Expose Gab as Friend or Foe

AIMCats, time to STRIKE as digital warriors. We need to find out if Gab and Andrew Torba are friend or foe. EVERYONE can participate and you don’t need to leave your couch. Timing doesn’t matter as we want to strike often and invite others to join us. Use your cat training to know best how to strike (with memes, videos, Gab posts) and – most important – motivate your glaring to join you.

If this inquiry seems odd to you, then please look through some recent research from the miners:

Disturbing Globalist Connections to Gab and Andrew Torba

Andrew Torba – Cardboard Cutout for Pilgrims Society to Round Up Dissidents?

We have to find out if Torba is friend or foe. Here are some questions you can begin asking him. Demand answers with proof. Spread the word on Gab, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook … anywhere IBM Eclipse doled out STOLEN technology from Leader.

Why haven’t you contacted Michael McKibben at Leader Technologies to have Gab legally licensed to use its social media networking technology? Right now you have parked Gab on stolen technology. Didn’t your Turkish co-founder and CTO tell you?

And if the Turkish dude didn’t tell you about the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING, Andrew, certainly your tech guy, Andrew Cates, who cut his teeth on IBM Eclipse Foundation social networking code stolen from Leader Technologies: Walmart, Netflix would have told you.

Why are you stealing technology from a fellow Christian, Michael McKibben? Can’t you give him a call and work out details so Gabbers, like @Gabriels_Horn don’t feel like they are participating in theft as well?

Andrew, why can’t we find details on your personal biography on the internet? Who were your parents and where are they from? Are you a Muslim from Turkey, a Christian from Scranton, or something else? We cannot find details about your bio.


Why have you parked Gab on the same platform that Trump’s Truth Social is parked (Mastadon)?

There are lots of other questions you could ask him after reading some of the intel drops above.

What’s up with this picture, Andrew? Is this a Christian hand signal and why is your left eye darkened? Are you a member of that Satan-worshipping one-eye club and your 666 gesture is a wave to big daddy?

To do battle, get on Gab.

To direct your questions and comments to Andrew Torba, include @a in your message. If you get locked-out of Gab, make sure to report in with a screen shot that will be shared with the network. Do not use trigger words that would get you kicked off – like threatening violence.

Good luck and stay safe. First one to be banned, excoriated, or kicked-off Gab gets unlimited cheesecake and lattes on the house.

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AIMCats – time to use the POUNCE on the frog. You have been in boot camp long enough. Time to become a CAT WARRIOR.