Rothschilds Use Mass Surveillance and Nanotech Bioweapons to Control Humanity

This is an excellent compilation of the history of the Rothschilds, using research from Americans for Innovation. The link takes you to a digital book that you can easily share with others. It shows the historical evidence of how the Rothschilds control the world – and everything is backed by FACTS and EVIDENCE. The Rothschild plan to take-over the world and destroy humanity is no longer conspiracy.

This TRUTH HISTORY guide can assist you in homeschooling your children about the real history of modern Western Civilization, not the propaganda taught in public school indoctrination centers with books published by the PILGRIMS to keep citizens from knowing what actually happened.


All the dots are connected for you, from the coup against Donald Trump by Senior Executive Services to the nanobots inside the weaponized ‘vaccines’ being pushed by Gates and Fauci. You will learn the Queen’s role in the planned destruction of humanity and how she carries out this evil with her Privy Council. You will learn how the BRITISH – AMERICAN PILGRIMS SOCIETY was established and how it uses rigged election systems around the world to control, i.e. ‘select’, who governs you locally.

Inside you will find pages like this:

THOUSANDS of hyperlinks take you to actual DOCUMENTATION of truth history. Use this detailed, trust-worthy information to create innovative ways of sharing with new audiences about the TRUTH of our planet. Start publishing papers and dissertations in colleges and universities about the TRUTH that has been suppressed for centuries. Write new history books – for the wee-ones to the unenlightened ones. All ages matter as we set the record straight.

The more of us around the world who know this truth, the easier it will be to destroy the PILGRIMS plans for planetary tyranny. Together we can create a future based on truth, not lies and propaganda.

For those of you attending the AIM School of Truth, this digital history book makes a great refresher read. Make sure you didn’t miss any of the details of our numerous “lesson plans” (Cat Reports) so that you can teach others through conversation, videos, and articles.


Here is a PDF form of the book to save for your family truth history records. Make a few copies on external flash drives to pass down through prosperity. We need future generations to know how corrupt the Rothschild – British Pilgrim system was before Western Civilization crashed in a final heap of lies and propaganda:



Many thanks to the AIMCat who put together this presentation. If you are so inspired to create your own version of what you have found to be important while learning TRUTH HISTORY in the AIM School of Truth, please bring it to our attention.

Finally, a place in the internet where you can discover real TRUTH.

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