PIZZAGATE UNFOLDS: MSM Reporters Will Not Do Their Jobs so Citizen Reporters Must Expose the Crime of the Century


The Antidote To COVID-1984 is Magna Carta 2020 (March 1, 2021 remark: And POOF, Big Brother removed this important video)

The most ‘Manipulated Media’ on the internet are Joe Biden ads

Listen: Hunter Biden Audio on Chinese Spies and Joe




Harry ‘Shoots Himself in the FOOT’ as He Takes DESTRUCTIVE PATH



Learn how non-state actors can win the Great Information War in the video below. Listen to NATO Evanna Hu, then “translate” her talking points into your own IO campaign in your community and/or social network. Keep in mind that your campaign doesn’t have to be “online” – look at all the 3D activity we see going on right now with parades, billboards, and rallies. Use the talents and resources at your disposal to make your family and community great again.

When we started our information operation (IO), we chose to “target” the smartest patriots on the planet and provide them with the best research we could. We knew that YOU would be the “influencers” needed to win the war. Some of you have audiences of a dozen; others may have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers. Yet, someone in their downline may have the ears and eyes of President Trump.

We found you because we knew where creative, smart folks were looking for real news in the internet. In late 2015, after finishing our Gospel of Sophia trilogy and completing the basic outline of the Glass Bead Game, we started making time for research into political topics. We offered our articles and posts to sites that had been built for several years, like The Millennium Report and State of the Nation. This is where many of you were first introduced to the ‘Anonymous Patriots’. Michael who runs those sites (yes, I know…another Michael!) had been working tirelessly building his audience since August 2010. We were able to leverage his group of followers instead of building a site from scratch.

[Sidebar: One day Mike from SOTN and I were comparing notes on our timelines. He had started his SOTN blog in August 2010 as a result of the Gulf Coast oil spill. In August 2010, I was in D. C. at the White House using my capacities as a conscious clairvoyant to surveil the Obama situation. I believe that Mike and I were guided by Sophia in August 2010 so that we would meet 5 years later to start an information counter-intelligence operation. Mike has an additional channel Cosmic Convergence where he posts about the feminine divine which is how I first met him via email…then later he recommended his political sites. Talk about COSMIC CONVERGENCE!!

By the way, just a little reminder who was first on the scene with PizzaGate back in the day. We had been following this new place called Reddit and saw these disturbing images. They were deep in the internet and we wanted to “lift” them so more people could see what was going on. We wrote a few articles and asked Mike to post because he had a nice size audience…and then the story blew up like all of you know!

PIZZAGATE UNFOLDS: MSM Reporters Will Not Do Their Jobs so Citizen Reporters Must Expose the Crime of the Century

Citizens use Social Media to Uncover Heinous Crimes. Where is Law Enforcement?

Our first internet article ever was posted on The Millennium Report January 18, 2016 and has been very popular over the years. That’s how many of you found us.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

…sidebar closed. Back to the story.]

Along the way we jumped to different platforms and channels to secure our hangout in the internet. Now that we have such a highly-influential audience, we no longer need broad exposure and can post on an open platform to give you critical information so that you can transfer the information to your audience in a highly decentralized network.

You found us because of your CONSCIOUSNESS, not because some algorithm directed you to us.

We also developed a team of patriots who span the globe and give us 24/7 coverage. They not only push out truth messaging to their audience, they bring important pieces to us so that we can inform others on an open platform.

Now, listen to Evanna Hu and see how this applies to what we are all doing.

What is Information Warfare?

We monitor our progress by watching for the turn-around time of memes, articles, catch phrases, and videos that we have pushed out. We also watch comment boxes to see how certain phrases and concepts are being used. For example, in the beginning of our lessons on SES, no one knew what the heck this group was. Now, we find regular comments left by informed patriots who are teaching others about Senior Executive Services. This is an example of our team’s ability to push the Overton Window on certain subjects so that the unknown or unspoken becomes known and shouted-out.

Now, like everybody is talking about state executions!

Currently, we are attempting to make ‘The Pilgrims Society’ a used term used among information savvy folks.

One campaign we saw work really well was how fast we took down Gretchen Whitmer as a George Soros feminazi. As soon as she made her move to lockdown Michigan, we had memes flying. We knew the power of memes (imagery is a very important weapon in info warfare)…and got them out within hours of her pronouncements. Our Michigan patriot network is lightening fast and meme bombs were dropping fast and everyone was having fun creating their own Whitmer memes. Now her tyranny is known everywhere in the world.

Keep in mind that one of the first parades we saw in 2020 came from Michigan patriots that surrounded Lansing with cars and horn blasts in Operation Gridlock. Looks like this was a winner idea, as we see fantastic Trump parades and flotillas all around the country.

Our AIM team sparks fires that become information infernos.


Remember the Leadership Dance that we have posted several times? For a while you may be the only one dancing in your neck of the woods, but if your dance is “truth”, others will join you and pretty soon you will have a parade 6 miles long, in several cities, all waving their flags and honking their horns for truth and freedom.

What’s really going on at the AIM School of Truth is we are TEACHING you real history, as we uncover it ourselves. We are learning right along with you, which always happens in a productive student-teacher relationship. We teach you how to spot an enemy and how to construct information weapons like memes and hashtags. We teach you how to use your information weapons. Then, we give you ‘homework’ to try it yourself.

Truth education is a counter-intelligence operation in the Great Information War.

Truth antidotes lies, propaganda, and indoctrination. Be a teacher of truth and help those in your network shake off decades of brainwashing.

And for those of you on Team 48, the AIM School of Truth is the Outer Court of a modern type of mystery school that awaits you in the Glass Bead Game. The key for entry is your own curiosity and consciousness.

Cosmology of the Glass Bead Game