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The Satoshi Nakamoto fiction in real life is an equally fake Philip J. Venables, 21-year Goldman Sachs chief security officer, now the same for Google, and lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Hidden background information reveals that he is British, his brother, Professor Anthony Venables is a knight and professor of economics at Oxford University and his father, Dr. Peter Venables, was president of the British Psychological Institute (of Tavistock Institute infamy).

Tellingly, another British knight, (Sir) Nicholas Clegg is now co-equal with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook; Clegg was former Liberal-Communist deputy prime minister of Great Britain and Pilgrims Society leader aligned with the likes of (Sir) Henry Kissinger, (Sir) Caspar Weinberger, (Sir) Klaus Schwab , (Sir) Nigel Knowles, (Lords) Evelyn and Jacob de Rothschild, (Sir) Tony Blair, (Queen) Hillary and (Khazarian) George Soros—a squeeze of (Lord) Mark Malloch-Brown (Smartmatic-Dominion-Optech).

Remarkably, the busy beaver Venables had time to acquire four U.S. Patents in cryptocurrency from the British-run U.S. Patent Office while he was “advising” the U.S. and UK governments on cybersecurity—no insider information here, move along.

Venables’ dubious cryptocurrency inventions rely on the underlying invention of social networking that he helped steal from Columbus, Ohio inventor Leader Technologies—he even used Leader’s former patent attorney, Fenwick & West LLP, to file them!

Venables’ patent claims include biological and nanotech interfaces, as well as the  subsuming of all current crypto currency experiments including “Litecoin, Novacoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, Terracoin, Dogecoin, and Peercoin” … and “Bitcoin.”

April 08, 2022—Briton Philip (“Phil”) J. Venables has been a perennial presence in Presidential and DARPA cyber technology panels since he graduated from Oxford University in 1990.

Venables: Fraud, Treason, Sedition, Conspiracy

Remarkably, as a subject of the British monarch in the United States, he was nevertheless awarded  crypto currency patents by America’s British-controlled U.S. Patent Office (run by SERCO). In addition, in his new role, he now effectively runs Google as their chief of security. To make matters worse, he sits on Biden’s cyber policy council, like he did under Bush and Obama.

Venables technology weaponization role within the highly illegal Highlands Group (DoD Office of Net Assessment) makes him a clear and present danger to the American Republic. Whistleblowers have emerged to describe Highlands Group meetings in which Anthony Fauci discussed biowarfare research he was conducting.

Remarkably, Venables only recently revealed that he is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with the usual crowd of British Pilgrims Society suspects.

Even before Venables received his masters at Oxford, he was being pushed through the ranks on a whirlwind grooming schedule that would even make a Phoenix blush.

Ask yourself, what mere mortal rises so quickly unless he is a merely Ask yourself, what mere mortal rises so quickly in global banking, technology and crypto circles unless he is a minion of the British Pilgrims Society?

Phil J. Venables resume: (see broadly obscured White House version)

Figure 1: Philip (“Phil”) J. Venables, chief security officer, Google; cryptocurrency patent holder; British Pilgrims Society groom.

1990.  Oxford (UK) graduate. MSc.

1992-95. Barclays Bank (UK) information security manager; founded by ancestors of Carrie Bevan Johnson, first lady at 10 Downing Street.    

1993.    Third CPSR Cryptography and Privacy Conference, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, founded by CFR founder Elihu Root, presumed participant with James P. Chandler, III, John Podesta, FBI, CIA, DoD, Sun, Steven Crocker (later ICANN), Wilmer Hale, NIST, UPenn, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, New York Times, Washington Post, Apple, IBM, HP, Qualcomm, IEEE, Senate Judiciary, ACLU, Georgetown, State Department, MIT.

1995-97.   Standard Charted Bank (UK) global head of technology risk management.

1996-present. Highlands Group (DARPA-Office of Net Assessment) member; weaponization of new technologies in a secret, fascist Department of Defense “public-private” partnership.

1997-2000. Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt, Germany – Mayer Amschel Rothschild home turf and home of the Hessians in the American Revolution) chief information security officer.

