The Hidden Dangers of Electricity Are a Mortal Threat to Humanity

Listen to ‘Betsy and Thomas” describe what they found in the research on electricity; then drop below and learn more. Hang on, patriots. This report is filled with red pills.

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Electricity was seen as the source of “life” when it was first discovered. Scientists rushed to share this energy with the public through parlor tricks that electrocuted the unwitting, wide-eyed participant who felt their first “shock” of the new force. It was postulated that all life came from electricity, both in the human body and all living things on the earth. They imagined this force as raying in from the far expanses of space into the electric devise.

Ben Franklin was seen as the “man who tamed lightning” and captured it in a Leyden jar for later use.

Feeling the shock of the invisible force of nature pass through your body was a new revelation that assured the naïve participant that scientists had discovered the force of nature that birthed creation and maintained the human body with life through its mysterious energy. At low voltage, electricity became the social affair of the late 1700’s and early 1800’s and found a place in most doctor’s offices as a healing therapy. At first, it was never imagined that low voltage electromagnetism can also kill.

Originally, electricity was touted as a “cure all” and the methods for its delivery directly into the human body grew by the day. Soon, every doctor claimed to know about electricity’s properties and devised a new method of delivery that they believed was a new science derived from the thunderbolt. The low level voltage of the “electrocution therapy” packed a powerful punch but did not kill people by “frying them alive.” Therefore, it was seen as beneficial. It was claimed that every known disease could be treated, if not healed, by the “medical” use of direct electric current. Doctors, and electrical therapists, imagined they were calling down from heaven the lightning bolts of Zeus to effect miraculous healings. What could go wrong?

Scientists also thought that “electrical theory” was the answer to all unsolved problems from the nature of atoms to the mechanics of the sun. It was seen that not only humans, but animals, plants and all living things instantaneously responded to electrical experimentation. Once batteries were developed, there was no end to the uses of electrical phenomena and all aspects of human life changed as more applications for this magical force were developed. Science left the dark ages and entered into the age of light – provided by electricity.

Unfortunately, as direct current and alternating current took over the world, the search for the true nature and source of electricity was left behind as scientists were able to more and more control the effects and usefulness of this power. Electricity became the slave of modern life, and those using it blindly forgot that electricity, as a powerful force, had yet to be reckoned with. This new motive force of nature brought life, but it also brought death. These basic facts were forgotten or obscured to devalue the forces of death and the illnesses that the proliferation of electricity brought so that science could continue forging ahead without considering the long-term effects of this barely-understood force of Mother Nature.  

Science seemed hell-bent on manipulating this universal force of nature even if the deadly electronic devices harmed humans and the environment. No moral reflection on the devastating effects of electrifying the world have entered into the hearts and minds of immoral inventors who seek personal gain through further electrical machinations that are not tested on humans before they are installed and become the new upgraded electrical environment. Scientists don’t question building the next electrical death machine as long as it keeps the masses happy with another new electronic slave device (toy) that has zero moral considerations mixed into the formula. Scientific advances seem to be more important than human and environmental health. All is sacrificed for the “advancement of science” in contradistinction to the quality of life.

The Anonymous Patriots have written numerous articles on the evils of modern electrical devices from cell phones, computers, cell towers, 5G, and microwave poisoning that create the many illnesses being generated by electricity and our digital environment. You cannot overemphasis the magnitude of the health crisis created by unfettered, immoral scientific inventions.

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Recently ,we were recommended to Arthur Firstenberg’s 2017 book, The Invisible Rainbow A History of Electricity and Life, by Chelsea Green Publishing. This book had made a “stir” in the community that is questioning the unbridled use of 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and the deadly 5G. We have been quite active in this discussion and have brought a great deal of evidence to expose this active “extermination” of humanity and the earth.

We have also discovered that 5G triggers the already overwhelming effects of universal electrification that cause many illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

But Arthur Firstenberg has compiled a very useful and comprehensive history of electricity and its negative effects on those who are sensitive to this bombardment of the human body. Electrification of the environment is found to be directly connected to the roll-out of new inventions that propagate electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), according to Firstenberg. He walks through the history of electricity demonstrating, with research and anecdotal cases, that illness and death accompany the seemingly unstoppable advancement of life-threatening EMF propagation.

