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Bank Conspiracy of 1860 culminates in GLOBAL GENOCIDE

The video

Michael and the Miners add this research to the program notes:

Silver Price History vs. Gold Longterm

TIME FRAME / ERABuy 1 oz GoldWith X oz Silver
1800 – 1820 AD115.3
1821 – 1840 AD115.6
1841 – 1860 AD115.6
1861 – 1870 AD115.6

15 more rows

Like we have been saying, AIMCats, silver is rigged…and more than we even knew. Even in the 1800s the ratio of gold to silver meant that SILVER was more valuable than GOLD. We need AIMCats around the world to help restart a parallel economy that uses precious metals once we emerge from tribulation. We need YOU to be the new wealth so please consider purchasing some silver today at a meager $40/ounce.

Do the math. Today paper gold is $1760/oz which would mean you would need 15.6 ounces of gold at a total of $27,456 to buy one ounce of silver. AIMCats know that the real value of silver is much higher today.


Bimetallism – William Hope Harvey – Coin’s Financial School (1851)

Confirms the 16:1 relative value of an ounce of gold over an ounce of silver

Silver and the Crime of 1873


“The English Octopus” (1894)

William Hope (“W.H.”) Harvey. (1894). Coin’s Financial School. Coin Publishing Company.

Title Page / Poster’s-Financial-School-Coin-Publishing-Company-1894.pdf#page=33’s-Financial-School-Coin-Publishing-Company-1894.pdf#page=140


AIMCats, pay attention. The video below was on YouTube. Their algorithms have spotted the cats on the battlefield. Their predictive linguistics have picked up the chatter in our network about cats. There are lots of us, around the world. They see our linguistics, but can’t make out who we are.


Listen carefully to the narrative and see the story they have concocted from the linguistics they see in the internet. They are trying to see if they can catch the kitties in their trap. Remember they can’t see us. They see our effect. Meow.

What if cats were in charge of the government? (question posted to our AI)




John B. writes

TrustStamp, an AI-powered biometrics company associated with Bill Gates is getting setup in West Africa. They are building out a system that ties your vaccine status and medical records to a digital ID and a digital currency system, that they’re calling the “Wellness Pass”.

She says the African test subjects can only obtain money through their digital ID and Mastercard and that cash has been completely abolished. The intention is to perfect this system in Africa before launching it globally.

Michael M. responds

Insider techies can stop this. Flip a few buried switches and voila, it’ll take months to track each bug down… Each time.



If any of this is true in the video above, we need to get prepared now with guns and ammo to protect our lives and our loved ones. We count on one another for our protection. They think we will be on DEFENSE until they meet us and see that we are on OFFENSE.

Get the word out through your downline. Our leaders have all failed us. We are on our own, but we can do this.

Over the years we have developed a strong network of communication that connects truth seekers together in a decentralized, hidden way. Look how WE THE PEOPLE put Trump in office in 2016. Look how we revealed the swamp to the world during the Russia Collusion hoax.

Look how WE THE PEOPLE blew up Mark Malloch-Brown’s election selection machines with a landslide victory for Trump. It wasn’t Trump that did this…. it was our powerful citizen network. Look at all the Trump supporters resisting the death shots, even though Donald Trump keeps pushing them on us. That’s WE THE PEOPLE in charge, notBig Con Don.

We are slamming silver prices so low and creating a nightmare for the silver riggers. Donald Trump isn’t doing that, AIMCats. WE THE PEOPLE are.

Get your downline prepared to defend their communities, whether it turns out to be martial law, invaders, or vaccinators. Be fierce. Be a warrior. We are, truly, in this together. WWG1WGA.

Ready As I’ll Ever Be





Reject The Black Pill



This is a two-hour + livestream. The part that we bring to your attention is An0moly’s first 30 minutes where he discusses Donald “Jim Jones” Trump’s latest push for vaccines. Trump’s New Interview, California School Mandate & Louisiana Health System Fines Spouses!



Trump: ‘I got the Pfizer’ vaccine


AIMCat Maireni wants to know if she can purchase a Qube. We reminded her that there is only one Qube, but you can print as many sigils as you like.

In fact, tomorrow when our solar panels are installed, we will be placing a sigil sticker on each one of them. If you know how sigils work, you will realize that we will have a super silver shield of protection – smile.



AIMCat Lisa asked how to use daily magnesium oil.

Suggestion: Get rid of your regular deodorant which is filled with unnatural substances, including dangerous aluminum. Replace with the ‘hippy deodorant stick’, also known as crystal stone deodorant.

To apply the deodorant, you need to have some wetness under your armpits. I spray magnesium oil and then rub the crystal stone. It’s a great way to keep the magnesium oil on your body in a place where you can’t see its white smudge where it dries.



