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The Rubicon


540k-Again posts this note about the image above:

The correct historical expression by Ceasar was (likely) “”Let the die be cast!”, or “Let the game be ventured!”.

Strategic Redpill

DJT is daring the Dems/Corrupt/Commies to cross the Rubicon and into his perfectly laid trap, with fortified walls and artillery emplacements, and sharks with lasers. If the Dems wade their army across the Rubicon, they will be caught in the trap without anyway out.

One thing about DJT, is he plays the long game, he plays for ALL the chips on the table.

In theory, like poker/card games; the Dems/commies could fold their hands, get up from the table, and take their remaining chips with them. Except because of all their crimes committed, billions spent, trillions at stake, etc. the Dems globalist, commie, organized crime overlords wont let them get up from the table. Their overlords will drive their whips and force the Dems into the Rubicon.

The Dems cannot stop losing. We cannot stop winning! Keep spreading the WIN&WIN Plan to more Republicans, especially State Legislatures.

WIN&WIN PLAN! Keep it going Pedes. SEND IT ALONG!

Get Republican State Legislatures to appoint their DJT/Pence Electors!

Very simple, type document required by the State Legislatures:

9 Days!! [end]


Vice President Mike Pence Warns at Georgia Rally: ‘If You Don’t Vote, They Win’


Details announced for President Trump’s Georgia visit today, December 5, 2020




The White House removed nine members of the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board on Friday and installed people loyal to President Donald Trump in their place, including presidential allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie. Read all about it




Know your enemies

Mark Malloch-Brown, former top UN official and Open Society Global Board member, to Head Open Society Foundations


DNI John Ratcliffe States He Has Produced Thousands of Declassified Documents For Special Counsel John Durham to Use


Just thinking about Hillary and the gang. How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes


20-year-old aide to Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler killed in crash



Citizens around the world are seeing the big picture. Drop in to see what this blogger has put together.

Thee Evidence of Joe Biden Election Theft

“What do you get when you cross an MI6 frontman, Lord Malloch Brown, Mosaad George Soros investments, with British Birther Obama and Islamocommunist John Brennan, the George HW Bush family, and their Peking money laundering girls?

You get the overthrow of the United States elections in 2020, twenty years really as the Bush family have been practicing election fraud on small and large scale for decades.

Just so you understand this, Queen Elizabeth in her Rhodes Round Table, acquired the Venezuelan fascist vote hacking machinery, and backed it with George Soros money, set it up in Justin Trudeau’s Canada (Trudeau stole the election there) to re establish British Dominion over the world.

You are going to get the joke in this in the next few Lame Cherry exclusive paragraphs, but it just shows you how this group has no national loyalty and is still the backstabbing dope running slave traders they were in past centuries selling each of us as threads of the cloth of the land.

Who owns Dominion voting systems? None other than the People’s Liberation Army of communist China. Peking counted all those crooked votes for Pedo Joe Biden, as Biden is Peking’s man in America.”

Biden: ‘I’ll Develop Some Disease And Say I Have To Resign’

In the article below, read what an inventor wrote Michael McKibben about the theft of his company’s technology:

Another Inventor Screwed by U.S. Patent Office


Mystery Surrounds $7 Billion Outflow from Vanguard S&P 500 Fund


AIM Patriot Christi writes: You always have great videos. Just curious – do people in power, Trump etc. that can benefit from this information already have it? One time I broke down and sent one of your good articles to the White House but didn’t know if i should do it more often or if they already know this information. Example your past article about Barr being a traitor sure reminded me after he recently didn’t take up for Trump on the election fraud. So was just hoping you’re letting the people in power know this great info in your articles if they don’t already.

Our reply:


Robert Barnes tweeted: “Did you know @VP enjoys Constitutional authority to not count any electors from a contested state? Law scholars and legal historians both generally agree on that point.” [His source link.]


Michigan Secretary of State Issues Order to Delete Election Data Amid Audit Calls


CIA uses U. S. troops in Afghanistan to protect their cash crop of poppy fields.

NDAA Seeks To Halt Trump’s Troop Withdrawals From Afghanistan & Germany


AIM Patriot Judy asked us to post some links explaining the solar eclipses that folks are talking about. Judy, if this is not what you were looking for, let us know.