2000-17.  Goldman Sachs partner and chief information security officer.

2015-present. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) lifetime member; founded by British Pilgrims Society co-founder Elihu Root with Chatham House – Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK); Root also founded the Carnegie Institute for International Relations

2016.  Obama’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity (CENC, 2016); co-chaired by Thomas E. Donilon, now chairman of Blackrock Investment Institute, and Sam J. Palmisano, former president and CEO of IBM.

2017-18. Goldman Sachs partner and chief operational risk officer.

2018-20.  Goldman Sachs director.

2019-20.  Goldman Sachs private equity.

2019-present.  Interors Inc. director (intrusive enterprise mapping tool owned by Kleiner Perkins (Boston Brahmins – Ketanji Brown Jackson) and Venrock to be able to monitor every transaction).

2021-present.  HackerOne director (endless excuses to hack in the name of security).

2021-present.  President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

2020-present.  Google Cloud chief information security officer.

Phil J. Venables is driving the crypto currency plan for the British Pilgrims Society new world order

The fakeness of Venables’ resume is evident.

Nobody but a groomed cardboard cutout for the British Pilgrims Society has a resume that starts at the top and stays there, pollenating other corrupt flowers  his whole career.

With his British knight brother, and his British psycho daddy, the Venables socialist collective careers span in brain washing, mind control, psycho-bio and carbon credits economics.

Phil Venables’ focus on human-computer interfaced digital currency reveals a sinister social credit score agenda. (Note: Venables’ patents include biological and nanoparticle interfaces for crypto currency.)

Phil Venables’ career resumes are “cleansed,” meaning his family, nationality and the interlocked expertise/agendas of his brother and father are hidden from the casual reader, but not from experienced investigators.

However, Venables opened the kimono in his recent LinkedIn biography, probably after the elevation of fellow Brit Sir Nick Clegg to the co-equal role at Facebook. Evidently, the Pilgrims Society British are on the move in the takedown of the American Republic.

Figure 2: Peter Venables, former president of the British Psychological Association (Tavistock Institute infamy), among others.

Philip’s look-alike father, Peter Venables (1923-2017), was the founder of Open University and was:

  1. President, British Psychological Society (1979-80)
  2. President, Society of Psychophysiological Research in the United States (1977-78)
  3. President, Experimental Psychology Society (UK, 1968-70)
  1. Distinguished Contributions, Psychophysiology (U.S., Society for Psychophysiological Research, 1987),
  2. Zubin Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Discipline from the Society for Research in Psychopathology (U.S., 1990),
  3. Honorary Membership of the Experimental Psychology Society (UK, 1993),
  4. Award Winner, British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience for Outstanding Contributions to British Psychophysiology (UK, 2009),
  5. Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge (British Psychological Society, 2014).

Philip’s look-alike brother, Anthony James Venables, is a British knight and

Figure 3: Anthony James Venables, CBE, (born 25 April 1953) is a British economist and the BP Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Oxford; London School of Economics.
  1. Fellow, the British Academy of the Econometric Society;
  2. Chief Economist at the UK Department for International Development;
  3. Professor at the London School of Economics (LSE is a notoriously COMMUNIST institution founded by the Fabians in 1895 – just seven years before Fabian insiders conspired with Lord Rothschild, Privy Councilor Cecil Rhodes, Lord Pirbright, Lord Rosebery, Andrew Carnegie, Elihu Root, J.P. Morgan, J.D. Rockefeller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Lord Milner and W.T. Stead, among others, to found the Pilgrims Society in 1902).
  4. Research manager of the trade research group in the World Bank; and
  5. Advisor to the UK Treasury;
  6. He has published extensively in the areas of international trade and spatial economics, including work on trade and imperfect competition, economic integration, multinational firms, and economic geography.
  7. Publications include: The spatial economy; cities, regions and international trade, with M. Fujita and P. Krugman (MIT press, 1999), and Multinationals in the World Economy with G. Barba Navaretti (Princeton 2004).

Phil Venables’ motivation for coming out of the woodwork now is curious. He must feel safe and that his crypto currency conspiracy is now inevitable.

