Sabbatean Frankist Satanists and the British Pilgrims Society

W.T. Stead was Cecil Rhodes’ chief spokesman for the creation of the secret (Sabbatean Frankist satanic) British Pilgrims Society (1902). Its creation was deferred until Rhodes’ was given a Royal Charter for the British South Africa Company.

Henry Kissinger and his disciples (e.g., Youngkin, Buttigieg, Clinton, Harris, Breyer, Schwarzman, Zuckerberg, Gaga, Schmidt, Musk, Fink, Johnson, Schwab, Fauxi, Rothschild youngers, etc.) continue this plan to establish a self-anointed, satanic “new world order.”

“Mr. X” is Nathan Mayer (“N.M.”) Rothschild.

W.T. Stead (1888), p. 260, PDF p. 270:

“He [Cecil Rhodes] took to me ; told me things he has told to no other man save X [Lord Nathan Mayer “N.M.“ Rothschild] . . . It seems all like a fairy dream . . . He expounded to me his ideas about underpinning the Empire by a Society [Pilgrims Society, 1902] which would be to the Empire what the Society of Jesus was to the Papacy.”

Cecil Rhodes to W.T. Stead, Nov. 25, 1889 (p. 262, PDF p. 270)):

“. . . I am sorry I never met Booth (William Booth, Salvation Army founder) I am waiting until I make my Charter [British South Africa Company, Dec. 19, 1889 – approved by Queen Victoria three weeks later] a success before we attempt our [Pilgrims] Society – you can understand.”

Booth subsequently recruited the British poor into debt slavery to all corners of the British Empire, including its American colony.

W.T. Stead, Nov. 25, 1889 (p. 263, PDF p. 269): “By the time this [Rhodes] letter reached me I was leaving the Pall Mall Gazette and preparing for the publication of the first number of the Review of Reviews.* It was an enterprise in which Mr. Rhodes took the keenest interest.

“[Review of Reviews mission:] We believe in God, in England, and in Humanity! The English-speaking race is one of the chief of God’s chosen agents for executing coming improvements in the lot of mankind . . . Our supreme duty is the winnowing out by a process of natural selection . . . the leadership of democracies and the guidance of democracies belong always to the few. The governing minds are never numerous.” (p. 17, PDF, p. 19).

To be “read as men used to read their Bibles…”

W.T. Stead (1891): “ [Stead’s idea of] the Association of the Helpers [for the proposed secret Pilgrims Society]. ‘You have begun,’ said he [Rhodes], ‘to realize my idea. ”

The British Pilgrims Society, founded 16 July 1902

See Editor. (May 17, 1903). THE PILGRIMS’ SOCIETY GROWS, More Notable American and Englishmen Join Organization. The New York Times.

Editor. (Oct. 08, 1902). American Generals Commanded to Visit His Majesty, Pilgrims Society luncheon postponed. St. James’s Gazette.

TRAITORS: American Army Generals and Admirals have been betraying American sovereignty to the British since 1902

See Editor. (May 17, 1903). THE PILGRIMS’ SOCIETY GROWS, More Notable American and Englishmen Join Organization. The New York Times.

Roll forward from 1902 to 2008. See hard proof of the Pilgrims Society’s continuing influence in global politics and economy:

Pilgrims Society of the United States. (2008). The Pilgrims Foundation Inc., EIN 13-3095744, IRS Form 990, previously named The William J. Donovan Memorial Foundation

Pilgrims Society of the United States, Officers, 1973-1995

U.S. President (38th)

U.S. Vice President (40th) (Nixon)

U.S. House Minority Leader

U.S. House Republican Conference

Michigan Congressman

U.S. Sec. of Treasury (57th) (Kennedy, Johnson)

U.S. Under Sec. of State (Eisenhower)

U.S. Under Sec. of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment (Eisenhower)

U.S. Ambassador to France (Eisenhower)

U.S. Senator, MA

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

U.S. Senate Majority Leader

U.S. Senate Republican Conference

U.S. Senate President pro tempore

U.S. Congressman, MA

MA, chair of the Republican Party

Kidder Peabody

Pilgrims Society President

Atlantic Partnership

Knight of Malta, English Priory

UN Office of Project Service

U.S. Sec. of State (54th) (Kennedy, Johnson-A Pilgrim)

U.S. Assistant Sec. of State for Far Eastern Affairs (2nd) (Truman)

U.S. 1st Ass. Sec. of State for International Organization Affairs (Truman)

Banker son of J.P. Morgan Chase Manhattan


U.S. Sec. of State (59th) (Reagan)

U.S. Supreme Allied Commander (7th) (Europe) (Ford, Carter)

White House Chief of State (5th) (Nixon, Ford)

U.S. Vice Chief of Staff of the Army (Nixon)

U.S. Dep. Nat. Security Advisor (Nixon)

Co-founder, Standard Oil with brother John D. Rockefeller

Co-owner, Anaconda Copper Company

KBE = Knight of the British Empire Actor

GBE = Knight of the Order of the British Empire

U.S. Sec. of Defense (15th, Reagan)

U.S. Sec. of Health, Education, and Welfare (10th) (Reagan, Ford)

U.S. Dir. of the Office of Management and Budget (20th)

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Director Nixon)

Republican Party Chair (California)

CA State Assembly

U.S. Secretary of Commerce (under Gerald Ford)

U.S. Ambassador to the UK

U.S. Attorney General (69th)

U.S. Sec. of Defense (11th)

U.S. Sec. of Health, Education and Welfare (9th)

U.S. Sec. of State (25th) (Nixon)

Massachusetts Attorney General (25th)

Massachusetts Lt. Governor (62nd)

U.S. Attorney, MA (Eisenhower)

Time Magazine, owner


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