes, because Trump did it with an executive order. I guess they’ve forgotten about DACA

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JimRaynor says SCOTUS is dumb:

Supreme Court literally said creating laws with executive order was a ok , a month ago . That was dumb but now it paved the way for Trump doing anything he wants behind an obstructing resistance congress of the establishment globalist Marxists controlled by China

DarkRiver is laughing:

John Roberts allowed this with the DACA ruling. The Dems have zero legs to stand on. This is hilarious

Iliterallylovejv asks:

I’m seeing on Reddit that the payroll tax cut is deferred… is this right? In other words, could this be owed back to the government?

Nimblenavigator1 answers:

Right now it’s just deferred (taxpayer relief act of 1997 allows president to suspend collection, but cannot forgive the amounts as well). So the ball is in Democrats’ court. They can either pass legislation to forgive amounts, or sue and deal with the political fallout of suing to stop people from keeping their own money.

Newt Ginrich says:“Trump doesn’t play tic-tac-toe. He plays chess.”




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People of Michigan warn you about this ‘Soros Nazi’. Hand in hand with Georgie-boy, they will stamp out America. Get your network up-to-speed on this vile woman so that once we throw her out of the governorship, her sorry ass will never be seen again in politics. Whoever is Joe Biden’s VP, is who becomes President, if THE SWAMP is able to steal the election.

Jackboot Whitmer Interviews for Vice President, Then Mandates Self-Lockdowns for People Exposed to Sore Throats

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If Biden’s team thinks that a GENOCIDIST would be a good candidate, great. We can throw more light on her murderous background and hand her over to the countries where she killed millions. They can try her for crimes against humanity and string her up from their gallows. We recommend American hemp rope.

Susan Rice Unmasked: White House Warmonger


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More Than 84,000 Mail In Ballots Disqualified In New York City Primary


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They took control of our money with Woodrow Wilson’s treason through the Federal Reserve. Now they want the entire American Republic in their evil neo-imperialist corporate heaven.

Breaking News! Rothschild Pilgrims Society interlocking bank, Digital, Biotech subterfuge against America


THE ROTHSCHILD PIRBRIGHT VACCINE BIOWEAPON FOOTPRINT. This is only a sampling of the interlocking relationships among these people and organizations. Sources: Reuters, controlled by the Rothschild bankers, co-founders of the Pilgrims Society (1902); the Rothschilds are the founders of the modern biotech industry. See Nathaniel Mayer (“N.M.”) Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild GBE GM FRS, The Rothschild Report (UK, 1971); Rothschild’s Biotechnology Investment Limited (BIL), Guernsey Reg. No. 9767, formed Apr. 16, 1981; successor INTERNATIONAL BIOTECHNOLOGY TRUST PLC, UK Co. No. 02892872, formed Jan. 31, 1994; Financial Times, 9/9/83, “Blue chip genes promise high returns,” “offshoot of N.M. Rothschild Asset Management,” “high hopes” for AIDS treatment, p. 12; Sydney Brenner Collection, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives; U.K. Parliament Hansard; Moderna, Inc. S-1/A, Dec. 04, 2018, SEC; See also Rothschilds Lord Rosebery and Henry de Worms (ROTHSCHILD) (1st Lord/BARON Pirbright), financed Guglielmo Marconi (Pilgrims created Marconi Wireless) and Henry S. Wellcome, Burroughs Wellcome (Wellcome Trust); ~60,000 2nd Boer War Concentration Camp vaccine experiment deaths, First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 (Pilgrims organized, London); Empire Press Union (Pilgrims organized, 1909) (now CPU Media Trust); MI6, MI5, GC&CS (now GCHQ) (Pilgrims organized, 1909); “Research released by Britain’s Pirbright Institute,” Reuters (Rothschild-controlled), Jun. 23, 2020. May contain opinion. Do your own research before relying on this information. For educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon for all content.

Moderna Interlocking Relationships. (Compiled Aug. 05, 2020). Moderna, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca Disqualifying INTERLOCKING RELATIONSHIPS. Anonymous Patriots.

More INTERLOCKS, disqualifying relationships among the Rothschilds, AstraZenca, Pirbright and Moderna

Investments in Rothschild’s International Biotechnology Trust (IBT) PLC, Co. No. 02892872. (Filed Dec. 01, 2003). Annual Report and Accounts, 1999, incl. Biotechnology Investments Limited (BIL) merger completed. Companies House.

AstraZeneca (13.66% holding)



rothschild-nm-victorDo we really want the Rothschilds and their Pilgrims Society minions in the U.S. and the U.K. reprogramming our God-given human DNA with their theoretical, demonic COVID-19 DNA-altering “vaccine?”

Ever heard of the Rothschild’s International Biotechnology Trust PLC?

Didn’t think so.