Remarkably, Venables had time in his busy grooming schedule to invent four patents.

Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for:
IN/”Venables; Phil J”
: 4 patents.
Hits 1 through out of 4

PAT. NO.Title
110,574,685Synthetic cyber-risk model for vulnerability determination
210,044,746Synthetic cyber-risk model for vulnerability determination
39,704,143Cryptographic currency for securities settlement
49,571,517Synthetic cyber-risk model for vulnerability determination

Dubiously, Venables’ U.S. Pat. Nos. 10,574,685, 10,044,746, 9,704,143, 9,571,51 patents were all filed by Fenwick & West LLP, social networking inventor Leader Technologies’ secondary patent attorney along with James P. Chandler, III. Oh what webs we weave…

Of particular note is:

U.S. Pat. No. 9,704,143. (Awarded Jul. 11, 2017). CRYPTOGRAPHIC CURRENCY FOR SECURITIES SETTLEMENT, incl. Phil J. Venables, Goldman Sachs & Co. USPTO.

Patents are unique animals with regard to words and phrases, so we will try to keep our comments in plain English.

Venables “References Cited” show technology over which his invention claims “priority.” Meaning he claims that his invention is so much better that it deserves patenting over the referenced items (that his are “unique” and “non-obvious” improvements over those).

In his list for which he claims a superior position are Bitcoin, eWallet real time trading (Briem), offline virtual currency transaction (Hu),  and converting cryptocurrency to reserve assets (Minor). See especially “Why Bitcoin Matters for Bankers.”

The claims and specifications in his patent include an all-encompassing “virtual wallet” that is stored on remote ledgers “across the network.”

Before his transactions occur, the identities of both the prospective sender and recipient must be verified by a “trusted” third party, that can include a government. This wallet subsumes all current crypto currencies. This system will be able to read all current crypto currencies, otherwise the transactions involving them will not be completed.

Venables’ data storage model is fraudulent on its face

The data storage model relies on the social networking invention of Leader Technologies, including U.S. Pat. No. 7,139, 761, yet nowhere does Venables disclose Leader’s invention as prior art. This is fraud on the Patent Office, as well as fraud by Fenwick & West LLP.

CREEPY: Venables crypto currency ledgers may be stored in your body.

Probably most telling, the Venables cryptocurrency patent claims that it will run on “nanotechnology memory” and “biological memory.” (Col. 6, Line 58) and can even be manipulated by your sense of smell (“olfactory”) (Col. 7, Line 24).

Col. 6, Line 58:

Col. 7, Line 24:

Ledger-based system store all transaction data across the network.

Col. 5, Lines 35-49:

Conclusion: The Venables are one CREEPY family of psychopaths who want to rule the lives of all humankind

Given Daddy Venables’ psycho-bio life, and Brother Sir Tony Venables’ carbon credits advocacy at Oxford, Phil J. Venables’ control of Goldman Sachs and Google clearly reveal their agenda to implement the British Pilgrims Society’s “new world order” replete with sociopathic digital control of all financial, social and carbon-based life-form transactions on planet earth.  

Call to Action

  1. Close down all their offshore bank accounts where taxes have not been paid;
  2. Close down the Senior Executive Service (SES);
  3. Close down the U.S. Patent Office until British SERCO and QinetiQ are kicked out and the Office reformed without attorneys;
  4. Kick out the British Crown Agents;
  5. Kick out the Prince’s Trust from America;
  6. Prohibit British peers from any involvement in U.S. government, education, healthcare, commerce, NGOs or government
  7. Close the Federal Reserve;
  8. Close the IRS;
  9. Demand that the Rothschilds and their interlocked banks disgorge holdings worldwide;
  10. Do not implement cryptocurrency of any kind due to its endemically ruinous nature regarding property and privacy;
  11. Stop debt slavery by usury or any other method of oppression;
  12. Stop opium, cocaine and human trafficking;
  13. Enable a truly free press; and
  14. Return elections to paper ballots and bipartisan, unbroken chain of custody.
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