The Pilgrims Society-Rockefeller Foundation funds Clinton Foundation / CHINA corps, proving their non-profit status is a criminal fraud


BREAKING intelligence report for those who know the significance of the materials contained. In a week or so we will give an audio report on what all of this means for the Pilgrims Society and your favorite operatives in the SWAMP.

Pilgrims Society Rockefeller Foundation (501(c)(3)) invested over $70 million in Bridgewater – James Comey’s former employer where he was chief counsel

Comey served as chief counsel for Bridgewater Associates (2010-11), the largest hedge fund in the world. In 2012, Comey’s Bridgewater salary was $6,632,616 just before taking over the helm at the FBI. In his first year at the FBI, he received another $3.3 million in Bridgewater severance cash outs.

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2009). Annual Report, 2009. RF Archives.

Pilgrims Society Rockefeller fund holds $70 million in “Lone Cascade, L.P.” – an interlocked fund leading to an investment labyrinth run by Goldman Sachs and E&Y

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2009). Annual Report, 2009. RF Archives.

Rockefeller Foundation invested heavily in mega-hedge fund ADAGE CAPITAL PARTNERS

“Adage Capital Partners top equity holdings include Apple, Honeywell International, Exxon Mobil, Phillip Morris International, General Electric, Potash Corp, Coca Cola, Chevron, International Business Machines (IBM), and Microsoft, listed in order of decreasing fund allocations”

There is nothing “non-profit” about this investment

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2009). Annual Report, 2009. RF Archives.


The Pilgrims Rockefeller Foundation funds The Clinton Foundation / CHINA, thus proving their non-profit status is a criminal fraud

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2008). Annual Report, 2008. RF Archives.

Pilgrims Society Rockefeller Foundation owns Bain Capital’s butt (Mitt Romney)

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2007). Annual Report, 2007. RF Archives.


Rockefeller Foundation hides massive interlocking financial relationships with planetary company partners inside London (APAX Europe, see list below). Includes Wellcome Trust (UK), Allianz, Amherst, Canadian Imperial Bank, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Emory, DaimlerChrysler, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse Mellon Bank, MIT, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Pantheon Europe, Prudential, Shell, City of Zurich.

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2005). Annual Report, 2005. RF Archives.

APAX EUROPE VI-A, L.P. UK Co. No. LP009868. (Feb. 05, 2005). Form LP6, Change Notice. Companies House (UK).


  APAX EUROPE VI-A, L.P. UK Co. No. LP009868. (Feb. 05, 2005)

