We are uncovering all kinds of evidence and documentation that show the relationship between China, the YMCA, and human trafficking. In a few weeks, we will have a cohesive article posted about this, but for now, we are leaving these items below for our intelligence network to begin examining.


One-World-Order British Pilgrims Society globalists censored histories to hide that the Y.M.C.A. they formed in 1844 also formed the Institute for Pacific Relations which was funded by Rockefeller, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Vanderbilt on Jul. 1-15, 1925. Using the YMCA front the British Pilgrims Society took control of China following its defeat of Japan, the formation of the first Chinese Republic, and the installing of Mao Tse-Tung who exploited the YMCA literacy project to organize Chinese peasant communism with assistance from equally-British Pilgrims Society created Joseph Stalin in the U.S.S.R.

Constructive Activities of the Young Men’s Christian Associations of China, 1925. (Dec. 01, 1925). Annual and Quarterly Reports of the YMCAs of China, Korea, and Hong Kong, 1902-1904, Box 18, Folder 4. Univ. of Minnesota, Kautz Family YMCA Archives. Source: (32.5 MB original); See also (2.5 MB compressed version)

PDF, pp. 14-15


The Institute of Pacific Relations.

From July 1st. to 15th., 1925, there was held at Honolulu an important conference originally initiated by the different National Y.M.C.A’s, whose aim was to furnish an opportunity to the leaders of the various countries, especially those in the Pacific basin, to exchange experiences and frankly talk over their common problems.

One hundred and eleven active members attended from nine different countries, They brought with them considerable scepticism [sic] about the practical results possible to such a gathering. They realized it was experimental and to some of them the difficulties seemed insurmountable. They expected perhaps a few perfunctory addresses, some platitudes of a good sort, some rather dry papers on rather dry subjects, and discussions from which all the really controversial factors in the Pacific would be carefully and effectively barred. They went away, back to their countries, with entirely different feelings. They had had two weeks of the frankest, most refreshing exchange of thought and opinion possible to conceive. It did not end in talk. This Institute, by its recognition of certain vital, Pacific problems is charting the way to avoid some perilous rocks, reefs and shoals.

The program consisted of roundtable discussions by small groups within the conference, having stenographic service; general forum meetings of the entire institute for general discussion; and lectures and addresses given during the evening and open to the public.

The personnel of the China delegation of twelve representatives included one member of the National Committees Y.M.C. A., Dr. I. N. Chang of Hankow; and two of the National Committee secretaries, vis. T.Z. Koo and L.T. Chen.

“China is now a republic and whether she can be healthy or not depends upon whether the

people are good or bad. Great reconstructive work is needed, but where can we find an organization able to meet the situation? My answer to this question is found in the Young Men’s Christian Association. I consider this organization the most indispensable in China to-day, and we should do our utmost to propagate it.”’


“There are many international associations at work in the world to-day. Before the war there were 600. The number was greatly decreased during the war so that there are now only 320. These associations represent many interests. Among these many movements where does the Y.M.C.A. stand? For many years it has been one of the strongest forces uniting the nations.

I am one of those whose tradition Christianity was lacking. I had to examine its teachings from the ground up. It was only through the Y.M.C.A. that I came to see the spacious objects of Christ, for the objects of the Y.M.C.A. are spacious. They include everything making for the betterment of society, the amelioration of suffering and the glorifying of Christ. There is a wave of nationalism abroad in the world. It is I think a passing phase, a result of the war. There are many new nations, and these must be nationalistic. Young nations must solidify themselves and their neighbors are bound to become affected. After this phase has passed the world will have a better idea of what the internationalism is which the Y.M.C.A. has so long preached and practiced [stet]. There is something in the mentality of the Y.M.C.A. leaders which has schooled them to think internationally and to look at international questions without prejudice. This is the spirit most lacking and most needed in the world to-day”.

Extracts from notes of an address by Dr. Nitobe, Under Secretary of the League of Nations at Shanghai, February, 1925.


The Institute of Pacific Relations was formed by the YMCA in 1925

Funding by Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford

Institute of Pacific Relations : Hearings before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-second Congress, first[-second] session on the Institute of Pacific relations.