Arthur Firstenberg – “The Invisible Rainbow” – The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation

You can order his book at:

The Invisible Rainbow is a long book with more evidence than anyone needs to conclude that our modern electric world is unhealthy and is the cause of many illnesses that are growing exponentially. The exact mechanism of destruction that accompany EMFs is spelled out in detailed medical terminology. The state of the art understanding of cellular respiration and oxygen deprivation, which is at the heart of influenza epidemics, is laid out so that anyone can understand it. Coupling this research with the historical “advances” in radio wave radiation show that they are one and the same – cause and effect.

Electricity is driving the biggest illnesses of our time and 5G is triggering even more negative responses. Essentially, everyone is affected by this onslaught but some people are hypersensitive to EMFs developing illnesses that have been given many names but never find the source of the illness or the factors that exacerbate those illnesses – ultimately causing death in many.

The question becomes: What are we going to do about this poisonous killer in our environment – this enemy of humanity in the guise of a helpful, invisible slave which does our work for us?

Can we stop the unfolding human rights emergency already affecting one hundred million people worldwide, and the environmental emergency threatening so many plants and animal species with extinction?

Obviously, we must face this dilemma with open eyes. Firstenberg’s book helps open the eyes of the naïve reader who has been brain-washed all their lives with the myth that anything electric is good and helpful. This myth needs to be busted and The Invisible Rainbow helps burst this bubble of dangerous propaganda.

Arthur Firstenberg is himself a person who suffers from “electrical sensitivity”, also called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS). Through his suffering and his attempts to help out others like himself who suffer horribly from this unrelenting attack on the human electric body, he outlines the genesis of the electrical overthrow of the world and its medical and psychological effects on sensitive people. Basically, he tells us that we have all been electrocuted to a greater or lesser extent for the last 200 years and are in denial. No one is even allowed to question the new 5G “advancements”, let alone consider stopping the attack. Humans are electric beings and there is no mechanism in the human body that protects it form man-made radiation. Every historical source shows that cancer always accompanied electricity.


Firstenberg points out that living near an EMF transmission tower is carcinogenic. The closer a child (or any human) lives to a tower, the more likely they are to have leukemia, cancer and other diseases. Industrial electricity, in any of its forms, always injures. If the injury is not too severe, it also prolongs life. Ionizing radiation – X-rays and gamma rays – will prolong life if not too intense. Maximal life spans increased by exposure to ionizing radiation.

Radiation produces two opposite kinds of effects: injurious effects that shorten the lifespan and effects that extend life. If the dose of radiation is low enough, the net effect is a lengthening of life despite obvious injuries. Rats exposed daily to moderate doses of gamma rays for a year had their lives extended, on average, by 50 percent, but suffered a significant increase in tumors. The oxygen consumption was also reduced by one-third.

The basic problem is — we acknowledge the existence of electricity only to extent that it does work for us; otherwise we pretend it is not there.

The bottom line is — cell towers, satellite wireless, and ubiquitous digital devices rule the earth. By some estimates, as many as one trillion antennas will soon be talking to one another through the Internet of Things, outnumbering people on the earth by a hundred to one.

Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G


Firstenberg points out the excellent research of Dr. George Beard, who first described a disease called neurasthenia, or acute electrical illness. Previously, this illness was generally produced only by accidental injury from lightning strikes. Early studies on electricity’s effects on life also focused on the sun’s electrical activities and its effects on human illnesses, particularly influenza.

In 2001, astronomers and physician confirmed that for at least the last three centuries, influenza pandemics have been most likely to occur during peaks of solar magnetic activity – that is, at the height of each eleven-year cycle. Solar radiations, electromagnetic in nature, triggered latent viruses already in the host and reactivated viruses in humans and animals. Influenza rose and fell with the number of sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections, as the solar maximum coincided with epidemic level influenza outbreaks. It is the atmospheric electrical voltage that is the trigger that releases viral infections in the host, which has not ever been proven to be contagious or able to spread from human to human, or animal to human.

During the solar minimum cycle (Maunder Minimum) from 1645 to 1715, when there were no sunspots or solar flares, there were no epidemics of flu. It wasn’t until 1727 that the sunspot number surpassed 100 for the first time in over a century. And in 1728 influenza arrived in waves in pandemics for the first time in 150 years. The pandemic became worse in 1732 and continued until 1738, the peak of the next solar cycle. Two millions people died in that pandemic.

