Shills in Alternative Media Protect the Pilgrims Society

Ever wonder why so many alternative media platforms and personalities don’t report on the theft of social media, the Pilgrims, Senior Executive Service, Pirbright, and the origins of coronavirus and now monkeypox?

Sure looks like they are beholden to paymasters who control how far they go in telling their communities the deep truths about the centuries’ old British Imperial Empire control over humanity. If alternative media personalities like Alex Jones and Mike Adams really cared about TRUTH HISTORY, they would expose this research to you in a big and powerful way.

But for now, these shills seem to be more interested in reporting on snake venom hocus-pocus and stale John Durham news about the very corrupt swamp, totally ignoring the biggest revelations of the day, like what is shown in this video below:

Contributing Authors. (Dec. 03, 2021). Prince Charles Brags, Great Reset Puppetmaster has trillions, as King He will cull 90% full length. StrangeNews.
Also at:

Imagine stories this big and the top names in alternative media won’t interview Michael McKibben, educate their audiences about the deadly Pilgrims Society, or connect the dots to the overwhelming proof that the world is still run by the evil, satanic, pedophile-pushing, human-trafficking British Imperial Empire.

If your favorite alt media channels are not discussing these topics as thoroughly as we have at AIM/AFI, start calling them out in the comment boxes of their articles and videos. By being such pusillanimous globohomos, they are standing in the way of defeating humanity’s enemy – the PILGRIMS SOCIETY.

Why aren’t these alt media pusillanimous personalities telling their audiences these inconvenient truths? Alex Jones, Greg Hunter, Joe Rogan, Sean at SGT, Dave at X22, Greg Reese, David Knight, Mike Adams, Stew Peters, WILEY COYOTE (Rick Wiles), SES Catherine Austin Fitts, Clif High, James O’Keefe, Owen Shroyer, and who could forget the SES movie propagandist Dinesh D’Souza.

If you think Ann VanderSHILL is a reliable source because she has interviewed Michael McKibben a few times, ask her why she doesn’t feature Michael’s picture in her roster of guests? After all, Michael is hugely more important than the guests she proudly displays. VanderSHILL pictures the totally irrelevant Mel K, Roseanne Barr, Patrick Byrne, Derek Maltz, and Juanita Broaddrick, but not the most significant entrepreneur of our times?

Here’s a screenshot as of today’s blog to show you how VanderSHILL does not consider her guest Michael McKibben to be as significant as other guests:

It’s not like Mike doesn’t have a head shot for her gallery of important people to interview.

Michael McKibben

Other alt media personalities that don’t report on the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA, the Pilgrims, SES, crown agents, and the British attempt to overthrow America are: Del BigTree, Juan ‘CIA’ Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, Mel K, Sundance (Conservative Treehouse), Zero Hedge ‘Tyler Durden’, James Corbett, Abbey Martin, Aaron and Melissa (Truthstream Media), Mike Cernovich, Candace Owens, and now children’s book writer Kash Patel…and on and on and on.

Are they controlled oppo or just STUPID people and Sloppy researchers?

We have pointed out the shills as we have journeyed through our own way to truth. Read about some of them here:

Piercing the Veil of Limited Hangouts: Know How to Spot Controlled Opposition

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Who are the current alternative media shills?

TruNews and Violation of Florida Deceptive Trade Practices

AIMCats are not happy that RICK WILES conned them out of funds to support a documentary that has been shelved. Here is a letter mailed to Wiley Coyote from one of our community members.

Don’t be fooled by this British puppet – Candace Owens. She is a lap dog for her British royal in-laws.

Over the target and the trolls go crazy

Our email box is being slammed by trolls who are trying to dissuade us in reporting truths about Candace Owens and James O’Keefe.

Here at AIM, we have labeled these shills as chicken-shit propaganda pussies, aka pusillanimous globohomos (pussies), a term Clif High would love to use, but can’t because he resembles it too much.

Why we are not interested in Anna von Reitz

I get numerous comments from folks outside the AIM community, recommending that I read anything from Anna von Reitz. I usually reply – “not interested in her material“. Today I received and email conversation between two cats in the Conclave (I was copied); this is an opportunity to show you an example of why we aren’t interested in anything she has to say, write, post – whatever.

Learn about Nick Stumphauzer, a propaganda filmmaker for Wiley Coyote.

Rick Wiles Censors Truth and Aids Genocide Operation

Over 15 months ago, Rick ‘CIA’ Wiles sent his filmmakers to our Conclave to interview Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel about their deep research findings on Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset. We were told that the production would be available “soon”. Well time has gone on and the important footage was never released by Wiles and his censorship team at TruNews.

Travis J. DeCosta – Attorney for TruNews

We play a high-level global chess here at AIM. Our objective is to defeat the PILGRIMS Society’s centuries-old tyranny of humanity. To play on the high-stakes battlefield with us, you need to educate yourself and others about the PILGRIMS, who are not those nice folks who ate Thanksgiving with the Indians.

They are the British Imperil Empire that used SMALLPOX to kill off the Native American Indians, just like they used the ‘wee little death boxes’ filled with assorted pathogens to kill off Africans as far back as Cecil Rhodes days. The inbred Pilgrims are not imaginative so that is why we see the smallpox genocide agenda, once again.

Best places to educate yourself about this global terrorist group is to study the content at:

Seriously, why aren’t the shills listed above interested in questions AIMCats have asked and researched for years!?

How does DARPA, IBM Eclipse Foundation, the Highlands Forum, and the Executive Office explain their theft of Leader Technologies’ patent which they turned into a control and surveil system for the Pilgrims Society against American citizens?

To all American inventors and entrepreneurs: The United States Patent and Trademark Office is run by British SERCO. The USPTO harvests the best ideas and patents from American inventors like Mike‘s and divvy up among their globalist pals. Until the Brits and all foreign interests are removed from the USPTO, your patent is NOT SAFE and SECURE.

Internet shills could care less about the most significant entrepreneur of our day, and the invention and theft of SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING. None of their platforms would even work if it weren’t for Mike’s invention.

Thanks to those of you who support our research efforts. Please help the miners keep the research flowing by making a donation to support them paying their light bills and other life practicalities as they work to get TRUTH HISTORY to We the People. We also accept your prayers.


Who is Andrew Robert Torba….. really?

Please note that our current research will REVEAL the truth about ANDREW TORBA, another DoD cardboard cutout. Yes, the miners went there and what they pulled up in a day of research in the mines is astonishing. Mr. Torba is hardly who he says he is. We are asking AIMCats to repost future reports on Torba since we use Gab as a communication platform to reach a wider audience than our blog.

Postscript of June 6, 2022

Ann Vandersteel closes operations. Guess Michael McKibben won’t be featured on the Steel Truth Guest List.

Read all about it in these Gab posts: