The President with his grandson in the Oval Office


Drop into this discussion to see what folks are seeing and thinking about this photo taken, supposedly on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. The President is with his grandson and they appear to be in a casual setting. Perhaps they are with others in the Trump family. Some say, in jest, that the grandson is holding a deck of cards with the Trump card yet to be played.

A copy of Bill Barr’s “departure” letter is to the President’s right. In front of him is a stack of papers and a pen where it appears he may have signed page(s), and turned the final page over as a sign of “it is done”.

Could the President have signed some very important papers that might effect the future of his grandchildren…as well as ours? Could the person taking the picture have known that this moment was of high-significance and needed to be photo-documented? We do not know who originally posted the photo, but it would not have been released without the President’s permission. The photographer would be easily identified if the picture should not have been released.

Reminded us of another special presidential photo moment.


We would like to hear from you in the comment boxes below. What do you think this picture is about, why was it released, and what is its historic significance, if any? Make sure to copy and paste your remarks in the discussion here, as well.

Post Script:

The news below was just released and we can see why it might be significant to the picture we see of President Trump at his desk.

DNI John Ratcliffe Tells CBS News: “There Was Foreign Election Interference”, Election Report Now Delayed