Amy Coney Barrett: Judges Can’t ‘Walk in Like a Royal Queen’ and Impose Their Will on the World




Keep your eye on the target.

And who owns the corporate golden share at Pirbright? Who owns the share that controls the entire company and its operation to patent a deadly virus and then send it to China for world-wide distribution?


Who will need to pay MASSIVE REPARATIONS to the world for her crimes against humanity and the attempted overthrow of President Trump? The Queen and the Lords and Ladies of the Privy Council, including Richard Dearlove, Mark Malloch-Brown, Andrew Wood, George Soros, Geoffrey Pattie, Arvinder Sambei, Elizabeth Manningham Buller, JJ Symonds, Alison Saunders, Robert Hannigan….the list is exhaustive, but we caught them all and have provided the Trump team with the details. We also gave these details to Lard-Ass Barr when he took office in February 2019, but we haven’t seen anything from this SES scumbag.

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of President Donald J. Trump

For those of you new to our site, it is a huge library of evidence that citizens have collected and catalogued for YOU to use in developing your own messaging to your unique audience. Go to the search bar and type in what you are looking for, and lots of great material will pop up. Please, use any of our material to tell the real story of what has been going on since Cecil Rhodes rolled out his 200-year plan for world domination.


None of these British clowns and their American saboteurs is too big to hang. (Except Jerry Nadler who might break the gallows with his obscene weight – so state- authorized execution would probably be better in his case.)

Patriots around the world, it is our obligation to leave the planet in better condition than we found it and stench like Hillary Clinton must be executed for their crimes against humanity. Put that old Queen Lizard on the gallows next and free the British people from the Monarch’s tyranny.

This royal lizard tried to take down the President of the United States….again. She was successful with John F. Kennedy. Don’t let her and her creepy pedos in the Privy and Pilgrims Society do it again. Bust her chops and expose her evil, patriots.



Look what Chinese scientists have created…just in time for global lockdown and enslavement. Here are the Chinese inventors and promoters: Hongjun Ji, Houbing Huang, Ning Yi, Xiaoming Shi, Senpei Xie, Yaoyin Li, Ziheng Ye, Pengdong Feng, Tiesong Lin, Xiangli Liu, Xuesong Leng, Mingyu Li, Jiaheng Zhang, Xing Ma, Peng He, Weiwei Zhao, and Huanyu Cheng

Wearable tattoo: Scientists print sensors directly onto skin without heat


Amy Coney Barrett: Judges Can’t ‘Walk in Like a Royal Queen’ and Impose Their Will on the World


British patriots, get ready for the Bank of England to start stealing money from your bank accounts. American and other Commonwealth nations, your turn is coming:

Bank of England asks banks on readiness for negative rates


The last time that John James ran for office (2018), the Democrats were still using their man-in-the-middle vote rigging scheme that Ronna Romney McDaniel knows all about since her Uncle Mitt and Cousin Tagg run these cyber ops through a system called OPTECH. How do you think we wound up with Heil Whitler as our governor – man-in-the-middle and/or fractionalized voting.

First, they run propaganda polls so that you think the race is close when it’s not.

Then, they rig the votes in cyber space so that when the election results come in almost tied, you, the voter, will think that the polls “must have been correct.” But they weren’t. It was one big information scam, run by fake polls, the fake media, and fake Americans (like the Romneys).

Fingers crossed that the Trump team saw in 2018 how they worked their cyber magic so that this will not happen in 2020 and John James can kick Senator Gary Peters (MI-D) to the curb.

John James Makes up 10-Point Deficit Since June, Michigan Senate Race Now Dead Heat


Bogeyfree wants to ask AG Bill Lard-Ass Barr these questions. Make sure your downline is savvy to these questions:

Every American should start with this very poignant question #1 below and then drill down and follow it up with these 25 specific questions that AG Barr owes answers to every American.

IMO the answers will tell us all everything we need to know as the truth can not and must not stay hidden.

But first We the People already know that……

The Dossier was a fraud
Russia Collusion was a fraud
The DNC hack was a fraud
The FISA warrants were based on a fraud
The charge on Gen Flynn was a fraud
Impeachment was a fraud
The plan all along was to frame/smear PT to distract from THEIR crimes

AND on top of all this, there was a massive illegal NSA Contractor spying operation conducted against hundreds if not thousands of Americans for years for the purpose of leverage, power and money.

And yet NONE of this has registered any indictments.