Gab with the Gabriels

From the mines:

Even the Mayor of Cambridge, UK, HENRY RACE (1878-83), was in on this emigration SWINDLE (probably with Hamilton Brown in Jamaica). He was a leading instrument in replacing black and brown slavery with a less expensive white indentured debt servitude. The Salvation Army was founded in 1865. The YMCA in 1844.

This prospectus was published in 1868.

HENRY RANCE, the attorney for the scheme, was a three-term mayor of Cambridge in 1878-80 (1st & 2nd term), 1882-83 (3rd term).

Cambridge Past Snips – June 21st 1957

End of a Folly

Rance’s Folly, the large redbrick house now being demolished in St Andrew’s Street once had several lifts, four bathrooms and central heating – as well as a swimming pool. Guests even played tennis on the roof.

It was built by Henry Rance who was Mayor in 1878 and 1882 – when he held council meetings in his dining room – and included a ballroom whose floor was laid by experts brought specially from Germany. Here his granddaughters were never at a loss for partners. 57 06 21 & 21a

This is one of thousands of stories reported in Cambridgeshire newspapers between 1897 and 1990 that you can read and download for free from my Internet Archive site –…/CambridgeshireScrapbook2018Revision

For more stories of interesting Cambridge buildings see

Henry Rance was elected thrice as mayor in 1878-1879, 1879-1880 & 1882-1883, and also a lecturer probably law at Cambridge university.

Born Ely. Conservator of the River Cam, a director of Accident Insurance Company and lessee of Barnwell Theatre. Also a director of the new Gas Company. Built luxurious mansion in St. Andrew’s Street (known as Rance’s Folly) which sported a magnificent dining room. It had four lifts and a roof-top tennis court. His reputation for hospitality was lavish and he spent many thousands of pounds a year entertaining. Alderman for Trinity ward, but had to leave because of non-attendance at meetings for beyond the statutory period. His aldermanic seat was taken by Councillor Joshua Taylor.


They were luring destitute Southerners as well as English to the Venezuelan primeval forests

The Tombstone Scamstone

The closing pitch of an unscrupulous Cambridge UK attorney and future 3-term mayor. Selling hopium and luring the prospect into unresolvable debt – indentured servitude. Notice the plentiful use of the world “may.” That keeps him out of jail.

These pre-Pilgrims were recruiting miners for the Venezuelan gold fields and about the same time Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild were setting up DeBeers in South Africa (incorporated 1888)


R.R. Colliers was a committed American attorney-slaver partner (and Confederate Senator) with Henry Rance in Cambridge

Check this out. The Virginia lawyer on the tombstone, R.R. Collier, was the prime mover in the emerging Confederacy to reject calls to abandon slavery in the south. He said it would not be fair to their foreign partners, including the monarchies of Europe! (cheap labor).

August 9, 1861

Robert Ruffin Collier (1804-1870), son of Nathaniel Collier and grandson of Major John Collier III, who fought in the American Revolutionary War

Edmund Ruffin, III (January 5, 1794 – June 18, 1865) was a wealthy Virginia planter who served in the Virginia Senate from 1823 to 1827.[1] In the last three decades before the American Civil War, his pro-slavery writings received more attention than his agricultural work. He has since become known as “the father of soil science” in the United States.[3] Ruffin is credited with firing one of the first shots from Morris Island against the federally held Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, which is generally considered the military event that initiated the war; the actual first shot against Fort Sumter was a signal shot by Lt. Henry S. Farley from Fort Johnson under the command of Captain George S. James.[27][28] Ruffin was also the first person to enter Fort Sumter after it fell to Southern forces.[2]

Collier owned enslaved people, as did his father. In the 1850 census, Robert R. Collier (who did not list an occupation on the residential census) owned 22 slaves in Dinwiddie county (10 of them 6 years or younger),[8] and 13 slaves at two locations in Petersburg,[9] Charles Collier owned an additional 13 enslaved people in Petersburg in 1850.[10] Ten years later, R.R. Collier owned (probably eight) slaves at three places in Dinwiddie County,[11] and 18 enslaved people in Petersburg (including 2 black men, 7 black women of childbearing years and 6 children 6 years old or younger).[12] During that last prewar census, Charles Collier only owned one 17 year old black woman,[13] and his brother James owned an 11 year old black girl.[14]

Therefore, he was famous, and his name on this tombstone would have communicated volumes to Americans reading it. Looks like he was aligned with the British in finding white substitutes for black and brown slavery too!

Remarks on the Subject of the Ownership of Slaves, Delivered by R. R. Collier of Petersburg, in the Senate of Virginia, October 12, 1863.