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Murder on the Titanic

Among the 24-point plan were these priorities:

Point 1: Power of the President of the United States to be increased so as to gradually diminish the powers of Congress.

Point 2: Supreme Court of the United States to be revised so as to embrace only judges agreeable to absorption by Great Britain, and uniformly hostile to the United States Senate.

Point 3: Precedents must be established by said Court against the United States Senate in rulings, decisions, etc., (specially prepared).

Point 11: Honors must be conferred on the husbands of women thus given preference in the social circles of America, and a rank or position determined by judiciously distributed decorations.

Point 16: Men whose wealth prevents their being influenced by money must have honors and position and possibly a title dangled before their wives’ eyes.

Explosive revelations that expose the British enemy


Mary Magdalene Feast Day

We are wrestling demons and principalities. This video explains how they take over human forms. HOW DEMONS CAUSE NEGATIVE THINKING

When we delve into truth history and put light on the lies and propaganda that these demons have told us for decades and centuries, we are BUSTING the demons, phantoms, and specters. It doesn’t take all of humanity to destroy these demons – just 48 conscious and fully awake humans.

Douglas and Michael had a deep conversation about historical LIES that have become phantoms and specters. The audio and support materials available inside the link: PROOF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HELPED BRITISH SABOTEURS AND AMERICAN TRAITORS TAKEOVER AMERICA IN 1902


Putin’s Powerful Remarks at ‘Strong Ideas for a New Time’ Summit

Moscow has rejected accusations that it is intentionally stalling the delivery of a turbine crucial for the proper long-term functioning of the Nord Stream 1 Russia to Germany natural gas pipeline, instead placing the blame squarely on the West and its sanctions.

The turbine had been in Canada at a Siemens facility – the only place in the world where it can be worked on – but is now said to be en route back to Russia, only to be held up in Germany, or “stuck in transit”, as Reuters reported. But the Kremlin on Friday has rejected this narrative, calling the report “nonsense”.

Russia Rejects As “Nonsense” Report Saying Nord Stream Turbine Is Stuck In Transit

Blackstone Prepares A Record $50 Billion To Snap Up Real Estate During The Coming Crash

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We saw the initial video on this and were surprised that the homeowner didn’t ask for a warrant. But he may have been caught by surprise and forgot that this type of questioning is ILLEGAL without a warrant. Don’t let intruders like this disturb your privacy.

Say THIS if the ATF comes to YOUR door asking to see guns

We keep this sign on all of our exterior doors. Feel free to copy and tape at your door. If approached like this homeowner was, do not chit chat. They are not your friends. Ask them if they have a warrant issued by a judge. If not, tell them to leave your property and then gently close the door and lock it.

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A Phenomenon Called Mass Formation Hypnosis (Audio)

“Why have large swaths of society bought into masking, restricted people from visiting their loved ones even as they lay on their deathbeds?

According to Mattias Desmet, a professor of clinical psychology, mass formation hypnosis occurs when people are isolated from one another and free-floating anxiety is prevalent.

People buy into a narrative because it bonds them together, freeing them from their anxiety. It allows them “to direct their frustration and aggression at something.”” Gab post.

Tim Steinkamp left a comment under the video The Way Forward for Humanity

To Long Time Listener Carrol: A few years ago as I’m listening to all of the corruption especially after 9-11 I heard a lot of talk about the Constitution and thought I should read it as I wasn’t sure if I had ever read it. In Article 1 Section 2 it talks about the House Of Representatives and that they represent the citizens. The Senate represents the State and more importantly the government of the state or the governor.

It says the people get representation up to 1 per 30,000 and today we are at 1 per 760,000. 100 years ago the Congress in a Republican controlled DC passed a law to amend the Constitution and keep the membership at 435. It was restricted after the census of 1900 but the law was passed in 1929. If you go to the capital they may tell you that it was limited to 435 because the building couldn’t hold anymore desks. Is that a reason for 435 when we have 330 million people? Are we going to have 435 for another 100 years when we all know they are bought off by the corporations.

There is more to learn about this subject and I wish people would research it themselves and discuss why we don’t increase the House per the Constitution. Passing a law to take away the people’s representation, which is our first right, should be repealed and declared illegal and unconstitutional. The first Amendment before the 10 Bill Of Rights talks about changing that but it was never ratified. It is said that after the Civil War the people were very involved in their government but soon after the women got the right to vote we lost our representation.

Our current circumstances and outer “realities” are manifestations of countless individual karmas being played out for us to see. You might call these JUDGEMENT DAYS when a person’s individual karma puts him in the place where his life frequency and vibration can play out.

Throughout many lifetimes, we were tasked with becoming better, more conscious, humans. Jesus Christ showed us “the way”; he left us teachings and guidance to help us on the journey of ascension. He said he is the way, the truth, and the life.

You will be coming back in another incarnation so there are benefits in changing your perspective, and beginning RIGHT NOW to live by the Golden Rule or your preferred spiritual path. Make a difference today so that your tomorrows and future incarnations will be more favorable.

The New Lord of Karma

The magic of fungi. Inside a MAGIC MUSHROOM Retreat: A Special Inside Look From Start to Finish

You don’t need to go to an expensive retreat to take a journey into inner space. Read our pro-tips on this GAB POST.

144,000 God’s Elect Chosen Ones

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Does it feel like you are packing your suitcases for a huge trip as you prepare your bioarks and homesteads?

We feel like we are packing for a journey and aren’t sure how long we will be gone. Check. Double check. Toothpaste, beans and rice, seeds, water filters, and all the things we may need once we land on the other ‘shores’ which are not geographical places, but a shift in time and consciousness.

AIMCats, say good bye to the last vestiges of western civilization and the Kali Yuga. We are sailing towards new beginnings and the Age of Light, the Satya Yuga. Very excited to be here with all of you amazing, awake cats.