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Blackrock They Own Everything

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Another CA ‘Wildfire, KY Flood Devastation, Individual Farmers Shut Down; UN/WEF War On Humanity

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AIMCat Jay writes an email to Michael:

Hi Michael. I came across this article from England and recall your miners earlier dug up similar information. One AIM post said, “Fraud 7: Rothschild and his broker brother-in-law Sir Moses Montefiore brokered the loan to Parliament from 1835-1838 to compensate for the loss of slaves by British bankers—founding the offshore British banking system used to this day to finance war and debauchery worldwide.”

Question: were you able to find the stock certificates given to the members of Rothschild’s banking syndicate who provided the cash to pay off British slaveholders, including Kamala Harris’ Jamaican family?

Thanks for all you do.

Subject: Bank of England slammed after failing to name firms behind slavery loan cash – Voice Online

“The £15 million of compensation money paid in cash was raised by a loan which was contracted in 1835 between the British government and a syndicate led by Nathan Mayer Rothschild. However, we do not know of any records in the Bank’s Archive which list the syndicate members, and neither are we aware of any research that has been able to establish these names using records in other archives.

“As part of the loan agreement, the syndicate received various types of government stock in exchange, the amounts being determined by the size of individual subscriptions. The Bank’s Archive holds numerous stock registers for this period which contain thousands of individual accounts, but without more specific details and names it would be impossible to link these records to the syndicate.”

Michael responds to Jay’s email:

Hi Jay,

This is hard evidence of the conspiracy among British elitists re. offshore banking, opium and slavery trafficking.