Going Godless: Several DNC Caucuses Drop ‘Under God’ From The Pledge


“Trump Card”

Did you know that Dinesh D’Souza is SES? Yep, we found him listed in the enemy book called the Plum Book. It is interesting that such a talented film maker has never presented the history of the infiltration of Crown Agents into our government. He has never disclosed Senior Executive Services…just saying. Enjoy his movies, but don’t limit yourself to D’Souza’s world view, which keeps you from going all the way to FULL DISCLOSURE.


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Creepy Joe Biden trucks driving around Delaware where Biden is speaking at the DNC convention. BRILLIANT TROLLING!! Go inside this hyperlink to see other trucks that were circling the event.

President Trump tweets: They are sending out 51,000,000 Ballots to people who haven’t even requested a Ballot. Many of those people don’t even exist. They are trying to STEAL this election. This should not be allowed!

“We’re going to unleash the full power of the American economy.”


President Trump’s Second Term Agenda includes the creation of 10 million jobs in the next 10 months!


Outrageous Discovery New Fisa Court



Use the Word Kafir


New York City is a Sh*thole


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Actually, these are available for purchase and make great Halloween costume masks!


They’re Relying on You to OBEY


New logo for Goodyear.

Good Grief, Goodyear is Run By Idiots


Theory is that you’re saving the world from satanic cannibals and pedophiles.. Does that sound like something you’re behind?


“Is that supposed to be a bad thing, or a good thing?”





AIM Cats always check Trump Tweets daily.


HUNGER GAMES! “This is going to happen in the coming months!”


Executions are coming!

Start talking these words through your downline: EXECUTION – HANGING – TREASON – TRAITOR, and stuff like that. They pick up these trending words to know what we are thinking out here. Scare the sh*t out of them.

WATCH: This CA father is mortified at what his child is being taught on day four of the school year.

Listen to this important message to parents from the Instagram post above: School Districts are Grooming Children




Rudy Giuliani tweeted on August 19, 2020: Tomorrow we will expose information that is vital to protect the proper functioning of our Republic.

Today’s the 21st, Mr. Rudy Guiliani. Where is your big, breaking news? We checked your Twitter. Two days after you said that you would be exposing vital info, all we saw was regurgitated stories from yesteryear.


Back to the colloidal silver water….a friend called me yesterday and asked me what type of nebulizer we recommend for inhalation of this amazing healing water that you can make in your kitchen without Big Brother censoring you. Patriots always have AgH2O on hand for a variety of uses. We like using a nebulizer when we need to get colloidal silver vapors into nasal cavities and lungs. Back in the day when we used to fly, we always carried ours in a hand bag to breathe in vapors during the trip for good measure.

This is the Portable MicroAir Nebulizer (which has now been discontinued, but find one portable like it). Small and easy to use for all members of your family. Here’s the recipe if you still haven’t looked: The Recipe. Now is a great time to order silver rods with prices of silver being so low. The silver rods last a very long time, but I always keep extra on hand to give as gifts. I like bundling up all the materials, including assembling the wires and alligator clips, along with a copy of the recipe in a pretty basket for gift-giving occasions. Adding a nebulizer to this gift package would be amazing. Don’t forget to include Steve Barwick’s site to share all the ways you can use AgH2O – https://thesilveredge.com/


Re-imagining America

As you may recall, previously I wrote that in August 2010, after watching the Obama administration destroy America, bit by bit in order to transform our country into some bizarre Chicago-style radical banana republic, I had to do something. I went to the White House to survey the scene of the crimes. Many of you reached the same point and that is why you have become involved in activities ‘on the ground’ to take back our country from these criminals.

I knew that once I committed the first step towards action, I would be guided by the angels, just as I had been since October 1984 when I received a divine inspiration that would carry me to today, almost 36 years later. One step at a time. That’s what spirit always whispers in my ear. The task was going to be huge and the only way to work through it would be to take one step at a time.

Mother Sophia whispered to me, “You will need to terminate all social media activities and profiles.” I was never on Twitter and Facebook never interested me. However, as a nationally recognized woman entrepreneur leader, I had a robust Linked In prominence and incredible recommendations from entrepreneurs around the world for my work. I was known as an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Giving up my LinkedIn account was like destroying myself in a type of social suicide. I didn’t know then what I do today about the evils of social media, but I trusted the guidance and deleted everything.

Next, I had to give up all social interactions with friends who kept taking pictures of us and tagging us by name on social media. Urgh. That was going to be a hard one as I absolutely loved my global network of entrepreneur friends. But I was beginning to see that they were clueless about what was really going on in the world and my ideas were threatening to their comfortable “sleep”.

There was this time when a bunch of my entrepreneur girlfriends got together for a holiday dinner and a few of them were crying about all the children who were killed at Sandy Hook and I had to open my big mouth and try to comfort them by saying, “no children died at Sandy Hook.”

Whoa…did I get red-pilled on that! The repulsion of this idea, from these very smart businesswomen, was shocking. I was immediately rejected from the group, never to have another picture taken and tagged on Facebook again.

First step accomplished: I went deep. Went dark. Just me and my little Abyssinian kitty named Dothan to take on the world. Meow.

The next step, whispered Divine Guidance, was to protect myself from “what would come”. I didn’t quite know what that meant at the time, but now I realize that I was lost in a dreamworld of political naiveté from decades of brainwashing and programming. I still hadn’t met Douglas, so this part of the journey was solo; although, I did meet some new friends who understood principles of the hierarchies and other levels of consciousness. As a student of Rudolf Steiner since 1985, I was already grounded in sound spiritual science and critical thinking. But I needed to learn other modalities for protection and healing. In 2011, I traveled around the country, taking classes in everything from herbology, AgH2O making, sacred geometry, spiritual healing. It was a better year of learning than graduate school was – by far!

When Douglas and I met in October 2011, it was like “chocolate meeting peanut butter”. His amazing background in theology and anthroposophy was just what we needed to begin the mission of re-imagining America. Never in a zillion years would Douglas or I have thought then that this project would unfold to be what it has become.

It’s the first step that begins your journey, folks. Who knows where that journey can take you, but if you fill your heart with goodness towards finding truth and beauty, you will find that your heart and intuition become a perfect compass in guiding you to your soul destination.

Dear AIM Patriot, take a step forward today. Encourage your downline friends to do the same. No one can take that step, but YOU. Join us on the journey. It feels so good.

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