Breaking: The White House has been stolen by the British—this is the War of 1812, v. 2.0.

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The Biden-Harris British Pilgrims Society handler, Sir Nigel Knowles, was Harris hubby Doug Emhoff’s boss at DLA Piper Plc & High Sheriff of Greater London

Sir Nigel Knowles is the longtime chairman of DLA Piper Plc where Emhoff worked until becoming interloper Kalama Harris’ newly-minted husband

Sir Nigel Knowles and Sir Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister, were knighted on the same day by the Queen (2009).

Sir Nick Clegg effectively runs Facebook today as vice president of global communications (2018)

Baron Richard Allan, took over Facebook’s European operations in 2009; Allan’s  grandfather was chief of staff for British intelligence in WWII and was lordified in 2010

Sir Nigel Knowles is a current director of SGO Corporation Limited (formerly Smartmatic Limited) chaired by Privy Councilor Lord Mark Malloch Brown who was lordified in 2006

Sir Nigel Knowles’ SGO Smartmatic fellow director is the notorious global UN criminal Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is co-founder of numerous George Soros entities including Open Society Foundation, Quantum Fund, Soros Fund Management (SFM), along with Venezuelans Antonio Mugica Rivero, Robert Alejandro Pinate Martinez, David Anthony Giampaolo and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) UK (!)

Various DLA Piper entities invested in SGO Smartmatic (2005)

You don’t see a single China-man or China-woman among this Second British Invasion, 1812 v. 2.0, do you?

That’s because China was a creation and a propaganda diversion tool of the British Pilgrims Society to keep the attention off of The Second British Invasion–1812 v. 2.0

Now you know, this PROVES the British Pilgrims Society identities of the real foreign puppet masters attempting to takedown the American Republic.

(Hint: Don’t count on the military, they have been rotted from within the ranks by 120 years of “Five Eyes” infiltration. We hope there are still pockets of integrity and patriotism.)

Don’t believe this, look at the $16 billion in military contracts that have been award to British SERCO, QintetiQ, Crown Agents and their SES British loyalist minions.

HARD TRUTH: A fix can occur only once the problem is properly defined. The unrelenting China, China, China! and Russia, Russia, Russia! propaganda brain washing have cleverly diverted the world’s attention from the British espionage at every turn.

Christopher Steele was never a “former” MI6 agent. He just confessed to creating the fake pee pee dossier… as a British spy! GCHQ Robert Hannigan tapped Trump Towers. Crown prosecutors Arvinder Sambai and Alison Saunders conspired with Robert Mueller and the FBI in the African embassy, 911, and Trump-Russia “false flag” hoaxes—all meant to cement the British Pilgrims Society takeover

FYI, Leonardo has never been an Italian satellite system. It has always been controlled by the British Admiralty (look up Eurotech Ltd. and SpA). Just look who was given the GSA contract to run the U.S. Navy satellites in the top TOP-SECRET island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean: British SERCO (the island is also the home address of the .io domain for Bitcoin).

Look where former C.I.A. director George Tenet became a director in 2006 followed by the former vice chairman of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff (2008): British QinetiQ ,which is controlled by the Queen, who knighted Clegg and Knowles that year

Wake up folks and start calling out the British foreign interference in our U.S. elections, 2020 and earlier.

The British have seized control of the White House, just like in the War of 1812 (the first Lord Rothschild-financed war against America)


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