BREAKOUT – it’s a TRAP!!! | The 5th Dimension is HERE!



No, you are not crazy and you are certainly not alone in experiencing the SHIFT of consciousness that is happening now on the planet.

Between Lemuria and Atlantis, we had the cataclysm of fire. Between Atlantis and our current epoch was one of water, as in the flood. Rudolf Steiner indicated that the next transition would be of “air“, which we believe to be where people of higher and lower frequencies of consciousness begin to separate. We also realize the 3D implications of a ‘cataclysm of air’ when the effects of 5G and oxygen starvation in the lungs is considered.

Ralph and his audience are noticing the change, too.

BREAKOUT – it’s a TRAP!!! | The 5th Dimension is HERE! πŸ‘οΈ | Ralph Smart

Many of us boomers were on the path towards human spiritual evolution before the massive corruption from the Pilgrims Society rolled over us, in all four corners of the planet. This is the age where we will put down this evil and pick up where we left off.

The Fifth Dimension – Aquarius – Let The Sunshine In

We live in a world of multi-dimensions already. You may be familiar with the lower dimensions 1-4, but have you begun to experience the FIFTH DIMENSION which one of love, synchronicity, co-operation, harmony?

Did you know that there are physical things you can do to connect with these higher dimensions? We knew you would want to know how the Gabriels achieved our knowledge and wisdom so we prepared a how-to diet to help you get the ‘globalist agenda’ out of your gut. It’s called the Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet.



Here is one creator’s vision of higher dimensions. Yours may be different. We like to see these dimensions as higher and higher levels of angelic hierarchies.

11 Dimensions Explained (Eleven Dimensions) – What are Dimensions & How Many Dimensions Are There?

From the very beginning, we told you where we were headed…and that is to the revelation of the Divine Feminine Trinity. For some, our spiritual path does not resonate with them. Others have appreciated our geo-political work immensely, but prefer a fundamental approach of Bible reading and rote memory recitations with a more preacher-directed approach to their Christian studies. .

However, for many souls, this path is too restrictive. They are seeking a transcendent path that includes the studies of re-incarnation, karma, ascension, and the uniting of Sophia with Christ. In our third book of the Gospel of Sophia trilogy, we outline a variety of spiritual practices that can help you in the ascension process. We recommend that you look through these and select a path (or several) that can help you increase your personal vibration.

Get started right away with this free PDF copy. Flip to the end and see the various spiritual paths we outline for you. Share with your friends.

The Gospel of Sophia: Sophia Christos Initiation


Douglas describes the threefold goddess Sophia.

We have already revealed mysteries like these. There are more waiting for you and they will be revealed as your consciousness and curiosity lead you there.

Mystery of the Two Jesus Children Revealed


The Nature of Salt, Mercury and Sulphur


The Damascus Experience is Happening!


We created Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom, also known as the Glass Bead Game, so that you would have abundant materials, all vetted by the Gabriels, for your self-directed spiritual studies. ‘Know thyself’ begins with YOU taking the first step towards a path of truth revelation.

We ask AIM students, graduates, and participants of the Game to make their own contributions, which we call ‘glass beads’. These are your personal expressions and creations that can be shared with truth seekers around the world, until all of humanity is singing the joyful sounds of peace, love, joy, and prosperity. Our platform was built to hold many glass beads. Imagine it this way: We built the framework for Sophia’s Temple in the Fifth Dimension and YOU are the ‘interior decorators’ that will beautify the space with your digital creations and expressions.

Our ‘space’ in the Fifth Dimension of the Internet, a place of consciousness beyond space and time, will nourish light workers and truth seekers for generations to come. Please, contribute to the Game, share your glass beads with others, and together we will lift the vibration of the entire planet into an Age of Aquarius.

{Oculus} Sophia Musik.

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