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The Miners are just getting warmed up.

Analysts. (Aug. 05, 2022). Candace Owens’ Wikipedia’s Pilgrims Society media grooming coverage. Anonymous Patriots.

Candace Amber (“Lips”) Owens Farmer

Born April 29, 1989, Stamford, Connecticut

Current age: 33

Wikipedia Coverage – 26 pgs. (almost one page for each year of existence)

Wikipedia bibliography – 157 entries

The article below is from October 2021 and is an opinion piece about Candace in case you haven’t paid any attention to her because you already sensed her con.

Every Receipt Proving Candace Owens Is A Con Artist Who Is Following The Money

Here’s a headline from Zero Hedge with a paywall because it is supposed to be so good. But the headline is RUBBISH. It wasn’t the FBI that rigged the election.

As all AIMCats know, it was Mark Malloch-Brown and his election rigging software Optech that is in all the boxes – Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, Diebold, ES&S, Hart InterCivic, etc. All electronic voting machines have the software that changes votes at 3 a.m. so that the PILGRIMS SOCIETY wins all the (((s)))elections they deem important to win. They have been doing this for decades!

Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to rely on Zero Hedge to take you all the way to TRUTH?

The Alex Jones show trial has so many agendas… where to start? I am calling it a false flag operation to take away our freedom of speech. Don’t fall for it. Alex is a big boy and his handlers will take good care of him. You can respond by ignoring the courtroom drama and tend your garden, read an uplifting book like the Bible or Gospel of Sophia, listen to our new spiritual audios

…. anything BUT give in to FEAR.

The miners have updated the post on Lillian Scott Troy.

Baron Louis von Horst, hops suppler to Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, was imprisoned in Britain just as WWI began on trumped up charges—proved false after 1919

… after the British crippled him while in prison

See Editor. (Dec. 17, 1914). AMERICANS RALLY TO FREE VON HORST (colleague of Lillian Scott Troy). The Fort Wayne News (Indiana).

See also Editor. (Dec. 23, 1914). GERMAN PRISONERS SHIFTED TO SHIPS (incl. the Prince Edward, re. Baron Louis Von Horst detention), THOSE ON BOARD VESESELS ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF, BUT LACK ACTION. The Danville Morning News (Pennsylvania). 

This meme is INACCURATE. Both sides and everything listed in between are CLOAKS for the PILGRIMS SOCIETY. Behind each name listed is a handler from the Pilgrims Society, formerly known as the British Imperial Empire.

British History be like. Notice that they did not report the SECRET that all the Secret Societies know… but the general public doesn’t. AMERICA is still a British colony. We didn’t win the Revolutionary War. The British infiltrated the United States and use its mighty military-industrial complex to whip the rest of the world into tyranny.

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They have to tell us want they want to do to 1) create fear so we react/respond with self-harm, 2) create an image of the future that we tacitly agree to because we don’t stand our ground and say no. When they do not get resistance from us, they nudge again with another image of their evil future until we are here today with global genocide.

If the evil ones do not have karma with you, that is – that there is no natural “spiritual gravitation” between you and them, then the only way they can get to you is through fear so that you act upon yourself.

This is 20 years before the London RONA Olympics. The evil message was enacted in Barcelona, then 20 years later in London, and today non-stop 24/7 on main stream media.

For more discussion on the karmic aspect of fearmongering, see our recent audios at

St. Benedict Medal
This is a St. Michael medal. Douglas wears one that is similar to this. Perhaps you would like to wear something that brings you a sense of protection and guidance. If you ever visit us in Michigan make sure to bring your special piece so that we can “charge” it with the vibration of the Holy Lance of Love.

Finding the Blessed Isle
Douglas describes these tribal jackets in the audio recording below.

AIMCat Todd and Fazia are traveling in South Dakota and visiting hot springs along the way. The Gabriels are huge fans of hot springs and wanted to share these pictures that Todd sent in case we or you are looking for hot springs destination places.