It truly is stunning that ALL of this has resulted in a big ZERO from Barr and Durham after 2 years.

Now let’s begin with the questions.

1. How does the office of a U.S. president; and more importantly the republic itself; survive a coordinated coup effort involving all three branches of government; while simultaneously those in charge of exposing the corruption fear the scale is too damaging for them to reveal?

2. Is the Wiener Laptop still in the possession of the FBI and have you or Durham ever seen/reviewed its contents? If not why not?

3. Have you or Durham ever deposed FBI SSA Robertson who was a first hand witness of the contents/investigation of the Wiener Laptop 600K emails? If not why not?

4. Have you or Durham ever deposed Julian Assange, a first hand witness on how Wikileaks got the DNC emails and if indeed it was via Russians like the Mueller team told everyone? If not why not?

5. Have you or Durham examined if the FBI ever investigated the murder of Seth Rich as there should be an easy FBI report in the system? If not why not?

6. Does the FBI still have the 47 hard drives turned in by the Hammer WB back in 2015? If not what happened to this evidence?

7. Have you or Durham ever deposed the Hammer WB who was the actual USER and first hand fact witness of the Hammer Program and who they spied and extracted data on? If not why not?

8. Was exculpatory evidence withheld by either Attorneys and or Agents in the Flynn case and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime or at least referred Attorneys if applicable to the Bar?

9. Do you still have Mifsud’s phones that you and Durham personally confiscated in Italy and what was on them and is there any communications between him and people on the SC team?

10. Where is the missing Flynn 302 and isn’t it a crime to alter a 302 and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

11. How many Americans were unmasked by the Obama administration and isn’t unmasking a crime? If so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

12. Have you or Durham gotten FBI SSA Dugen’s testimony and read his surveillance/investigative report about the Carter Page FISA Leak that possibly includes people in the Senate? If not why not?

13. Is leaking a FISA to the media a crime and if so, why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

14. If you and Durham knew the Dossier was a lie and it was used in the FISA Court application and lying to a FISA Court is a crime, then why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

15. Have you deposed Warner and asked about his involvement if any of the CP FISA leak? If not why not?

16. Did you confiscate any Senate staffer’s phone and if so did it show any texts pages being sent to a reporter?

17.Did you find anything relating to the CP FISA leak on Senator Burr’s phone that we know you confiscated?

18. Have you or Durham depose Crowdstrike regarding the DNC hack? If not why not?

19. Why have you not declassified all of the RR scope memo?

20. Knowing via Adm. Rodgers NSA Search Audit and Judge Collyer’s 99 page report that there WAS massive illegal searching and abuse of the NSA database by contractors, making it a National Security Issue, have you or Durham done or requested a COMPLETE audit going back to 2012 of this NSA Contractor Abuse to fully see the extent of the illegal spying as documented? If not why not?

21. Did you ever trace the PapaD 10k dollars they used to frame him and where it came from? If not why not?

22. With 31 government issued phones that were wiped and are potential evidence in Durham’s Investigation, have you gone to the NSA or carriers to retrieve these emails and texts? If not why not?

23. Based on hard documentation, is it not a crime to plan and approve a fraud/hoax on a sitting President that led to an impeachment hearing and 4 years on Presidential abuse based on a known lie and if so why have you or Durham not prosecuted anyone for this fraud?

24. With the recent evidence that shows Obama knew as far back as July 2016 about the fraud on PT are you or Durham going to interview the ex President to better understand his knowledge and or involvement and why he didn’t warn PT post Nov. election? If not why not?

25. How is it after 4 years of non stop abuse, fraud, lying, leaking, money laundering and a coup on a sitting President you and your entire DOJ team can’t seem to find one crime?

The bottom line is ALL of what we have seen these past 4 years has been a lie, a frame job with the clear intent to smear and take down PT and many in the FIB, DOJ and IC KNEW it from the start while also conspiring with many in the media to feed this lie and coup.

The more people we can equip with these questions the better chance one day somebody will hold AG Barr accountable to the American people.

So everyday I am going to be like that CTH poster who posts “anybody arrested yet” except mine will be these unanswered questions.

Because the answers to these 25 questions IMO will tell all Americans if we truly have one system of justice or if that was all lip service and if this investigation was ever truly about getting to the truth and justice.

What does a president do when scumbags like Barr won’t do their job and instead continue to protect the swamp?

What can you do as a citizen to support the President in these firings?


Answer: Ask for more of the same!