Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud




We told you so. Bill Barr is Senior Executive Services. SES are crown agents engaged in the overthrow of America.


What’s this, Lard ass? Looks like fraud to us!

Jesse Morgan—a truck driver (subcontractor) with USPS in PENNSYLVANIA…

Originally tweeted by Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on December 1, 2020.


AG Bill Barr Appointed John Durham as Special Counsel October 19th – Did Not Tell Anyone, Did Not Inform Public




The Detroit federal court is hopelessly embroiled in ties to WilmerHale London and the British Privy Council (foreign influence)

WilmerHale is notoriously known for corrupt practices with regard to President Trump and other Republican candidates

Wayne State Law School under then Dean Jocelyn Benson became a nest of espionage, sedition and treason against the United States

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson oversaw the Michigan election fraud personally using her WilmerHale surrogates

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AIM Cats always check Trump Tweets daily.


He is surrounded by jackals and hounds. Calling all patriots to come to his aide and beat down this threat to our country and our president.

Whatever you can do, DO IT.

However you can engage your network, DO IT.







I am a “conscious clairvoyant”.

Many of you, too, may have this ability for clear sight, but didn’t know what to call it. After all, if you are alone in your thoughts with no one to reflect back to you the insight you have, how would you know if you perceive a different world than others?

Let’s describe it another way. Let’s say you are born so that you can see and hear another spectrum on the light wave spectrum beyond that which is “normal”. No one else among your family or friends seem capable of seeing what you see, even though you know what you see to be true. You perceive beyond the range of what common folks name and limit themselves to as ‘the five senses’.

Douglas and I have the capacity to see beyond the range of what most others can perceive. You, too, have this capacity. If you don’t think so, we encourage you to open your spiritual eyes and ears. A great place to start is our website Neoanthroposophy. Or read Douglas’ book on The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything. You wouldn’t have found our website, if you didn’t have a resonance, a frequency, that was similar to ours. That’s how it is in the internet. We cluster into spaces of like-consciousness.

After I had my Damascus experience in 1984, which was witnessed by a small group of people, we gathered the following week for meditation and prayer to help me “decipher” the experience. There I had a ‘vision’, which was a separate event from the Damascus experience, that was simple and to the point. The landscape was full of destruction. The entire earth was dark and bleak. Buildings destroyed. Death all around. I was safe and in a place of peace, hovering above the destruction. In my vision, the heavens opened, pouring news headlines, one after another, at me. I couldn’t make them out, but they were from newspaper and television media – big, bold and splashy.

There seemed to be a connection to the destruction on Earth and the news headlines. It was told to me, in that way the spiritual world whispers to you and you just “know it”, that the path to truth would be to ‘walk back’ the headlines in some way. I had no idea what this meant and certainly no idea of what to do. I was 28 – just a babe. (A red hot American one, at that!)

Flash forward. I am standing in the middle of the White House in August 2010, on a public tour, trying to figure out what the heck has happened to our country. I didn’t walk through the White House like a typical tourist might. I walked through with clairvoyant eyes and ears wide open to hear what needed to be told. Basically, I intuited that we were being “put to sleep” by dark forces that wanted to annihilate the human ego. Anthroposophists would know this dark force as Ahriman, or even the Asuras.

I remembered the headlines and the destruction of Earth in my vision 27 years earlier and wondered – Could we citizens be brainwashed by sinister forces? If you are brainwashed or hypnotized and it’s working, how would you know that you are not in a state of clear awareness. That is what clair – voyance is. CLEAR SIGHT.

That is what 20/20 is all about – finding clear vision.

If all my life I had been indoctrinated that America had a “special relationship” with England who was our best ally, why would I question such a thing? How could I even think that we hadn’t won our independence from King George when my history books told me we had. It was only when I was at the University of Manchester (UK) that a professor explained to his naive American graduate student – “You Americans are still subjects of the Queen. You just aren’t told this by your history books and press.”

WHOA!! Incoming REDPILL for this American woman!

Flash forward today: I persisted every day since August 2010 to discover my truth which is shared on this blog because what I discovered for myself is relevant to all of us. We have been brainwashed – every single one of us that has consumed mass media, Pilgrims textbooks, and public education. The Pilgrims (which includes evil elites with names like the Monarch, British Imperial Empire, Venetian Bankers, Council of 300, Rothschilds, Privy Council, Vatican…etc.) took their war on the United States and the world to another dimension of warfare. They have been nudging us away from truth, generation by generation, into their Cecil Rhodes’ New World Order.

World War III is being waged between our ears.

The Pilgrims and their Father of Lies use propaganda and indoctrination to blind us from birth so that we never see the truth of humanity. In one more generation, if this mass brainwashing were to continue, no one would be left awake and human beings would become human ‘animals’ for the elite to grow, harvest, and work. We would no longer have a spark of divinity in us, our individual ego that likens us to God in His image. Human individuality would be snuffed out. For good. We would be a human collective, much like the Borg.

Thank goodness this American woman woke up just in time to wake you up!

American Woman came out in 1970 by The Guess Who when I was 14 and had a powerful effect on me just as I was realizing how fortunate I was, as a woman, to be a citizen in a country that offered women freedom and possibilities that no place in the world could. Lenny jazzed up the song a few notches since the original version.

Lenny Kravitz – American Woman. Meow.

Patriots, let’s keep waking up our brothers and sisters. Ascension is at hand. Will you take the first step towards your unfolding human potential?