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The British Pilgrims Society’s takedown cut outs who are in love with Malta (population: 525,000 – the size of Kansas City)

Gov. Ron and Sec. Pete

Ron DeSantis has hidden his association with the Knights of Malta by his hidden membership in the Yale secret society St. Elmo Hall (aka Delta Phi). US Navy. Harvard, Yale.

Pete Buttigieg is related to the British founders and interlocked associations with the Knights of Malta, English Priory. US Navy. Harvard. Oxford Rhodes Scholar (British Pilgrims Society.

Chico Harlan, Washington Post. (Mar. 01, 2020). A Land of Buttigiegs – On Malta, thousands share May Pete’s surname. And most say they’re rooting for him, p. A-11. The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pete Buttigieg, aka Pete “Chicken Farmer.”

Pete Buttigieg’s relative Anton Buttigieg was the second president of Malta (1976-1981), therefore interlocked with the Knights of Malta and the British Pilgrims Society and the Crown.

Pete Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard College and Oxford University, attending the latter on a Rhodes Scholarship. From 2009 to 2017, he was an intelligence officer in the United States Navy Reserve, attaining the rank of lieutenant.

More on this Maltese creep at the bottom of the report.

Terry recommended this video – which is excellent. If you missed it on Gab, take time to listen now:

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Dennis emailed us and asked the following:

“I have read and followed your articles for many years. I have been mostly awed and shocked by your “research”. Some things have been hard to swallow, others not. However, I find DeSantis to be a very good governor of Florida and has done nothing but good for the people. So, who in your opinion should be up for President of the United States? My guess is no one. Anyone with a business background is my choice, and must be a Conservative, but each time someone comes around, you find a way to connect them to the Pilgrims Society or some other group that leads to the British. Can you even answer this question? Will you? Thank you for this opportunity, but somehow I doubt I will receive a response.

Our reply:

The enemy of humanity is the PILGRIMS SOCIETY. DeSantis is a puppet for them as we have shown you in our recent research. He may SEEM to be a good governor NOW, but we are alerting you that he has an evil paymaster who wants to see every Floridian DEAD as in genocide extermination.

We do not think Trump, ‘the Father of Vaccines’, or Desantis is a good candidate for the presidency. And, frankly, if you have been reading us for awhile, you will know that elections worldwide are run by the British who SELECT our candidates after the corrupt political parties give us the “slate of candidates”.

They are FAKE ELECTIONS staged for the uninformed, which we were at one time before we found the EVIDENCE that our votes are rigged using Optech Software. We have no interest in ever voting again until all states use paper ballots and hand count in a bipartisan fashion.

But none of this matters because in the meantime, Dennis, millions and millions of people are being murdered by British biological warfare. Start asking your too-good-to-be-true governor about his relationship with St. Elmo Hall, the Knights of Malta, SERCO, and Qinetiq. Ask him why his 30 year-old sister, who worked for KPMG and had a British fiancée, died mysteriously in London.

You know what the secret is in all these Harvard and Yale secret societies? Answer: that America never won the American Revolutionary War and it is, and always has been, a colony of the British Empire. The secret is real and it’s true. America is not a sovereign nation.

John Kerry, a member of another secret society called the Boston Brahmins, knows about this secret and so does Ron DeSantis who was a member of the Yale secret society called St. Elmo Hall. And, of course, everyone in Skull and Bones knows.

They all share this secret. They all know and are now in position in government, finance, media, medicine, education to finalize the take-over. It’s a big club and you and I aren’t in it. But now we all know their BIG SECRET.


People have been blocking me for saying this, and I’ve been saying it for a LONG time. Since aimcats are now onto him, I’ll say it here: it seems to me that Florida is a trap. Attract all of the liberty loving patriots to the ‘free-est state in the nation’, and then let the ‘weather’ or something else do the rest. Didn’t bidan recently say that Florida was going to have the most severe and unprecedented hurricane season? How would he know that? Let’s just see if D happens to be ‘on vacation’ when the haarp/darpa storms hit. Or will it be the biggest bait and switch the nation has ever seen?

There’s been alarming little clauses in some of the bills he’s signed, and there’s those legendary pictures of him wearing a special hat whilst making out with a particular wall. There’s also those unsettling images of earthquake activity in a perfect grid formation right on top of the landslide region at cumbre vieja. What could a planned tsunami that size do to one of the most prone, lowest altitude states in the country? As the T-cult slowly becomes the D-cult, nothing has changed but the ‘savior’. Pray for the people of Florida, something bad is going to happen.

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NOAA predicts above-normal 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Great time for a few perfectly engineered hurricanes to wipe out Florida. Thanks, Ron DeSantis, for making Florida such a pandemic-friendly state to attract thousands of new residents over the last two years. A similar process has taken place by rounding up the Jewish people in the Rothschild-created state of Israel (Balfour Declaration) as a way for the Khazarians to round up the Jews for their FINAL SOLUTION. The Khazarians (like Pfizer CEO Israel Abraham Bourla) hate Jews and Christians. They hide themselves as Jews, but are on a mission to exterminate all of humanity.

Hoover Dam At Risk

Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What’s Going On?!!!

Have y’all noticed that the silver conversation is getting intense right now?

AIMCats have a long history with these two – Jeff Christian and David Lin. Y’all remember the beginnings of the silver squeeze movement when these clowns were trying to figure out what happened that weekend at the end of January 2021?

We are still here, boys. WTP are taking the (((banksters’))) system down. Hi. Ho. Silver.

Here is where the story began: It was a strategic warfront taken over by Wall Street Silver to squeeze silver until the banksters started squealing like the fat, greedy pigs they are.

We have many warfronts in this Information War. We are decentralized, highly-intelligent and connected on a frequency of consciousness that they can not detect. We are like cats.

Here is where the story began: It was a strategic warfront taken over by Wall Street Silver to squeeze silver until the banksters started squealing like the fat, greedy pigs they are.

AIM Cats were on silver like a cat on catnip from January 28, 2001 through today. Here’s our first post about #silversqueeze (January 30): .

First target was SLV to force GS (that weenie Jeff Currie) to admit that the ETFs were the shorts. Once he was busted (which took less than a week), we moved on to a two-part SQUEEZE – PSVL and physical. Gotta yank the balls off the bull. Two balls. Two pulls. It’s war.

We commend WSS for what they are doing, but it is the global AIM community that stoked the fire early on. On January 30, we updated our community with this: Our silver warriors had been preparing for this opportunity since 2017:

That was after we started the Q movement, but jumped out when the spooks got in and started creating a psyop. We see that the movie on CICADA 3301 is coming out. We watched the trailer and it is bullsh*t.

AIM has many warfronts in this Information War. We are decentralized, highly-intelligent and connected on a frequency of consciousness that they can not detect. We are like cats.
Teaching the Wisdom Children who are Incarnating in our World

Dennis Brown. (Jan. 27, 2019). In Memoriam: Joseph Buttigieg [father of Pete Buttigieg], Kenan Professor Emeritus of English. Notre Dame News.

Was the neighbor of Briton Anton Buttigieg, 2nd President of Malta.

Pete Buttigieg’s father was a communist teaching at Notre Dame.

Ran the scholarship programs: The London ProgramHesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program feeding significant scholarships to selected Notre Dame students.