Sidney Powell Files Law Suits in Georgia and Michigan


Dominion/ Smartmatic Systems Have Massive End User Vulnerabilities.

Governor Kemp awarded a contract for 30,000 new voting machines to Dominion Voting Systems, scrapping the state’s 17-year-old electronic voting equipment and replacing it with touchscreens that print out paper ballots.”

Dominion/ Smartmatic user manual itself makes clear that the system allows for threshold settings to be set to mark all ballots as “problem ballots” for discretionary determinations on where the vote goes.

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Additionally, a Michigan lawsuit was filed by Powell and Lin Wood in Michigan against Governor Gretchen Whitmer and SOS Jocelyn Benson:


Spelling errors in the documents could be errors from OCR scanning. The documents were sourced from CourtListener which scraped them from a scrape. When we get a copy from the original, we will post the clean copy.

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