Michael McKibben and David Morgan: Blockchain’s Backend

Morgan posts: “Accessing the data and logic stored in a blockchain is significantly different than accessing your own servers. Blocktimes, mempools, and minimum confirmations make knowing the current state a challenge, while new languages and the ability to update and deployed smart contract is complex. But is it safe and, more importantly, is it anonymous?

Michael McKibben say absolutely not. The blockchain has proven to be a powerful technology for protecting the integrity of vital information, but it is far from anonymous. The blockchain is a public ledger, keyword public. When you transact say bitcoin, your wallet address and transaction details are recorded in the blockchain. So a long as there is no link between your wallet address and your identity, your transaction stays anonymous. But for most of you that is not the case.

Privacy is a basic human right. Anonymity is how to get there. Nevertheless, getting there in this digital day and age requires effort. Websites are all too eager to share your information. Watch this video on The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 21 – Blockchain’s Backend, then please share with your friends and family on social media and use the caption The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 21 – Blockchain’s Backend Market Analysis/Investing/Trading Methods At TheMorganReport.com.

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