Henry Kissinger and the Pilgrims – Time to EXECUTE Henry Kissinger and the Pilgrims for TREASON, SEDITION, ESPIONAGE


The evidence strongly indicates that the British Pilgrims Society has controlled Kissinger since World War II

Kissinger was a Pilgrims Society vice president 2007-2009 according to IRS record —notably during the 2008 so-called bank “crisis” that bailed out fellow Pilgrims Society banker

Kissinger, and a dozen other Pilgrims, conspiRed to take America off the gold standard on Aug. 15, 1971; buddy Volcker briefed selected Pilgrims int’l bankers in London the next day.

As a young U.S. Army intelligence officer, Kissinger took orders from Pilgrims Sir Stewart Menzies (MI6), Lord Rothschild (Bank of England), William Donovan (OSS gold launderer), Allen Dulles (ditto), David Sarnoff (RCA/NBC), Wellcome & Carnegie Funds, Rockefeller Funds (Tavistock), AT&T (telecoms), Rio Tinto (Crown-controlled), Raytheon, GE, IBM and the Empire Press Union

This newly-discovered evidence of fraud and treason is actionable, we believe—for a Justice Department that serves We the People and not the Senior Executive Service (SES) which is a Pilgrims Society extension of British Crown Agent saboteurs



Read all about it in this blockbuster report

Aug. 22, 2020—We believe that in the late 1940s, Henry Kissinger was recruited for membership in the self-styled elitist Pilgrims Society. His handlers most likely included his U.S. Army intelligence handlers David Sarnoff (NBC/RCA), Allen Dulles (OSS/CIA) and Dean Acheson (Under Secretary of State, Marshall Plan).

It should be noted that to our knowledge, not a single members of Nixon’s Pilgrims dominated cabinet disclosed their membership in the Pilgrims Society at their confirmation hearings. Not Alexander Haig. Not Caspar Weinberger. Not Henry Kissinger. Not George Schultz. Nobody.

This fraud against the American people may be the biggest crime ever committed. These men have the blood of innocents on their hands

.Henry Kissinger Sold out America to the Pilgrims Society

Raw audio file: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Henry-Kissinger-PIlgrims-Society-Racketeering.mp3


Shining a light on Kamala Harris’ citizenship and presidential eligibility status

Upload this cartoon to your own video channel or embed on your blog. We are creating a series of cartoons like this to help educate folks about leading issues in the election. If you upload this to your video channel, please let us know your url location in the comment box below. This way folks have a variety of ways to post it.

Americans need to know that the Democrats are running an illegal alien as VP – that’s how emboldened the globalshits have become in running the United States. Here it is in a blog post if you do not have a video platform: Kamala Harris Not Eligible to Hold Executive Office

Raw audio file. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/La0FkyYA/illegal-alien-kamala-harris_hd.mp4



Trump’s first term has yet to begin. democrats lead a coup attempt, not a presidential transition. Make sure your audience “gets it” and is prepared to extend the trump presidency another 4 years or more, depending on how long it takes to defeat our enemies.


Has a U. S. Citizen Been Attacked by a Foreign Actor Using an Accelerated Particle Beam?




Fed up with the way this planet has been run by the Pilgrims Society? Then register your complaint with emails, letters, packages, and protests at their offices located below. If we don’t eliminate these vermin from the face of the earth, all humanity will be destroyed. We aren’t joking…and you need to let them know we are coming for them.

Important to expose these people to your downline. Folks need to know the faces of these genocidists. Frankly, we are looking forward to posting a complete membership list so you know exactly who is behind this face mask – vaccination – genocide operation. We will need to extract them from the planet and send them packing back to the spiritual world where they can reflect on how to be better human beings for their next incarnation.

We have absolutely no problem recommending, supporting, and promoting full-on executions for these traitors. We believe in reincarnation so we are only eliminating their physical bodies, freeing their tortured souls into higher realms for purification.

Dante wrote that traitors exist in the lowest realm of hell; hence, they have created their hell on Earth. Let’s get them off our planet, patriots, so that we can create our Heaven on Earth.

The Pilgrims of the United States
The Pilgrims Foundation, Inc. EIN 13-3095744
Formerly The William J. Donovan Memorial Foundation
John R. Drexel IV, President
271 Madison Ave No. 1408
New York, NY 10016
(212) 991-9944

The Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society -The Pilgrims of Great Britain
Mrs. A. Thompson, Executive Secretary
7 Beeches Close
Saffron Walden
CB11 4BU
United Kingdom (UK) Telephone: 01799 732281
Email: sec@pilgrimsociety.org

Share on your own video platform: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/PFaQL5FJ/italian-doctor-covid-19-is-program-of-mass-extermination-_hd.mp4


Inquiring AIM Cats want to know why Secretary Pompeo would have even considered participating in the Atlantic Council event that he cancelled due to travel. This former CIA-man is also SES so be forewarned. Here’s the cancelled event.