522 Fifth Avenue Fund, LP.
AFA Sjukf6rsakringsaktiebolag
AFA Trygghetsf6rsakringsaktiebolag
Allianz Leben Private Equity Fonds 2001 GmbH
Alplnvest Partners Fund of Funds Custodian II A B.V.
Alternative Assets Fund L.L.C. (Series 2004)
Amherst College, Trustees of
Antony Robert
Arthur Street Fund II, L.P.
Aryeh Insurance Company of Israel Ltd
Auda Secondary Fund L.P.
Auda Secondary Fund LLC
Axa Belgium S.A.
Axa Sun Life Private Equity (No. 1) LP
AZ-SGD Private Equity Fonds GmbH
BA Partners Fund Ill, L.L.C.
BA Partners Fund IV – International Master Fund, L.L.C.
Bayerische Hypo-und Vereins Bank
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Christopher Keith Beale
Church Commissioners for England
Church Pension Fund (The)
Citigroup Private Equity Partners LP.
Clal Insurance Company Ltd
Commonfund Capital International Partners IV, L.P.
CPP Investment Board Private Holdings Inc.
Craig Hartley Ferguson Gibson
Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung
Crossroads Series XVII Master Holding Fund 19, L.P.
DaimlerChrysler Pension Trust e.V.
Denver Public Schools Retirement System
Diageo Pension Trust Limited as trustee of the Diageo Pension Scheme
Eiffel Investment Pte Ltd
Emory University
European Private Equity Holding L.L.C.
Flintshire County Council
Fonds de Pensions Complementaire Nestl9,
Fort Washington Private Equity Investors IV, L.P.
Frank Raymond Bazeley
GE Frankona Rueckvers Beteiligungs AG
Hadar Insurance Company Ltd.
Hadley Trust (The)
HF! Private Equity Ltd
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Israel Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd.
James Bell
JP Morgan European Pooled Corporate Finance Private Investors II L.L.C.
Kenneth Ernest Rigby
Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring A/S
Kresge Foundation (The)
Lancashire County Pension Fund
Länsförsäkringar Liv – Länsförsäkringar
Leumi & Co. Investment House Ltd.
llmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Lord Moore of Lower Marsh
Lumiere Opportunity Company Eur Shares
MacArthur Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T.
Manchester Pension Fund, Tameside MBC Re Greater
Mark Stuart Tittley
Mellon Bank, N.A., as Trustee for The Pennsylvania State University Trust
MERS Investment Partnership, L.P.
Michael Anthony Hanson
Michael Bernard Riley
Michigan, State Treasurer
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
Montalcino Holdings Limited
New Mexico State Investment Council Land Grant Grant Permanent Fund
New Mexico State Investment Council Severance Tax Permanent Fund
Nicholas John Corby
Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd
Nordea Pension Denmark, livsforsikringsselskab A/S
Notre Dame, University of, du Lac
Pantheon Europe Fund Ill Limited
Pantheon Europe Fund IV Limited
Pantheon GP Limited
Pantheon International Participations PLC
Partners Group Private Equity Performance Holding Limited
PCFG Private Equity Investments Limited
Pearl Holding Limited
Peder Smedvig Capital AS
Pension Fund for Health Mental and Social Interests Foundation
Philip William Hulme and Janet Hulme (as trustees of The Hadley Trust)
Pittsburgy, University of, Commonwealth System of Higher Education
Pomona College
Portfolio Advisors Ill-A, Ltd.
Private Equity Europa Plus Treuhand GmbH
Private Equity European Partners II L.P.
Prudential Life Insurance Company of America (The)
Railways Pension Trustee Company Limited (as Trustee of the Railways Pension Schemes)
Railways Pension Trustee Company Ltd
RAS Asset Management SGR S.p.A. – Fonda RAS Private Equity Partners
Robeco European Private Equity C.V.
Robeco Global Private Equity C.V.,
Rockefeller Foundation (The)
Roger Tomlinson
Rolls-Royce Pension Fund, Eley as Trustees of The
RSH Managed Funds Limited
San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association
Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Limited
Selected Private Equity Fund of Funds Portfolio 2
ShaPE Capital (Cayman) Limited
Shell Pensions Trust Ltd, as Trustee of Shell Contributory Pension Fund
Shell Trust (Bermuda) Ltd, as Trustee of Shell Overseas Contributory Pension Fund
SIMA Private Equity 3 GmbH & Co.
Standard Life European Private Equity Trust PLC
Stephen Phillip Barendt
Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP
Storebrand International Private Equity IV Ltd.
Sylvie Winckler
Technopreneur Investment Ill Pie Ltd
Terence David Stock
The Brinson Non-U.S. Partnership Fund – 2004 Primary Fund L.P.
The RSH Executive Pension Scheme
Tundra Investors SA, The 2004 Primary Brinson Non-U.S. Partnership Fund Offshore Series Company Ltd.
UBS Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd.
UBS Pension Fund
USC – University of Southern California
Van Leer Group Foundation
Vanderbilt University
Vega Invest (Guernsey) Limited
Wellcome Trust Limited (The), as trustee of The Wellcome Trust
Westport European Private Equity Programme IV Limited Partnership
Westport European Private Equity Programme V Limited Partnership
Wincap Financial S.A.
Wirral Borough Council, Trustees of Dartmouth College
Wolverhampton City Council West Midlands Pension Fund
Worldstar Limited
Zurich, City of, Pension Fund

The Rockefeller Foundation invests in Facebook funder Accel Partners (Chairman James W. Breyer: “super bullish on China”) and Sequoia Capital China, LP Cayman Island

Such “non-profits” should be abolished immediately and their employees prosecuted for racketeering, treason and sedition

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2005). Annual Report, 2005. RF Archives.

Sequoia Capital has invested in over 1000 companies since 1972, including AppleGoogleOracleNvidiaGitHubPayPalLinkedInStripeBird,[17] YouTubeInstagramYahoo!PicsArt and WhatsApp.[18] The combined current public market value for these companies is over $1.4 trillion, equivalent to 22 percent of Nasdaq.[3] Its portfolio is mainly in financial services, healthcare, outsourcing, and technology.[16] As of 2017, they have exited in 68 initial public offerings and 203 acquisitions.[19]


The Rockefeller Foundation invests in both Tavistock (London, UK, founded 1920) brain washing institute & Marvel entertainment (NY, USA, founded 1939)

The Rockefeller Foundation is a Pilgrims Society threat to civilization.

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2003). Annual Report, 2003. RF Archives.

CellTech is an N.M. Rothschild & Sons biotech founded by Lord Victor Rothschild, the father of modern biotech investing

The Rockefeller Foundation is heavily invested in Avid Technology, controlled by California Sen. Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard C. Blum (combined net worth $94 million). Avid technology pushes propaganda as “news” directly onto TV station teleprompters—mind control.

The Rockefeller Foundation, EIN 13-1659629. (2004). Annual Report, 2004. RF Archives.

Top investments held by Sen. Diane Feinstein.

Blum Capital… Diane’s husband is real estate investor Richard Blum.