The scoop on Jeffrey S. Brain and CloutHub

Y’all get this research to Andrew Torba who has his knickers in a knot about this guy Jeffrey S. Brain and his company CloutHub. Also get it to President Trump and bypass his information handlers.

The Gab post:


Article from the propaganda rag Washington Post so it is part of an agenda. This is the article referenced by Torba above:

Trump Considers Contenders to Be His New Social-Media Outlet After Big Tech Crackdown


Jeffrey S. Brain

CloutHub, CEO, 2018

Current Age: 61

Conclusion: Is an entrepreneur, developer, real estate, recycling, and has no identifiable skill to be managing a scalable social website. His incubator hubsters, however, do. Also, oddly, in 2005, he declared bankruptcy to escape a $60K tax bill.

CloutHub has had one $25K angel. Also a incubator hub investor EvoNexus EvoNexus has 38 co-investors including:


Franklin Templeton Investments largest holdings are Charter, Capital One, CVS, Oracle, Merck, Williams, Medtronic, Anthem, Comcast, Sensata

Grayhawk Capital, principal William C. Hovey comes from Credit Suisse, Brown Brothers Harriman; John L. Brunce Jr. came from Hellman & Friedman, private equity, SF, came from Lehman Bros.

Peninsula Ventures, Co founder Greg Ennis ran U.S. operations for UK-based Thompson, Clive & Partners

Had an offshore company in Jersey. Controlled by Thompson Clive Growth Industries Fund

Qualcomm ventures is notoriously known for interlocks with Barack Obama and the British Pilgrims Society membership that is in bed with Britain, and thus with China—this was the group that perpetrated the Trump-Russia hoax from London


Ulu Ventures (Palo Alto)  A major globalist investor for the British Pilgrims Society, most notably including Softbank, withheld angel investors, Barclays Bank (the British Crown and their controllers in the Pilgrims Society):


Why would President Trump hire such lack of experience in Jeff Brain?

Brain’s relationship with his Qualcomm-led globalist incubator, and with Frederick Feck and his (former) TOP SECRET clearance on a Northrup guided missile Aegis system (perhaps also involving RCA and Pilgrims Society David Sarnoff’s engneers like Robert I. Lieber, father of disgraced Harvard nanotechnology professor Charles M. Lieber) could make him vulnerable to compromise by his former C _ _ handlers. The rat lines run deep.

Former President/CEO at Ciralight Global

Jeffrey S. Brain, Age 50 (as of March 23, 2010), Director since 2009

Ciralight Global S-1

Therefore, he is now he is Age 61


Def 14-A Proxy Statement


San Marcos National Bank is now Zions Bancorporation, N.A.

Northrup TOP SECRET guided missile intelligence clearance.


Jeffrey S. Brain’s background report.

Jeffrey Scott Brain. (Accessed May 14, 2021). Investigative Biography. PeopleFinders.