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The Luddites Return…with a vengeance



AIMCats, many of you have been with us for 4 – 5 years. You have seen mountains of evidence that the swamp extends way beyond D.C. into every corner of the earth. It is a GORDIAN KNOT of corruption and evil that we can never untie. Justice will not be found because law enforcement and the judiciary are as corrupt as the criminals that need prosecution.

The globalists (Pilgrims, et al) have spent centuries undermining humanity so that their final grand play is the extermination of human life and the restart of Earth 2.0 with a few thousand transhuman slaves and a fleet of mindless robots. Guns and force aren’t going to take the system down. Many AIMCats live in countries that prohibit private ownership of firearms; they see themselves as defenseless against growing tyranny. And they should be alarmed. We have seen the internal workings of the globalists’ ahrimanic system, the Beast, and the plan to takeover the world and genocide billions is evil genius.

Please educate and enlighten your downline about the LUDDITES. The only way we will end this evil on our planet, is to cut the cord. It can’t be done by one of us, alone. We need all hands on deck and each person to do what they can. We may never know what you did to save the world, but your karma will and you will be blessed in lifetimes to come.

For now, we need to act. If we don’t, our children will be blood-sacrificed to Moloch, and their parents will die a miserable death in some FEMA concentration camp.


Luddites | Then & Now


Editor. (Nov. 30, 1998). Of ‘Luddites’ and ‘Eli-ites’. ETC Group. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

Of Luddites’ and ‘Eli-ites’

Why is there a word for those seen to be opposing technological change but not for those forcing untested technologies upon us? In the midst of the great biotechnology debate, an understanding of our different perspectives could help

In 1811, beleaguered textile workers defending their jobs took on the Industrial Revolution by axing mills and machinery in the English Midlands. Lord Byron’s maiden speech in the House of Lords was an impassioned plea for their cause. Although the plight of the workers caught in the technological transition won some sympathy, by 1815 the rebellion led by Ned Ludd ended at the gallows for many of its leaders. Today, Ludd’s rebellion is almost universally interpreted as a tragic example of society’s failure to comprehend the march of scientific progress. Anyone opposing new technologies is dismissed as a Luddite”.

But if the Industrial Revolution – as exemplified in new textile machinery – devastated working families in the Midlands, it brought mass starvation in India where cotton-growers and cloth-weavers lost everything. Cotton production shifted to the southern US. Finished cotton cloth – spun with the new machinery symbolized by Eli Whitney’s cotton gin – usurped the work of Indian hand-looms. By 1834, the Governor of the British East India Company wrote, “The misery hardly finds a parallel in the history of commerce. The bones of the cotton-weavers are bleaching the plains of India.”

Eli Whitney’s patented cotton gin (1793) was not the only concern of British and Indian Luddites. In 1798, Whitney also patented the first musket with interchangeable parts – the very muskets used by British soldiers smashing the hands of Indian weavers and winders. The ideological heirs to Eli Whitney’s musket and machinery must, two hundred years later, be considered the ‘Eli-ites’ of technology today.

RAFI’s Laws of Technology Introduction: For every Luddite trying to impose social controls over the introduction of untested technologies, there is an Eli-ite using social controls to speed the acceptance of new technologies. Any new technology introduced into a society which is not, by its nature, a “just” society will exacerbate the gap between rich and poor. The issue is not science but who will control technology. In the case of a tool as powerful as biotechnology, the answer is vital to all our lives.

Seven Sins/Saints of Commission/Omission:

Conception (Good/Bad Old Days)

As “Eli-ites” See It: Look how much better thing are now. Give us credit for making major – if uneven – improvements.

The “Luddite’s” Response: The issue is usually not that there has been no improvement – but that there could have been greater improvement, with fewer complications – if the science had been conducted in a more socially-beneficial context.

Connection (Tandem Technologies)

As “Eli-ites” See It: We are the experts in our science and we say it will move slower/faster than Luddites think and, therefore, will not have the implications they suggest.

The “Luddite’s” Response: Scientists in one field are often unaware of tandem technological developments elsewhere (the impact of micro-electronics on microbiology; of oil drilling on the auto industry; of rocketry on materials, etc.) that can affect the pace of change.

Context (Optimist/Pessimist)

As “Eli-ites” See It: This technology could do wonders. Lud-dites don’t see its labour-saving / energy-saving/ food-securing /health-benefiting /pollution-abating /wealth-creating merits.