Author:United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary.
Publisher:Washington, DC : United States Government Printing Office, 1951-1952.
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The United States Senate’s Special Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws, 1951–77, known more commonly as the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS) and sometimes the McCarran Committee, was authorized by S. 366, approved December 21, 1950, to study and investigate (1) the administration, operation, and enforcement of the Internal Security Act of 1950 (Pub.L. 81–831, also known as the McCarran Act) and other laws relating to espionagesabotage, and the protection of the internal security of the United States[1] and (2) the extent, nature, and effects of subversive activities in the United States “including, but not limited to, espionage, sabotage, and infiltration of persons who are or may be under the domination of the foreign government or organization controlling the world Communist movement or any movement seeking to overthrow the Government of the United States by force and violence”. The resolution also authorized the subcommittee to subpoena witnesses and require the production of documents. Because of the nature of its investigations, the subcommittee is considered by some to be the Senate equivalent to the older House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

“Born in San Francisco” (recording)
“Story of the Friends of Communist China”
“Financial Support from Rockefeller and Carnegie, Vanderbilt Field.”


“Grave indictment of British honour”

Parliament essentially censored the Admiralty officer’s spouse who blew the whistle very publicly, and the child slavery practice continued. (Note: Austen Chamberlain, a member of the British Pilgrims Society and then Lord Privy Seal, was finessing the government’s response to feign concern, while doing nothing to stop the child trafficking practice [that was also occurring via the British global deployments of the Salvation Army and YMCA.])

In 1922 Hong Kong, there were 200,000 Chinese and 6,000 Europeans. “[E]ach Chinese house in the Colony had one or more girls virtually in a position of slavery.” If each family has four souls, that means that 50,000 or more were in slavery, by the British Parliament’s own testimony.

H.L. Haslewood, Lieut-Commander, Royal Navy (ret.). (May 11, 1921). CHILD SLAVERY UNDER BRITISH RULE. Hong Kong Daily News, London Daily News.

Thomas Inskip, Austen Chamberlain.* (May 29, 1922). HONG KONG (LIEUT.-COMMANDER HASLEWOOD), Colonial Office, HC Deb 29 May 1922 vol 154 cc1678-80. UK Parliament, Hansard.

* Pilgrims Society

Thomas Inskip, Austen Chamberlain* et al. (May 24, 1922). Hong Kong (Lieut-Commander Haslewood), HC Deb 24 May 1922 vol 154. UK Parliament Hansard.




Lieut -Commander R.N. (retired).


Evidence of the animalistic herd view of human beings in 1901 by self-anointed British elitist


Peking YMCA, 1920: “This Association is closely related to Princeton University which supplies its foreign staff”



Check this out… in the shadow of the 1909 Imperial Press Conference, London.

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Annual and Quarterly Reports. Annual Reports of Local Associations in China, 1901-1945: A Guide to Good Fortune, Hankou (Hankow), 1913. (Box 20, Folder 8)

Date Created:



YMCA of the USA. International Division.

U.S. President Taft raised $57.4 million in 1910 at the White House from human-trafficking bankers and corporations to build “new, magnificent” Y.M.C.A. buildings around the world (see Wuhan 1913 annual report below)—25% of the cash was lavished on China, including Shanghai and Wuhan (formerly Hankow, the source of this misfiled [and effectively hidden] report)

[Moral lesson from the history of the YMCA: Put “Christian” in your name and real Christians will not hold you accountable for your deceptive words and evil conduct.]

“(1) This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. (2) For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, (3) Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, (4) Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (5) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

In 1902, America’s bankers were already interlocked via The British Pilgrims Society with the Rothschild, Lloyds, Barclays and the The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) bankers—who were bankrolling the YMCA, Salvation Army and Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) [Insert Link] to recruit a new generation of white, black, brown and yellow slaves to be their communist feet on the streets, plantations and factories. Note, the British Pilgrims Society created communism (emerging from the Ruskin “settlements movement”) to contain and control the “masses”

Either this, or they were fanatics about swimming

A Guide to Good Fortune, Hankou (Hankow). (1913). Annual Reports of Local [YMCA] Associations in China, 1901-1945, Box 20, Folder 8. Univ. of Minnesota, Kautz Family YMCA Archives. Source:  Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.


Y.M.C.A. in China since 1895

Here is the statistics spreadsheet which shows a well-funded operation.

Here is the full report from which the slides below were prepared.


Archives. (Accessed Jul. 22, 2021). Annual and Quarterly Reports. Annual reports of the YMCAs of China, Korea, and Hong Kong, 1902-1904: 25 Years Y.M.C.A. Progress in China, 1895-1920. (Box 16, Folder 16). Univ. of Minnesota Libraries.

Conclusion: The British Pilgrims Society used the Y.M.C.A. to “colonize” (with the Salvation Army term [1916]) and firmly control the Chinese economy


The Chinese YMCA was founded in 1895, just 5 years after The Salvation Army took its turn to the “social gospel” under the influence of Lord Rothschild. Cecil Rhodes and W.T. Stead.