Just who does Pompeo work for? The Queen, the Pilgrims, the CIA, and/or the SES?

Pompeo’s Senate disclosure [Senate version click here] includes obviously intentional low-quality scans prevent indexing and numerous pages skewed 90 degrees.

In our experience, such obfuscations are always pointers to information attempting to be hidden or prevented from being read by automatic character recognition.

We have attempted to make it more readable and searchable [Senate version, de-skewed and enhanced for indexing], but one thing we do observe: Pompeo makes no mention of his membership or associations to the British Pilgrims Society, which he certainly could not have avoided given the deep involvement (the so-called “Five Eyes special relationship”) of British MI6, MI5 and GCHQ with the C.I.A., FBI and NSA intelligence in the Trump-Russia hoax.

Pass the link around your downline and ask them Is Mike Pompeo a Foreign Agent?

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Born (Sep. 05, 1927, Cape May NJ)
Princeton BA (1949)
Harvard MS (1951)
Federal Reserve (1949-51)
London School of Economics Rotary fellow (1951-52)
American Friends of the London School of Economics director (ca 1952-)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York economist (1952-57)
Rockefeller Foundation trustee (1952-)
Japan Society (Life director)
Bilderberg Group member (founded 1954)
Chase Manhattan Bank (Rockefeller) economist (1957-61)
U.S. Treasury deputy under secretary (1961-65)
Chase Manhattan Bank (Rockefeller) vice president and director (1965-69)
U.S. Treasury under secretary (1969-74)
Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC, renamed U.S. International Development) Finance Corporation (DFC) in 2019 (1969-74)
Princeton senior fellow (1974-75)
Trilateral Commission founding member (1975-)
American Council on Germany (1975-)
Council on Foreign Relations (1975-)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York president (1975-79)
Group of 30 co-founder and director (1978-)
Mayo Clinic Foundation trustee (1979)
American Red Cross Endowment Fund (1972-)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York president (1975-79)
Federal Reserve Board of Governors member (1979-87)
Federal Reserve chairman (1979-87)
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) U.S./Middle East Project director (1994-)
Committee for a Responsible Budget director (ca. 1998-19)
Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy chair (1998-)
International Center for Economic Growth trustee (1998-)
International Economic Alliance, Harvard founding advisor (2004-)
National Committee on American Foreign Policy w/ Pilgrims and British knight Wesley Clark (2005-19)
Fund for Independent Journalism director (ca. 2008-)
President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board chairman (2009-11)
Volcker Alliance founder (2013-19)
Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) director (w/ George Soros & Open Society Foundation) (1987-)
Died (Dec. 08, 2019)


After you check trump tweets, meander over these leading headlines.

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Dems no longer even bothering to hide their strategy to steal the election

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Kenosha Residents Fire Warning Shots as Rioters Threaten Neighborhoods

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VIDEO UN Announces Plans for Forced COVID-19 Injections Worldwide



When we go to sleep at night, the ideas and thoughts which have passed through our consciousness in our waking hours begin to live, to be living beings. Then the souls of the dead draw near and share in these ideas, feeling nourished as they perceive them. When clairvoyant vision is directed to the dead who night after night make their way to the sleeping human beings left behind on earth — especially blood-relations but friends as well — seeking refreshment and nourishment from the thoughts and ideas that have been carried into sleep, it is a shattering experience to see that they often find nothing. For as regards the state of sleep there is a great difference between one kind of thought and another.

If throughout the day we are engrossed in thoughts connected with material life, if our mind is directed only to what is going on in the physical world and can be achieved there, if we have given no single thought to the spiritual worlds before passing into sleep but often bring ourselves into those worlds by means quite different from thoughts, then we have no nourishment to offer to the dead. 

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 140 – Links Between the Living and the Dead – Bergen, 10th October 1913




The Goddess and the Black Cube – ROBERT SEPEHR


Have you checked out our cube, which we named The Qube? This was an important protection device that we created as a part of our FULL DISCLOSURE project. Sigils have been placed all over the planet. If you haven’t printed some for your home or workplace, step inside the hyperlink and read all about the amazing resonance created from the Qube system.


In America, the dancing that Robert Sepehr featured in his video above is known as shaking and holy rolling. Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit get a whole lot of shakin’ going on.

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On! Holy Roller Style!



Holy Roller Swing


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