British created the Bolshevik Revolution

NEW DISCOVERY: Rothschilds transferred $7.5 million in gold bullion to Russia in 1892 without running it through the Bank of England ($234 million today); thus funding Britain’s eventual false flags against Russia and Germany in WWI and the British-created Bolshevik Revolution.

Nikolai Tesla

(Hegelian Dialectic [thesis, antithesis, synthesis] – Sabbatean Frankist satanism: Make your target strong enough to have an excuse to go to war against him and then profit from all “sides” of the conflict that you created. Bwahahaha!)

(The Rothschild Archives fails to reveal this.—More historical fraud.)

Review of Reviews, Aug. 1892, p. 549 (Oct. 25, 1892), W.T. Stead, proprietor

TIMELINE CONTEXT (what else was going on in 1882-95?):

  • 1884, socialist Fabian Society founded by  gay (like so most of this Frankist self-anointed elitists), unmarried Lord Balfour, principal, and go between to the Rothschilds.
  • 1888, May 14, Knights of Malta, English Priory founded by royal command, promoted by Baron Henry de Worms (Rothschild) and Parliamentary Secretary of the Board of Trade, Lord Rosebery (Rothschild), Lord Lionel Rothschild
  • 1888DeBeers (diamond and gold mining in South Africa) founded by N.M. Rothschild and Cecil Rhodes.
  • 1888, Oct. 09, Andrew Carnegie propagandizes MONOPOLY as “A Trustworthy Beast” in The New York Times—his bought and paid for propaganda publication.
  • 1889, Jan. 02Baron Henry De Worms (maternal Rothschild), appointed to the Privy Council by Queen Victoria
  • 1889, Apr 04-JulCecil Rhodes and William T. Stead, first met at Cape Agency in London on April 4, 1889 1:30pm, arranged by Sir Charles Mills, Cape Colony (South Africa) Agent-General; discuss “I cannot tell you his scheme because it is too secret. But involves millions … But he offered me down as a free gift £20,000 (£2.7 million today) … to buy a share in the P.M. [Pall Mall] Gazette… “The Imperial Federation discussion was at least an as immense succis d’estime (success of esteem)” … discussed helping Stead start a morning paper … “He took to me. Told me some things he has told to no other man — save Lord Rothschild … It seems all like a fairy dream.”
  • 1889, Dec. 19British South Africa Company charted by Queen Victoria, Cecil J. Rhodes, director, Earl Grey.
  • 1890, Jan. 01W.T. Stead founded The Review of Reviews from a Cecil Rhodes $2.7 million donation in 1889 (see above).
  • 1890Apr. 08, Junius Morgan died in a Riviera car crash and son J.P. Morgan took over his Rothschild-Peabody-Morgan banking empire.
  • 1890, Nov. 19, Lady Hannah Rothschild died from typhoid and Lord Rosebery (Rothschild) inherited her N.M. Rothschild fortune, making him the most wealthy Britain.
  • 1892Rothschild obtained $234 million (2022 dollars) in gold bullion for Russia without involving the Bank of England. (in other words, the Rothschilds funded Russia to subsequently be able to call them a military and commercial threat to Britain in order to FALSE FLAG World War I.
  • 1892General Electric incorporated on Apr. 15 (investors: JP Morgan, Vanderbilt, T.J. (Thomas Jefferson) Coolidge, Jr.; founder of United Fruit Company [later MI6-CIA]; great grandson of Thomas Jefferson
  • 1893, Inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrated wireless telegraphy at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
  • 1893Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., (Lord Pirbright) (maternal Rothschild), future Privy Councilor, inherited  £350K UKP (in 1892), £47.4 million UKP in 2022
  • 1893“The Hazard Circular” discovered exposing Bank of England, Rothschild conspiracy to destroy Abraham Lincoln’s interest-free “Greenbacks” during the Civil War and the reinstitution of  debt-interest-based currency (reinforcement of interest-bearing fiat currency)
  • 1894Borderland psychical quarterly started by W.T. Stead to promote the Society of Psychical Research (Sabbatean Frankist satanism)
  • 1895, Feb 05Cecil John Rhodes appointed to the Queen’s Privy Council; Lord President is prime minister Lord Rosebery (maternal Rothschild)
  • 1895, communist London School of Economics (LSE) founded by the Fabian Society