See how thoroughly the British Rothschild Pilgrims Society foreign legions in America have seized control of world biotechnology from just this one 1999 Annual Report (during Bill Clinton’s administration) filed at Companies House, UK.

rothschild asset management

No company associated with the Pilgrims Society and the Rothschilds should be involved in U.S. policy as a basic principle of ethics and common sense

With regard to Coronovirus and the so-called vaccine “cure,” none of these companies, or their representatives, can be involved with advising President Trump, since they all have conflicting financial and professional interests involving the chief funders of the Coronavirus patent at the Pirbright Institute UK where the alleged “vaccines” are being “tested”—Oxford, Cambridge, Wellcome Trust, including Glaxo plc, Glaxo Research & Development, Glaxo Wellcome plc, Merck, Sanofi (Merial Institute, Boehringer Mannheim), Roche, Roche Bioscience, Rothschild Asset Management Limited, Rothschild Bioscience Unit (RBU), SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline), among others.

See Kate Kelland. (Jun. 23, 2020). [Pirbright Institute] Pig trial of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine shows promise with two shots. Reuters.

David Fishlock. (Sep. 09, 1983). Blue chip genes promise high returns, re. Lord Victor Rothschild, Biotechnology Investments Limited (BIL), Guernsey Reg. No. 9767, formed Apr. 16, 1981; successor International Biotechnology Trust Plc, UK Co. No. 02892872, formed Jan. 31, 1994, financed by N.M. Rothschild Asset Mangement, p.6. Financial Times

The Rothschilds are very evidently the primary Fauci controller at NIH and the CDC, just look at one of their companies:

Epimmune, with whom Fauci was teamed to manufacture a theoretical. HIV vaccine. Whoops. Never happened. Do we want to risk that kind of failure based on speculation, greed and disrespect for one’s fellow human being  that is promised by their theoretical COVID-19 “vaccine.” This risk-reward alone disqualifies all their claims.

International Biotechnology Trust (IBT) PLC, Co. No. 02892872. (Filed Nov. 25, 1999). Annual Report and Accounts, 1999, incl. Biotechnology Investments Limited (BIL), Geurnsey Reg. No. 9767 merger concluded. Companies House.

Note: IBT plc’s predecessor company Biotechnology Invevstment (BIL) Limited that absorbed BIL’s assets following the death of founder Lord Victor Rothschild, author of the 1981 Rothschild Report to the UK Parliament that gave birth to the Pilgrims Society-led, fascist-structured biotechnology industry worldwide.


Some of the names of their companies and products alone are a red flag: Targeted Genetics, MorphoSys, Agrigenetics, DNA Plant Technology, Genetic Systems, Japan Tobacco, Plant Genetics.

epimmune 2

See Moderna Interlocking Relationships. (Compiled Aug. 05, 2020). Moderna, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca Disqualifying INTERLOCKING RELATIONSHIPS. Anonymous Patriots.

Here’s a list of the 164 INTERLOCKING RELATIONSHIPS they disclose (Click here for an *.xlsx spreadsheet of this list – check your downloads folder):

