Michael Crow Serves the British Pilgrims Society

Michael Maurice Crow, president of Arizona State University—the self-anointed King of Arizona—is a well-groomed member of the British Pilgrims Society—placed to facilitate the “Great Reset” using Arizonians as experimental guinea pigs for election rigging, viral pathogens, brainwashing, 5G and depopulation

Crow’s 32-page ASU resume is evidently fake—no human being could do all the things he claims

Evidently, Crow has been placed in his position at ASU and at the C.I.A.’s highly illegal In-Q-Tel “private” venture capital arm


Crow’s memberships in the Carnegie Corporation (Pilgrims Society co-founder, 1902) and in the Council on Foreign Relations (founded by Pilgrims Society members, including J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and Elihu Root in 1918) are a dead giveaway

Crow is an Anglophile working to force America into the British Pilgrims Society’s new world order

From Crow’s ASU resume:

Michael M. Crow. (Accessed May 19, 2021). Curriculum Vitae. Arizona State University.

Born Oct. 11, 1955, San Diego, CA

  • Allegedly attended 17 different schools in a military family. (Who was handling his father and why was he moving around so much? Who was his father, and what was he doing for the U.S. Navy?—(He was likely involved in the secret British “Five Eyes” spying and surveillance [the parallel, secret British-American spying program controlled by the British Pilgrims Society] with the British Admiralty, Post Office and Foreign Office)
  • Allegedly attended Iowa State, Illinois and Syracuse studying political science, environmental studies, energy and policy research–telltale Pilgrims Society grooming

1977-present     13 executive positions

1976-present     12 academic et al positions

2005-21              5 awards and members, including Carnegie Corporation, Council on Foreign Relations (both founded and controlled by the British Pilgrims Society)

2008-18              6 honorary degrees

1996-present     6 private board memberships

1991-present     31 non-profit board director, trustee

1982-present     14 consultancies, government, DoE, DOS, etc.

Publications       7 books

Articles                114

Reports               5

Panels                  434+


Yeh, right. That’s a phony biography. Crow is a globalist hack.

Crow appears to be the most thoroughly handled university president in the United States. He is feeding his students and faculty directly into the rogue C.I.A.’s / “Five Eyes” British wood chipper.

Fire Crow. NOW! He is conspiring with foreign governments to destroy the American Republic.

Continue reading about Michael Crow’s connection to the Carnegie Institute and the anti-American programs it finances:

ASU’s president Michael M. Crow is a British Pilgrims Society globalist meddler/traitor groomed  to take down the American Republic