The “Luddite’s” Response: It takes at least a generation to comprehend the implications of any new technology (internal combustion engine; synthetic chemicals; nuclear power; electricity or new biotechnologies). This is not an indictment of science but an argument for humility – and caution.

Control (Ownership and Osmosis)

As “Eli-ites” See It: Government and Industry know their voters/customers and will protect their interests. After all, there are anti-trust and consumer protection laws.

The “Luddite’s” Response: Commercial technologies are quickly appropriated & contribute to new concentrations of economic power (railways, petroleum, media, biotechnology). There is an osmosis effect as the irresistible force of profit pressures the highly-movable object of government legislation/regulation to bend to its needs (ie. Commons Enclosures; seed certification; life patents).

Consequence (Safe or Suicidal?)

As “Eli-ites” See It: Luddites are alarmists. The world will not come to an end. We know how to control this technology.

The “Luddite’s” Response: Tell it to the railway workers of the 1800’s, the miners, and chemical workers in the first half of this century, or the nuclear workers today. It takes a generation to understand the consequences (positive & negative).

Contribution (Taking Up and Trickling Down)

As “Eli-ites” See It: If not directly beneficial to all of society, at least there will be a trickle-down effect from the creation of new wealth that will benefit the poor eventually.

The “Luddite’s” Response: Any new technology introduced into a society which is not, itself, a “just” society will exacerbate the gap between the rich and poor. Whether it ultimately benefits the poor depends upon many social factors. (Agricultural Revolution on Enclosures; Industrial Revolution on health; Green Revolution on rural poor, etc.).

Conflict (Pugilists and Polemicists)

As “Eli-ites” See It: Luddites paint everything in intractable black and white making sweeping simplifications, trumpeting doom to the media, and refusing to compromise. Why can’t they be more realistic and reasonable?

The “Luddite’s” Response: Eli-ites are in charge. Luddites get “one kick at the can” when new technologies first appear. Those in opposition fight an uphill battle with an uncritical, mesmerized media. The political forum is such that every compromise is just an interim step toward total control. The message has to be clear and compromise is to be distrusted. “


Bank of England hides American operations in England, Arkansas


Power Cuts At Dutch Greenhouses

We alerted you that the next operation of the genocide plan would be to starve us and leave us freezing in the northern hemisphere winter. Thank goodness, AIMCats have filled their pantries and have (or are) securing alternative heat.



If he got the real va666ine, he will soon be dead. Push back every politician, even Donald Trump, with booing and yelling.



Neo-Luddite Anarchist’s Handbook

by Captain Ned Ludd

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Neo-Luddite conscientious objectors are opposed to unending industrialization, over-automation, computerization that steals jobs from humans, immoral technologies, money-driven political systems, robot warriors, mechanized war machines, and digital economic slavery. Neo-Luddite workers rise up and claim the true meaning of human labor exchanged for real currency (not credit or debt systems) that reflect the dignity of human work and human intelligence. Neo-Luddites wish to marginalize machine intelligence, over-mechanized systems, and cyber inventions leading to inhuman transhumanism, cyborg creations, and dehumanizing technologies.

Technology often harms, maims, or even kills its users and this must be stopped. Willful creation and use of harmful machines of any type must be studied for any ill effects they might have upon humans. A complete re-evaluation of all existing systems must be approved by a board of elected officials who examine the morality and health giving effects of all machines, especially electronic devices, banking systems, political mechanisms like elections, health and human welfare, transportation needs, defense systems, educational methodologies, and economic systems.

Globalist plans for eugenic depopulation through organizations like the World Economic Forum (insider trading cabal), the United Nations (World Health Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc.), the central bank war-engendering system controlled by the Bank for International Settlements, the global pharmaceutical corporations (and government agencies) for illness and death, and international taxation and political liberty-stealers must be outlawed through universal rebellion throughout the world that reestablishes moral reasoning in all aspects of life.

The evil empires of imperialistic corporations must answer for their crimes which violate the Nuremberg Codes, the US Constitution, national and international civil rights, and common-sense decency. Justice systems throughout the world must be reconstituted with provisions for citizen-controlled recall and impeachment measures being placed in the hands of citizen courts that adhere to established Constitutional rights and privileges, not an aristocracy of titled judges and administrative assistants.

The time has come to reclaim our rights as human workers whose day’s labor is not controlled by immoral and inhuman systems geared toward replacing humans with robots and computerized social credit systems that eliminate freedom and liberty.