red alert

  1. 3M
  2. Abbott Laboratories
  3. Advanced Mineral Technologies
  4. AEMC plc
  5. Agouron Pharmaceuticals
  6. Agrigenetics
  7. AHP
  8. AIM Trust plc
  9. Allergen
  10. American Home Products Corp
  11. Amgen
  12. Anergen
  13. Angiotech
  14. Applied Biosystems
  15. ArQule
  16. ASTA Medica
  17. Atugen Biotechnology GmbH
  18. Bankinvest Biomedical Development Venture Fund
  19. Bayer AG
  20. Bayer Corporation
  21. Biocopatibles International
  22. Biosite Diagnostics Inc
  23. Biotechnology Investments Limited
  24. Biovest Partners
  25. Boston Scientific Corp
  26. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  27. Cadus Pharmaceutical Corporation
  28. Cambridge University
  29. Cancer Research Campaign
  30. Catalytica
  31. Cell Therapeutics
  32. Celltech
  33. Celltech
  34. CeNeS Limited
  35. Centeon
  36. Centocor (now Johnson & Johnson, formerly Janssen Biotech)
  37. Chagon Pharmaceutical Co Ltd.
  38. Chiron
  39. Chiroscience
  40. Consulta Limited
  41. Copernicus Gene Systems
  42. Core Group plc
  43. Corixa Corporation
  44. Corvas International
  45. CPC International Inc
  46. CR Bard Inc
  47. Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc
  48. Cumberland Associates
  49. CW Ventures
  50. Cytel Corporation
  51. DNA Plant Technology
  52. DuPont Pharmaceuticals
  53. Eisai
  54. Elan
  55. Eli Lilly & co
  56. Eos Biotechnology
  57. Epimmune
  58. ErythroMed, Inc
  59. E-Site Therapeutics
  60. FDA (Food and Drug Administration, Edwards Committee)
  61. FibroGen
  62. Fujisawa Institute of Neuroscience
  63. GD Searle & Co (Monsanto Corporation)
  64. GelTex Pharmaecuticals
  65. Genesis Research & Dev’t Corp
  66. Genetic Systems
  67. Genmab
  68. Genzyme
  69. Genzyme Corporation
  70. Glaxo plc
  71. Glaxo Research & Development
  72. Glaxo Wellcome plc
  73. GPC AG
  74. Guthrie Corporation plc
  75. Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  76. Human Genome Project
  77. Hybritech Incorporated
  78. Immunex
  79. Imperial College, London
  80. IMS Health
  81. Incyte Pharmaceuticals
  82. Institute of Biotechnology, ETH, Zurich
  83. Integrated Genetics
  84. International Biochemicals Group
  85. Investment Company Institute, Wash., D.C.
  86. J. Henry Schroder & Co Limited
  87. Japan Tobacco
  88. Johnson & Johnson
  89. JZ Equity Partners
  90. JZ International Limited
  91. Kelt Energy plc
  92. KPMG
  93. LeukuSite
  94. LocalMed Inc
  95. Medac
  96. Medarex Inc
  97. Medeva
  98. Menarini
  99. Merck & Co
  100. Merck Institute of Therapeutic Research
  101. Merck KGaA
  102. Merlin Ventures
  103. Merrill Lynch Mutual Funds
  104. Molecular Science Institute, Berkeley
  105. Monsanto Corporation (GD Searle)
  106. MorphoSys AG
  107. N.M. Rothschild & Sons
  108. NetGenics
  109. Neurex Corporation
  110. Neurogen
  111. New York University
  112. NovalonharvardPharmaceutical
  113. Novartis
  114. NV Organon
  115. Onyx Pharmaceuticals
  116. OSI Pharmaceuticals
  117. Oxford University, School of Pathology
  118. Pacific Rim
  119. Parke-Davis (Warner Lambert)
  120. Pasteur Merieux Connaught
  121. Pfizer, Inc
  122. Pharmaceutical Marketing Services Inc (PMSI)
  123. Pharmacia & Upjohn
  124. Pharmacopia
  125. Plant Genetics
  126. Pyxis Corporation
  127. Queue Systems
  128. REA Holdings plc
  129. Repligen
  130. Ribi ImmunoChem Research Inc
  131. Roche
  132. Roche Bioscience
  133. Rothschild Asset Management Limited
  134. Rothschild Bioscience Unit (RBU)
  135. Royal College of Physicians
  136. Royal Dutch Shell Group
  137. RPI
  138. Rybozyme Pharmaceuticals
  139. Sanguine Biosciences
  140. Sanofi Pasteur
  141. Santen
  142. Schering AG
  143. Schering-Plough
  144. Schwarz Parma
  145. Shearson Hammill Asset Management Company
  146. Sibia Neurosciences Inc
  147. SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline)
  148. Sorin Biomedica (Sorin Group)
  149. State Street Global Advisors UK Limited
  150. SUGEN
  151. Sun Microsystems (now Oracle)
  152. SunPharm Corporation
  153. T Cell Sciences Inc
  154. Taiho Pharmaceutical
  155. Targeted Genetics Corporation
  156. University College London
  157. US Bioscience
  158. Vanguard Medica Group Plc
  159. Vical Corporation
  160. Warner-Lambert
  161. William Baird plc
  162. Zambon Spa
  163. Zeneca
  164. Zenyaku Kogyo


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Pedophile Supply Chain Interrupted by Indictments

See more indictments state by state:

biden at pool


Elder abuse




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Nearly 18K Calif. inmates could be released early



schools teachers

A report from the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) that shows 15 times the usual number of public school families are withdrawing from their districts via the organization’s website in order to home school. Read more.



It is not at all necessary to know most of what the student is nowadays expected to know during exams

There should be no schooling without an artistic activity like sculpting or modelling that engages the inner being. When this is lacking in any study, it is much more unfavorable than if someone does not know what the capital of Romania or Turkey is, or what the name of one or another mountain is, because you can easily find the answer in a reference book. It is not at all necessary to know most of what is nowadays expected to know during exams. It is not so difficult to find the answers to such questions in a reference book.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 308 – Die Methodik des Lehrens und die Lebensbedingungen des Erziehens – Stuttgart, April 10, 1924 (page 53)

child clay modelling


Reading A BOOK A Week for 4 Years – This HAPPENED


The People’s Republic of China, with a population of around 1.4 billion, is the world’s most populous country and the world’s third or fourth largest country by area. In 1912, two travel agents reported seeing an unusually massive structure while exploring China. During WW2, a US Air Force pilot also reported seeing enormous pyramids while flying over China while his aircraft was having technical difficulties. More people are starting to take notice of these enigmatic structures all over China and wondering about the ancient culture that must have erected them.

Ancient Pyramids of China – ROBERT SEPEHR


If you enjoyed the video by Sepehr, you may enjoy learning more from Douglas Gabriel about the great master beings from China.

Scythianos – The Hidden Master


biden for trump


The Shady Bunch


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Biden Campaign Headquarters


The Blessing – Благословениe / Filadelfia Worship



Beware of preachers, pastors, and priests who preach the word of God, but practice the deeds of Satan.

Jerry Falwell Jr. to Take ‘Leave of Absence’ from Role at Liberty University

jerry falwell


Breathtaking scenes. Interview by Su Vida/COX


Kalki Avatar Modernized

kalki avatar kek

…..which reminds us of a post we wrote awhile back

Who Are the Maitreya Buddha and Kalki Avatar?


The Forsaken Dimension

Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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