Electrical Illnesses

Firstenberg does a wonderful job of tracking the pathology of electrical illnesses and found that impaired metabolism of sugars is connected to diabetes, and impaired metabolism of fats to heart disease. He conclusively proves through citing endless research, conducted over many years, that radio waves cause health impairments.

The key to these illnesses is found in the chemical called heme, which is a porphyrin bonded to iron (and the enzyme cytochrome oxidase that is contained within it) which exists in every living cell making respiration possible. EMF’s destroy porphyrin and disrupt cellular respiration in every cell as well as normal lung-based breathing, which is the main symptom of the current influenza “pandemic.”

Electricity, like rain on a campfire, dampens the flames of combustion in living cells. A chronic lack of oxygen causes cancer. One need not look any further than electrification for the origin of modern influenza pandemics.

Electrically induced illnesses follow a similar pathology of fermentation. The extraction of energy from glucose without using oxygen, a type of metabolism called anaerobic glycolysis – also called fermentation – is highly inefficient process that takes place to a small extent in most living cells but only becomes important when not enough oxygen is available. Although capable of supplying energy rapidly in an emergency, anaerobic glycolysis produces much less energy for the same amount of glucose, and deposits lactic acid in the tissues that has to be disposed of.

Cancer cells differ from normal cells in all higher organisms in this fundamental respect: they maintain high rates of anaerobic glycolysis and produce large amounts of lactic acid even in the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic glycolysis is inefficient and consumes glucose at a tremendous rate. In cancer, the respiratory mechanism has been damaged and has lost control over the metabolism of the cell. Unrestrained glycolysis – and unstrained growth – are the result. In the absence of a normal metabolic control, the cell reverts to a more primitive state like cancerous growth.

The causative factor in the origin of tumors is oxygen deficiency. When cells are repeatedly or chronically deprived of oxygen, respiratory control is eventually damaged and glycolysis becomes independent. If respiration of a growing cell is disturbed, the cell dies. If it does not die, a tumor cell results. Tumors grow without oxygen. The more malignant a tumor is, the higher its rate of glycolysis, the more glucose it consumes, and the more lactic acid it produces.

There is a widespread belief that cancer is caused by genetic mutations and not by altered metabolism. This is disinformation that hides the electrical sources of cellular oxygen deprivation. The protein hypoxia-inducible factor, that exists in all cells, is activated under conditions of low oxygen, and that in turn activates many of the genes necessary for cancer growth.

Cellular changes that indicate damaged respiration – including reductions in the number of and size of mitochondria, abnormal structure of mitochondria, lessened activity of Krebs cycle enzymes, lessened activity of the electron transport chain, and mutations of mitochondrial genes – are being routinely found in most types of cancer. Even in tumors caused by viruses, one of the first signs of malignancy is an increase in the rate of anaerobic metabolism. Experimentally inhibiting the respiration of cancer cells, or simply depriving them of oxygen, has been shown to alter the expression of hundreds of genes that are involved in malignant transformation and cancer growth. Damaging respiration makes cancer cells more invasive; restoring normal respirations makes them less invasive. Hypoxia is a cause of cancer.

Electrification and Illness

In 1889, the modern electric age began at the same time as the influenza pandemic that lasted for four years and killed over one million people. This indicated that influenza is an electrical disease and started Firstenberg’s search for other similar evidence. These huge changes in atmospheric electricity qualitatively changed the earth’s magnetic environment and immediately caused widespread illness.

1889 – The Power Line Era and its electrical radiations brought on the 1889 influenza pandemic.

1918 – The Radio Wave Era began with radio stations broadcasting VLF, UHF, and LF frequencies created the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918.

1957 – The Radar Era began with hundreds of radar stations broadcasting millions of watts of microwave energy into the already overloaded electrical atmosphere surrounding and penetrating humans, animals, plants and all life. Radar gave birth to the Asian influenza pandemic of 1957.

1968 – The Satellite Era began with dozens of satellites beaming down microwave and EMF to the earth which ushered in the Hong Kong influenza pandemic of 1968.

1997 – The Wireless Era with digital cell phones and cell towers saturating the USA creating a 31%  increase in diabetes cases in a single year. Cell phones interfere with glucose metabolism. Glucose uptake is considerably reduced in the region of the brain next to a cell phone. Thus, brain cancers increased exponentially.

