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We have joined Gab and will be uploading an eclectic mix of Neoanthroposophy, spiritual musings, kitties, as well as our unique style of deciphering world politics. It’s a hangout for AIM School of Truth graduates and students.

We realize that Gab needs some fine-tuning, but feel confident that the issues of speed and delivery will be resolved. In the meantime, please jump on board and be the first to follow us at

You don’t have to be a member of GAB to access our timeline. Lurkers welcomed – so just click the link. We also put a link on the Starship tab of the app.

This way we can get breaking news to you without having to wait all day to load up a Cat Report….which doesn’t mean we won’t do Cats and Meows, but as things start to move quickly for arrests and tribunals (fingers crossed), we want a more efficient way to get breaking reports to you.

It’s like a never-ending Cat Report, but on social media so that we can discuss posts more deeply, share more widely, and get breaking stories to you ASAP.

Again, you don’t have to join GAB to follow us. Just bookmark the link or access from the AIM app.