Pilgrims Progress

‘Pilgrims’ as the members of the Pilgrims Society. We use progress as a verb – “a forward or onward movement’. The Pilgrims have been progressing their tyrannical world order from long before Prince Charles arrived on the scene, but today he is its staff-bearer.

The Pilgrims progress their agenda on humanity, decade after decade, century after century. Today this group is headed by Prince Charles.

If you had listened to this history lesson back in 2013 when it was first posted, it may not have meant as much as it does today when you are thoroughly familiar with the Pilgrims Society, Cecil Rhodes, the secret societies, the sinking of the Titanic, banker wars, and the British take-over of America.

After watching, drop below Mike and Doug provide commentary on the video and set the historical record straight.

The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment

Pilgrims progressing through history is BAD for humanity


Renouncing & Divorcing the British Crown & Its Cohorts

Video saved for preservation purposes below:

Richard Grove. (Jul. 20, 2013). History: The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment. Tragedy and Hope.com. Source: https://youtu.be/pwwYuW2tzUo