1998 – The Hyper-Satellite Era – by (2000) Iridium, Globalstar had dozens of satellites, by (2017) Google, Facebook, etc. had 1,100 satellites, by (2019) Google plans 2,200 satellites, Space X 42,000 satellites, One Web 5,260 satellites, Telesat 512 satellites, Amazon 3,236. Diabetes, and subsequently heart disease, diabetes, and cancer go off the charts with new illnesses.

2006 – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) Era exacerbated all electrical illnesses.

2020 – The 5G Era places endless antennas around and above us creating a soup of EMFs, microwaves, and milli-wave bombardment (along with beam-forming technology) causing millions of EMFs to exacerbate all electrical illnesses, including the current influenza “pandemic.”


Death from Electricity

Electromagnetic fields douse the flames of human metabolism through a slow asphyxiation causing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Oxygen starvation sources are well known systems of porphyria. Neurasthenia is often accompanied by lower porphyrin enzyme levels.

After WW II, a barrage of toxic chemicals and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) began to significantly interfere with the breathing of our cells. The chronic lack of oxygen defect was found to not be in the lungs but in cellular respiration. Cells could not fully utilize the oxygen uptake system and the person slowly becomes asphyxiated. Iron atoms in the porphyrin-containing enzymes were set into motion by the oscillating electric fields, interfering with the ability to transport electrons.

Electromagnetic radiation cases extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders, heart attacks, and strokes in increasingly younger populations. EMF radiation can cause a significant drop in red blood cell count over time, and a significant increase in white cell count. Blood tests also reveal disturbed carbohydrate metabolism and elevated triglycerides and cholesterol. Humans and animals exposed to radio waves and magnetic fields from ordinary electric power lines diminish the mitochondrial enzymes that extract energy from food.

Heart disease rose steadily with electrification. Hospitalizations for heart failure tripled between 1979 and 2004 with congestive heart failure quadrupling from 1989 to 1999. Close to one-quarter of Americans aged forty to forty-four today have some form of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of human beings around the world.

Research has shown that you can modify the rhythm of the heart at will with microwave radiation. The heart is an electrical organ and microwave pulses interfere with the heart’s natural pacemaker. Microwave starves the heart of oxygen and causes conduction blocks. After ten minutes of exposure to a cell phone, bees could not metabolize sugars, proteins, or fats and had oxygen deprivation.

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Electrical Sources of Diabetes

As with heart disease, rural mortality from diabetes in the 1930s corresponded closely with rates of rural electrification. Diabetes soared ten-fold from 1922 to 1984. Mortality from diabetes increased steadily from 1870 until 1940 – this, with exposure to electromagnetic fields, basic metabolism is disrupted. Mitochondria become less active which slows the rate of which our cells can burn glucose, fats, and protein. Excess fats accumulate in our blood and are deposited on the walls of our arteries along with the cholesterol that transports them, forming plaques and causing coronary heart disease.

People become overweight before they become diabetic because their cells’ reduced ability to metabolize fats. The Krebs cycle breaks down fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids to combine with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy. The electron transport chain delivers electrons from the Krebs cycle. If the speed of those electrons is modified by external electromagnetic fields, the final combustion of our food is impaired. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates begin to compete with each other and back up into the bloodstream. Fats are deposited in arteries. Glucose is excreted in urine. The brain, heart, muscles, and organs become oxygen-deprived. Life slows down and breaks down. The more severe the insulin resistance, the greater the reductions in all these measures of cellular respiratory capacity.

The CDC estimates that in addition to the 21 million American adults over the age of twenty who have diagnosed diabetes, 8 million have undiagnosed diabetes, and 86 million have prediabetes. Adding these numbers together gives the shocking statistic that 115 million Americans, or more than half of all adults, have elevated levels of sugar in their blood. Worldwide estimates are 180 million in 2000. In 2014, the estimate was 387 million.

In no country on earth is the rate of diabetes, or of obesity, decreasing. Like diabetes, obesity has been tracked to exposure to electromagnetic fields. Two-thirds of all Americans today – 150 million – are overweight. Eighty million are obese, as are twelve and a half million children, including one and a half million children aged two to five. Electromagnetic fields cause obesity.

