Canada protest opposition being compared to anti-German WWI propaganda

The British Pilgrims Society Propaganda Machine Created:

The 1st Imperial Press Conference, 1909

They continue to fabricate endless war for profit, power and depopulation.

They are still at it.

Trudeau-loving Washington Post trumpets Trudeau’s lies about the Canadian Freedom Convoy. They say the truckers are displaying “symbols of hatred and division.” Flags? Honking? Bouncy Castles? Shoveling snow? Signs? Soup kitchens? Singing “Oh Canada?”

The British Pilgrims falsely accused Germany in 1915 of skewering Belgian babies to turn the British and American population against Germany and in favor of their WWI

Editor. (Apr. 18, 1917). German Ghouls – Corpses Converted to Soap and Explosives, Dividends from Dealth [The Wellington House War Propaganda Bureau, formed Aug. 1914, anti-German propaganda]. Sheffield/Yorkshire Evening Telegraph and Star, British Newspaper Archive.

The horned demon possessing the Windsors?

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