Human consideration must be at the heart of all laws and the core of all innovations. Morality must be established and replace the obvious drive of greed, lust for power, hatred, gluttony, envy, personal power, self-aggrandizement and selfishness that now controls all levels of government, politics, law-enforcement and general cultural development. These basic needs and rights of all humans must be universal and ubiquitous with effective checks-and-balance systems that end the establishment bureaucracies that now rule our nations and the world.

We no longer can wait patiently and pray for a large coronal mass ejection from the sun to wipe out the evil machines that threaten humanity with robotic marginalization of humans and near extinction.

We must rise up now and rage against the machines and the inhuman machinations that have taken over all aspects of modern life. It would be better to be pushed back to the ages before scientific materialism overwhelmed humanity than to plummet into the “all to predictable” surrendering to machines under the auspices of relieving humans of tedious work than can be done by robotic automatons for the sake of more speed, leisure time, and more accurate processing.

These “conveniences” are in fact the undoing of human thinking, feeling, and willpower. The more we give over our lifestyles to mechanization, the more we ourselves become less human and accept a devolved form of human enslavement. We must rise up and fight this war on every front that we can.

The downsides of technology’s inexorable march are ​now becoming clear – and automation will only increase the anxiety. We should expect the ​growing interest in off-grid lifestyles to be accompanied by ​direct action and even anti-tech riots, sabotage, and outright anti-tech battles carried out by humans against machines and their slavery systems.

We must develop a new society that views technology with a skeptical eye, understanding that the benefits of technology are outweighed by the problems and illnesses that cold, hard machines and ill-guided intentions do to damage human society. Big-Tech is simply Big-Money with nefarious intentions of stealing our privacy and targeting each of us for hyper-consumerism and naïve hedonism by providing what the Romans called “bread and circus.”

The Internet was a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) psychological operation that experimented on the unwitting public to see how far they could go in mind control, intent upon stealing human free will through placating human desires based upon the “seven deadly sins.” The experiment went much better, faster, and more effectively than the corporate military and venture capitalist ever imagined. The psy-op of the Internet now has billions of people addicted to the lure of being (seemingly) omniscience, omnipresent, and omnipotent via machines. The digital toys, that have become weapons, have made digital gods out of selfish humans who let their machine slaves do the work for them while stealing their God-given capacities and atrophying human intelligence, communication, and labor into an artificial game that lies, steals, and wishes to imprison and maim everyone who over-uses these systems for personal gratification.

Machines have consumed the time that was previously dedicated to other human beings. The warmth of friendship has been replaced by the cold cruel world of Facebook and other social media. Human psychological health has been offered to Big-tech via screen time that causes depression and suicide in our children.

People’s livelihoods have been sacrificed on the altar of faster computer processing times that leave millions unemployed, destroying the middle class. Patience, quiet time for reflection, creativity, and healthy human interaction has been destroyed by digital immediate gratification through passivity, flashing lights that entertain instead of educate, and consumerism that has replaced religion. The proverbial “search for the Holy Grail” of mystery and discovery has been replaced by the newest and fastest gadget that robs the human soul of meaning and purpose.

Life is dying as digital warriors find their grail castle in the “cold black box” of their laptop and smart phone. Hearts are calcifying and loosing their warmth and compassion via cruelty on Facebook and the heartless knowledge, devoid of wisdom, found on the Internet. It is time to turn the high tide of Big-Tech, Big-Pharma, Big-Agriculture, Big-Banks, and globalist plans for centralized control of the world into a low tide of basic-tech that is human based – not machine based.

Technology is an out-of-control monster eating humanity and needs to become as extinct as the dinosaurs through a cataclysm of rebellion against machine-like thinking that leaves the monster behind and creates novel human-based archetypes and leading-images that usher in a new age of warmth between humans and love for society and all humanity. We must stop sacrificing our humanity on the cross of automation, computerization, and technology and resurrect what it means to be truly human. Machines oppress our humanity; whereas, truly human characteristics liberate our souls and spirit and bring the divine back into focus by wiping out our enslavement to the gremlins and demons in the machine. Dehumanizing tyranny must end as humans re-evaluate their place in the grand scheme of time and evolution.

We must decide whether we wish to emulate angels or machines that mimic animal characteristics. Tech-reliance leads humans into their former conditions of animistic, animal desires of power, control, and selfishness. The negative effects of Big-Tech, machines, and blind innovation lead to well-known harmful effects of dehumanization. We must decide now which direction human evolution will take or be led by the nose into devolution.