Mocassin Springs in Hot Springs SD

Yay Minerals

Todd and Fazia at Smith Falls on the Niobrara River northern Nebraska 

The Gabriels favorite hot springs these days is in North Carolina, just outside of Asheville – Hot Springs, North Carolina. They have units along the riverside, but for a special time, book their hot springs TREEHOUSE for a night or two. We left lots of good vibes there during our last visit.

And while you are in the Asheville area, book a few nights with AIMCat Nina at the Biodome Experience in the Smokies.

AIMCat Condor sends Douglas an email and gives permission to share with all.


Video link:

I enjoyed your very informative video on crystals and ethers.  It might explain two areas of interest to me in recent years.  

I have been drawn to crystals over the last four years.  One of my company’s clients grew crystals for computers.  That intrigued me.  Then I researched the crystal skulls.  Eventually I began the study of crystals in general.

As seen below I have dabbled with crystal experts on a House and Soul Protection Grids for the atrium at my lake lodge.

Crystals led me to stumbling upon yet another scientist who was essentially sentenced to death in prison in the 1950s (he had a heart condition which was left untreated once he landed in federal prison).  What was his crime?  Like Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) who did not submit to the Vatican Church and recant all his research and findings, Dr. Reich refused to recant his research and findings before the FDA!  I kid you not!

He was heavily researching the measurable impact of Chi (he called it Orgone) on the environment and life of living creatures on earth.  In addition, he was suggesting Orgone energy (Chi) could be directed to operate small engines, alter weather and in improving physical and spiritual health.

In the 1st attachment from 2001 titled: Maine – The Mysterious Life and Death of Dr. Wilhelm Reich – Orgone Energy, both Nazis and Communists wanted this man executed back in the 1930s.  They burned his books and destroyed his technology.  He escaped to the United States and started his new life here.  This first attachment details the threats to the globalists created by Dr. Reich’s research in America.

Thanks to FOIA in the 2010 article (see 2nd attachment titled: Orgone- New Evidence on the Imprisonment and Death of Dr. Wilhelm Reich) I learned elements of the Pilgrim Society controlling the Nazis, Communists and critical departments of the U.S. government ultimately worked together in the 1940s and 50s to eventually find him guilty of something in a Maine court (jury found him guilty in less 15 minutes -1st attachment) and throw him in prison on a trumped-up charge for two years.  He was shipped off to an out-of-state federal prison.  It was there the minions of the Pilgrim Society snuffed out another light attempting to advance humanity on earth. 

What was it about his work which ultimately led the minions of the Pilgrim Society to order his equipment to be destroyed with axes; his books and papers burned…just as they did in Germany two decades earlier?  They also wanted this famous doctor stricken from written history!

I don’t have the expertise to answer such a question of what the cabal feared.  Your recent crystal video got me to wondering if this might intrigue you and Tyla.  If there is anything here, this might be more in your wheelhouse of understanding.

Whether Bruno in 1600, the GEET inventor in the 1970s and/or other patriot scientists before and after them in the fields of engineering and medicine, etc., due to the fact Reich refused FDA demands for him to cease all future research on Orgone; to burn all his notes; destroy all the technologies he derived from Orgone, and essentially recant all he discovered, he was tucked away in federal prison to die.

I might add there was a lot of suspicion concerning his sudden death two weeks before a pardon hearing was to take place in 1957.  He was eight months into a two-year sentence.  A co-worker who completed his sentence, reportedly died of suicide immediately after leaving prison.

Like Nicola Tesla, people who knew Wilhelm Reich would not let him and his work be forgotten.  That is why this museum (seen to the right) exists today. 

Due to the pandemic, Governor Mills took this opportunity to shut the Wilhelm Reich Museum, in Rangeley, Maine for the last two years.

It just reopened this summer and I finally got to visit it last weekend.  Some of the pictures to the right came from the trip.



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