The American banking world’s smoking gun

British have been inside our American knickers for a long time!

Alexander Hamilton’s back channels to London

The American banking world’s smoking gun

This newspaper record proves that Alexander Hamilton and his former St. Croix slave-opium boss Henry Cruger were conspiring with John Barker Church to turn over America’s emerging banks to the Bank of England. Cruger was evidently running Hamilton’s backchannel to the Bank of England in London via people like Benjamin Vaughn, who then took his cash to America once the First Bank of the United States (proposed in 1784, charted in 1791—modelled on the Bank of England) was set up by Hamilton and Church.

Foreign Affairs. (Oct. 14, 1795). Henry Cruger, Charles Goring, John Barker Church, travel to America, Vol. 26, No. 1315.  Hereford Journal.

Alexander Hamilton’s back channel, Benjamin Vaughn, conspired with John Barker Church and his former slave boss, Henry Cruger, to takeover America’s first banks.