People have already begun to rise up and rage against dehumanization via machines as they destroy high-tech centers around the world. Every person who is awake, and not lulled to sleep by the drone of machines, knows that something must be done right now to stop the inevitable march of the robots against humanity. Transhuman cyborgs and wet-work implants lunge forward every day while unethical genetic modification, cloning, and inhuman experimentation and discoveries are non-stop. Big-bankers provide endless venture capital for every vile patent while millions of humans starve to death and die from illness every day without a penny spared for their lives. It seems as if the demons of hell rule on the earth and there is no place for the divine nature of humanity to come to birth.

Neo-Luddism is not advocating for anarchical, chaotic violence, just surgical strikes against the dinosaurs of Big-tech whose time of tyranny has come to an end.

Humans first! is the war crime of the anti-tech resistance that will see the end of digital/tech enslavement. We must march on the Bastille of imprisoned tech addicts whose willpower has been drained dry by the tech-lords of Silicon Valley. We are not extremists; the extremists are the maniacal overlords of technology who will not stop accelerating their attacks on everything human with plans to enthrone the ultimate Artificial Intelligence machine-god that will control every life on earth. This god of the machines must be stopped as we unplug it from its evil mainframe.

Neo-Luddites are not technophobic because we are not afraid of technology, we are simply aware of the permanent damage it is doing. We are decentralized warriors fighting against the centralized (globalized) forces of evil that we clearly see doing harm to humanity and the earth. We are not fighting evolution; we are fighting devolution. We are not radicals; we are fighting radical dehumanization which has obvious control of the world through the seats of power aided by technology. We do not advocate the blind return to nature; we demand the conscious return to true nature of what it means to be human living in harmony with nature.

We fight against all machines that degrade nature, create warfare, design biological weapons of mass destruction of humans, and advance dangerous technologies. We are simply awake and concerned citizens, workers, neighbors, social critics, scholars, writers, and those who believe in God and the unalienable rights of humanity who have a different definition of progress than the current techno-leaders of globalism. It is only rational that humans should rule over machines and not the other way around.

Neo-Luddites do not purpose violence against the humans who have created the monsters of technology; we support the indictment and punishment of the criminals. Our intent is to unplug the monster machines before they (and their creators) choose machines over humans and destroy the divine intentions of human evolution. We advocate moral technology and not a “back to the land” agrarian society. Innovation is necessary, but only after considering humanity’s well-being in the equation. Unfortunately, the super-wealthy, globalist, corporate technocrats like the World Economic Forum have taken control of the world via machines and intend on a global “reset” that will imprison humanity even further than the dark pharmaceutical World War III that we find ourselves oppressed by at this moment.

The richest people in the world are becoming richer through their nefarious plans that have depopulation at their core. Humans are now disposable, like an outdated computer or telephone, that must be replaced with compliant robots, and transhuman cyborgs enhanced to become servants of the mega-rich. These psychopaths plan to end billions of human lives to provide themselves with a more convenient world where non-compliant humans are eliminated by bio-weapon vaccines, continuous war, starvation, and sterilization. These insane maniacs feel justified in killing “breeders”, “useless hungry mouths”, and “political dissidents” who will be replaced by robots serving their every need.

These are not sci-fi imaginations, they are taking place right now in front of us – for those with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear.’ There is no other choice but to fight back and end this tyranny of the elite against humanity. For indeed, these war actors no longer have any humanity left in their hearts or souls. We must rise up individually and collectively and fight these monsters or their war against us will be the last war humanity ever witnesses. The time is at hand and you must choose one side or the other, destiny will not wait for you to finish your video game or online entertainment before you do something about this attack of humanity.

Rage against the machine before it is too late


Principles and Tenets

  • Human before machines
  • Human intelligence before artificial intelligence
  • Establish common-sense laws aligned with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Enforce all morally established laws and prosecute criminals
  • Stop ignoring political criminals
  • End corporate immunity
  • Do longitudinal studies on the effects of every device and machine
  • Screen all future patents for harmful effects on humans
  • Eliminate robots and most robotics that replace human labor
  • Stop broadcasting electromagnetic frequencies that harm humans
  • Create morally sound machines that do not harm humans
  • Neo-Luddites are not completely anti-technology
  • All evil technologies are politically based and bankster funded
  • Technology brain-washes (programs) its user by definition
  • People generally do not understand the full impact and dangers of technology
  • We need to develop new moral technologies based on human considerations and health
  • We favor life-enhancing technologies
  • We support decentralized control of all technologies
  • We demand sustainable life-styles that advance humanity


