The Masked Boston Brahmin Elitist

The masked Boston Brahmin elitist white boy Patty Jackson, interlocked with  State Street Bank, should be at the Judiciary Hearing, not his token black surrogate Ketanji.

“Boston Brahmin” British Pilgrims Society elites headed to the Supreme Court via cardboard cutout Ketanji Brown Jackson – the wrong person is sitting in the Judiciary Hearings (State Street Bank should be in the docks)

Boston Brahmin. (Accessed Mar. 24, 2022). Overview, incl. Patrick Graves Jackson. Wikipedia.

(Black) Ketanji Brown Jackson married (White Boston elitist) Patrick Graves Jackson on Oct. 12, 1996

Boston Brahmin Graves Jackson’s great great grandfather JAMES JACKSON JR. (1881-1952, 90 Beacon Street, Boston) was vice president of J

Boston Brahmins were intimately involved in the founding of the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY (1902) including Joseph Choate, Franklin D. Roosevelt, T.S. Eliot, Henry Cabot Lodge.

Patrick Jackson’s great great grandfather:

James Jackson Jr b. Apr 21 1881; 90 Beacon Street, Boston, Suffolk, MA; m. Jun 27 1904; Harvard 1904; overseer of Harvard 1921-27; d. Jun 1952; Broker, Private Estatem. Jun 28 1904Banker (1910 Census); Red Cross SocietiesBoston Brahmin;

Note: English, Irish, Scotish, and Canadian servants

North American, Families Histories, 1500-2000

James Jackson Jr. (b. Apr. 21, 1881)

State Street Bank and Trust Company

State Street Bank and Trust Company, more commonly known as State Street Global Services or simply Global Services, is a subsidiary of State Street Corporation organized as a trust company based in Massachusetts specializing in services to mutual funds and their advisers, collective investment funds, corporate and public pension fundsinsurance companies, operating companies and non-profit organizations. Global Services is the largest custodian bank in the world.[1][2]

It also used to provide retail banking and commercial lending products until it sold off that division in 1999 to Citizens Financial Group, of Providence, Rhode Island. The retail banking and commercial lending units were sold for $350 million. Assets under administration (AuA) $7 trillion 2Q 2017.

State Street, and its sister company State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), which is a leading registered investment advisor, together comprise the principal operating companies within parent company State Street Corporation.[3]

Early career

A year after he graduated from Harvard Jackson became associated with the banking firm of Lee, Higginson and Co., remaining there until he became vice-president of the Paul Revere Trust Co.[3] When the Paul Revere Trust Co. was merged into the State Street Trust Company, Jackson became a secretary of State Street,[3] and manager of its Copley Square Branch.

Overseer of Harvard 1921-27

James Jackson (Massachusetts politician)

James Jackson (April 21, 1881 – June 23, 1952) was an American politician who served as Treasurer and Receiver-General of Massachusetts from 1920 to 1924.[1][2]

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