The Many Names of Electrical Illness

Over time, the names for electrical illness have changed and the origins of these illnesses forgotten or swept under the rug so that innovation can continue at a maddening pace. Some of the names of this illness are: neurasthenia, multiple chemical sensitivity, anxiety neurosis, radio wave sickness, microwave sickness, neurocirculatory asthenia, irritable heart, effort syndrome, anxiety neurosis, aerobic metabolism, oxygen deprivation, Da Costa’s syndrome, flying sickness, valvular disorders of the heart, chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, post-exertional exhaustion, soldier’s heart, chronic lack of oxygen, acoustic nerve hyperaesthesia, and microwave hearing, among others.  

Some of the symptoms of acute electro-sensitivity that accompany these variously named electro-illnesses are: headaches, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, nausea, sleep disturbances, irritability, memory loss, emotional instability, depression, anxiety, sexual disfunction, impaired appetite, abdominal pain, digestive disturbances, tremors, cold hands, flushed face, hyperactive reflexes, abundant perspiration, brittle fingernails, heart palpitations, stabbing chest pain, shortness of breath after exertion, unstable blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, oxygen deprivation, congestive heart failure, exhaustion, and muscle pains, among others.  

Effects of Electrocution

  • Even mild exposure to atmospheric electricity damages the blood-brain barrier allowing more toxic chemicals, bacteria, and viruses in enter.
  • Neither sugars nor fats are efficiently utilized by the cells, causing unutilized sugar to build up in the blood – leading to diabetes – as well as unutilized fats to be deposited in the arteries.
  • Reduced activity of a porphyrin-containing enzymes called cytochrome oxidase and cytochrome c, the heme-containing enzymes of respiration.
  • Exposure to EMFs create impaired glucose metabolism.


Porphyrins are the very special molecules that interface between oxygen and life. They are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and recycling of all of the oxygen in our atmosphere: they make possible the release of oxygen by both plants and animals, and the use of the oxygen by living things to burn carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for energy. Porphyrins in plants absorb the energy of sunlight and transport electrons that change carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen. The high reactivity of porphyrins, which makes them transformers of energy, and their affinity for heavy metals, also makes them toxic when they accumulate in excess in the body, as happens in the disease called porphyria – a disease that is not really a disease at all, but a genetic trait, an inborn sensitivity to environmental pollution. The presence of greater or lesser amounts of metal atoms (copper, zinc, iron, etc.) regulates the electrical conductivity of the circuitry in bones and nerve which aid the process of respiration.

Dried proteins, amino acids, and porphyrins are semiconductors. Water is an electron donor that “dopes” proteins, porphyrins, and amino acids and turns them into good semiconductors. A nerve axon in an electrical transmission line and its membrane is an ionic transistor. Myelin sheaths are a liquid crystal that are essentially electrical transmission lines “doped” with heavy metal atoms, often zinc. Interference with this human electrical system causes illness.


“We are electrically tuned to the world around us and the only safe level of exposure to radio waves is Zero.”     Neil Cherry

According to Firstenberg, there is no way out. Electricity is a killer and it must be stopped altogether. There is no other way. The extinction of humans, animals, plants and all living things exposed to the new “lethal” levels of EMFs must be stopped and re-evaluated as to its detrimental effects. The evidence is clear, the more electrified our environment becomes, the sicker we get and the more people die from illnesses caused by the lack of oxygen uptake. We are being strangled to death by our electric devices that have come to rule our lives wholesale. No scientist, working in the field of innovation, stops to think about the deadly effects of the new invention. The advancement of 5G, in contradistinction to the research evidence showing its harmful effects, is a perfect example of utilizing electrical inventions without ever considering the consequences.

Essentially, Firstenberg is a Luddite who wants to go back and do it all over again, this time with human health as the first consideration in technological “advancement.” We must stop satellite 5G in space and 5G on the ground, in all of its forms. We need to undo what has blindly been done for the sake of machine-thinking dominating human-thinking. We are at the crossroads and obfuscating the evils of EMF propagation will not serve the future of humanity.

Electricity is a force of death, not a force of life. The human bio-electric body does not match the man-made electricity “pulled from the atmosphere” to do humanity’s slave work. We believe electricity is our unseen helper making life easier, when in fact, electricity is an evil “death” of humanity that must be unplugged and rethought with human health and well-being as the driving force.

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