December 14, 2020 Total Solar Eclipse

Overlap of the Paths of Eclipse2017 and Eclipse2024 – They cross in the heartland!



Despondent LA Restaurant Owner Cries Out For Help, While Choking Amid The Hypocrisy


Have you noticed how viscous the GOVERNMENT is being about genocide muzzles? The Pilgrims knew that Americans had guns and would not be defeated in a kinetic situation, so they used the weapon of fear, nudging humanity into full on extermination. Genocide. Let me be very clear. The Pilgrims are culling the human herd. The face mask is a step to the next step of compliance, then to the next.

Many countries are well ahead in the genocide schedule and are already being vaccinated and carded. Others have been marched into the boxcars and their hair, skin, and organs harvested for sale. (Remember the Uyghurs.)

You won’t be sent to concentration camps to be showered with chemicals and cremated in ovens. You are being locked in your homes as a “jail”. You are being force-vaccinated with ungodly substances – the poison delivery. Soon the grocery stores will close and your food supply dry up. Many are already surrounded by deadly military-grade 5G towers that can zap them at anytime. You will die in your home, not at Auschwitz. That is their plan and all of you walking around in face masks are assisting humanity’s fall into the abyss.


Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom To Move Around”


FARMERS MARKET TYRANNY — Peggy Hall. Great Peggy Hall tips inside.

Pennsylvania – Don’t Assume Alito Giving Until 12/9 To Respond To Emergency Application Means He’s Letting It Die On the Vine



Note to AIM Cats: Betsy’s team, a truth-hungry bunch of AIM cats who scourer the planet 24/7 for news that gets us closer to truth, brought so many rats, snakes, birds, and vermin in my mailbox….that I will need to do a separate report later today that includes all of their goodies. In the meantime, this video below explains why cats can’t help themselves in hunting down rats and vermin. Why Do Cats Hunt? | Cats Uncovered

“What was it like in that moment of spiritual enlightenment,” people have asked me.

It was pure love and light. Pure clarity and vision. In that flash moment, I saw everything and understood how we all connected. I saw truth and wisdom as the veils of lies and deceit were instantly dissolved from my 20/20 vision.

The vision showed me a way forward to free ourselves from the shackles of the human condition as we know it today. Humanity has been suppressed for centuries, if not millennia. It took me decades to “unpack” this Holy Vision. One step at a time, but in every step I took, I had my sight on the truth that had been shown… until here we are today with all that we have shown you.

The vision continues to unpack itself. Every day, every step, takes us closer to freedom from our enslavers, which we now know by name – the Pilgrims at the apex of the global organizational structure with thousands of tentacles – proxies and puppets – doing their evil bidding all around the world.

Today, I wanted to say, with my heart full of love for each one of you, that we will make it through the darkness, into the Light. Christ Light. Christ Love. Do you see the shadows behind us getting shorter and shorter as we move closer to clear vision of truth?

President Trump is our “earth leader” to take us into this new world. He is not our guru or God. He is our “William Wallace”, taking on the Brits at Stirling. He is being guided by a Higher Power and patriots around the world honor and recognize him as being The One.

Not by coincidence, his genealogical roots (from his mother’s ancestry) are where Michael McKibben’s and mine (check out my lineage with Robert de Bruce) go back to the history of the Scots and their constant wars against British rule, which have been many and have extended over centuries. What we are really fighting is independence from the British Monarch, and it’s not just Americans engaged in this war. It is all of humanity.


The Scots are back and this time we AIM to take out the British Imperial Empire (another name for the Pilgrims) ONCE AND FOR ALL. This is why we ask you to stay focused on what the people’s leader, Donald J. Trump, is tweeting each day. Keep your eyes and ears away from propaganda which is trying to steal and weaken your resolve.

Ten Minute English and British History #13 – The First Scottish War of Independence.

Memes like this are parody, but they drive our enemies crazy because they think we follow President Trump blindly. Rattle some leftie cages today with this one:


This is how Hollywood depicted William Wallace, a clip that has been parodied many times with the likeness of President Trump’s image over Wallace’s face. Now you know the rest of the story and see how true the symbolism is.

Braveheart – Motivational Speech – Inspirational Speech – William Wallace 

Different times. Different wars. Same enemy of the people – British Tyranny.