Action Plan – What You Can Do

  • Become a Neo-Luddite White Hat whistle-blower or activist
  • Unplug harmful machines and technology
  • Ban machines that make humans ill
  • Cut the cables of global communication*
  • Jam the signals and block the communications*
  • Stop the digital take-over of the world by “gumming up” the systems you work with
  • Stop the digital overlord’s plans like Dragonfly that creates Social Credit Systems
  • Stop pharmaceutical lobbyist who write legislation for lawmakers
  • Stop patent theft for fake “national security” justification
  • Stop bankers from being brokers
  • Stop electrification that harms (dirty electricity, wireless, 5G, etc.)
  • End nuclear weapon proliferation and military impunity
  • Pull the plug on all off-shore tax havens – theft of worker’s money
  • Make corporations pay as much taxes as workers
  • “Gum up” the works of evil machinations you work with at your job
  • Throw a “monkey wrench” into the gears of inhuman mechanisms
  • Help establish local-rule based on common law and common-sense
  • Establish free and machine-unencumbered elections that prosecute fraud
  • Work and think locally not globally


Rise Up Against and Stop

  • Insidious immoral machines and robotics replacing human labor
  • Over-computerization of all aspects of life (like the Internet of Things)
  • Artificial Intelligence replacing human intelligence
  • Corporate overlord’s immunity from prosecution
  • Legalized pharmaceutical genocide – like the Plandemic
  • Transhumanistic replacement of human values
  • Over-automation and digital centralization
  • Digital social credit systems
  • Central Banks and the US Federal Reserve debt system
  • Monetary manipulation through demonic laws aligned with Mammon
  • Uncontrolled nefarious innovation spawned by immoral greed and blind lust
  • War economics including the “Clash of Nations” theory and practice
  • Dehumanization of all aspects of culture
  • Denaturing of food, water, air, etc.
  • Elimination of Christian morals and values
  • Chaos Marxist politics leading to dictatorial communism and greedy oligarchies
  • Digitally rigged elections and corporate funded politicians
  • Globalization of national economies
  • Unbridled and uncontrolled military/industrial war economies
  • Global political annihilation of the unalienable rights of life, liberty, happiness
  • Top-down control of human freedoms
  • Machines attacking human health – 5G, wireless transmissions, unfettered EMF
  • Medical tyranny of poisonous petrochemical drugs
  • Medical papacy based on superstitious and “religious” belief in fake-science


Work to Be Done – What You Can Help With

  • Decentralize all computers, Internet communications, banking and stock markets
  • Decentralize all commodity exchanges and speculation
  • End all gambling under the guise of stock exchanges
  • End all derivative markets/gambling
  • End credit-backed fiat currencies
  • End the onerous debt of central banks – US Federal Reserve, etc.
  • End the United Nation’s control over the entire world – raze the UN to the ground
  • End the nefarious control of food production and GMO denaturing
  • End all genetical modified products and outlaw any further research in GMOs


*Cable communication lines are typically buried about 4 feet deep; although, they may be seen running exposed along side bridges. Trenches in WWI were typically 6-7 feet deep and were dug in the night with soldiers using backpack shovels. A backhoe would have been more efficient, but alas they didn’t have those on the battlefield so they had to dig by shovel and sweat.


FIND COMMUNICATION CABLES IN YOUR PART OF THE WORLD. This is an interactive map and you do not need to sign-up to view it. Shows where communication cabling is laid all around the world.

This information is posted for education purposes and is not intended as a DIY project. Meow.

How to Cut Wire – 4/0 to 22 AWG. Wow – look at those 16 inch cable cutters!


Below is another great map for locating comm lines:

Explore the Lumen global network


Below is the Uniti Network Map which shows multiple layers like Uniti tower sites and network services.


Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron). (Feb. 27, 1812). FRAME WORK BILL (first Lords speech in defense of the Luddites), Vol. 21, cc964-79. Hansard, Parliament (UK). Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:  

This portrait was made within six months of his pro-Luddite speech to the House of Lords


I’m a Luddite. You should be one, too


How to use a BIG CAT backhoe.


Backhoe Digging A Ditch. Bet those trench diggers in WWI wish they had these on the battlefield!



Ditch Witch – -Digging a trench at home


GLOBAL GENOCIDE has been their plan all along. If we don’t stand up and destroy the BEAST, we will be forever locked inside the Rothschild Global Plantation. We must resist for the sake of our children.


We All Still Die – Complete Warrior Cats