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APRIL 2023 – Is This Nature’s GREAT RESET Event? | NEW Frank Jacob Interview

Think this video (above) about the Earth catastrophe is conspiracy? Then listen to Ben Davidson from Suspicious 0bservers explain in detail: The Earth Disaster Documentary

There are so many reasons to prepare your bioark – from Earth changes due to solar activities to the collapse of the Pilgrims petro dollar and hyperinflation. Here’s an AIMCat educating his downline about building a homestead ark. Share the excitement with your network and make sure your friends and family are as prepared as they can be. Build Your Ark with Little to No Money

People discuss this all the time – that the evil ones must give us a heads-up and we must consent before they can harm us. This is how AIMCats around the world stand their ground that no harm comes to them and that our collective timeline for humanity is going to be AMAZING.

How Our Consciousness is Used to Create Reality (Secret Method)

@donechoking posts: “This message was just what we needed. Aimcats are onto these evil shenanigans and can flip the tables. Be conscious, be aware, and do the opposite of what the program states. Brings me great joy!

Nina BellaNina posts:


“Our world, our Universe and our Solar System is up for a ‘systems upgrade’ on its way to a higher frequency and the lower frequency thought forms or actions will no longer ‘match’ the frequency of where we are going. You can’t hold down the truth anymore and smother it in lies and deceit. The time is up for the agenda of our controllers of “power over” humanity.  Lust, greed, pain, suffering, lies and deceit has its’ way – but not much longer!

If you spent almost 40 years as I have, drilling down to understand “who am I and why am I here” on this planet, you would have uncovered the underbelly of the dark polarity.  The angelic realms and above are the higher dimensional (octaves) of spirit. We reside in a 3rd dimension (3D) embodiment of spirit in a human “skin suit” holding our higher dimensional and often multi-dimensional consciousness while having a human 3D experience.

Our birthright is love. Evil is the opposite polarity and it feeds on blood, lust and fear. You can be spiritual, with the higher virtues, but just hanging out there and being “airy fairy” is not balanced and there is no ‘fuel’ to catapult you to a higher frequency without the sharpening stones of “choice” or exercising your free will.

In other words, without exercising your personal power and turning away from the ugly part of life, you may be in an endless feedback loop, on the wheel of life, because you will not have taken up the spiritual sword of truth.Read more….

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Debunking Black Goo Man Harald Kautz Villa

Why are there too many holes in Harald’s videos about black goo?

Graphene Oxide and the Collapse of Civilization

Listen to how a smorgasbord of agendas collide and leave humanity in a lurch, from the fraud of Dr. Waugh to the collapse of the petrodollar.

Goo, Morgellons, and Manmade Tissue

Douglas presents new information on graphene oxide.

GOO is antithetical to life

Douglas published an excellent article and video on graphene oxide that is a must read for those who want to understand SUBNATURE.

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An Australian AIMCat brings your attention to this book, and Michael McKibben wrapped it up in a PDF version:

Woolfolk, L. B. (1890). Great red dragon, or London money power, OCLC: 045587007. George E. Stevens (Cincinnati). Source:

THIS work is divided into three parts:‐

PART I gives a History of the Rise of the London Money Power.

PART II proves that this Imperialism of Capital,‐ the London Money Power,‐is foretold in prophecy, under the symbol of the Great Red Dragon.

PART III gives the Remedy for the industrial evils that afflict our country.

There are many persons, perhaps, who will be deeply interested in Part I, and Part III, who will feel but little interest in the prophetic portion of the work. The work is so arranged that all such per‐ sons can skip Part II , and pass from Part I to Part III, without any break in the connection of thought: though they will miss the most striking delineations of the character and the activities of the Money Power.

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Learn how to launder gold & silver like the pros!

AIMCat Todd wrote: “Hi Tyla, I got a new phone, and I wanted to slap something on it with some Shungite, because Douglas said he uses a pyramid on his phone at least at night time, and it helps with the radiation. So I ordered something, and it actually contained both shungite, Orgone and a Herkimer diamond. Thought of you guys!”

This video was CENSORED by YouTube. Find out what Big Brother doesn’t want you to know. We re-uploaded it to Brighteon.

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Why does the human being not remember his former incarnations?

Why does the human being not remember his former incarnations? Put like this, this question makes little sense. You will understand in a moment why I say this. It is as if someone says: ‘human beings call themselves human beings; in front of us stands a four-year-old child that can’t count’. Then he continues to say: ‘this child cannot count, however if it is a human being so that means humans cannot count.’ It is, however, a matter of development. At some stage in life every person will come to a point which advanced students have already reached, namely the ability to recall past lives; If he cannot remember anything, then he has to acquire this skill first just like the child acquires the skill of reading, doing arithmetic and writing. The person must not unconsciously let destiny pass him by if he intends to let his experiences lead him towards the point where he can remember earlier lives on earth.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 054 – Berlijn, Die Welträtsel und die Anthroposophie – February 15,  1906 (page 300)

We took a call from AIMCat Ron (aka, Seven7Seven) and recorded the portion of the conversation about reincarnation. What happens when you can’t find a body in which to incarnate? Why aren’t you able to remember your past lives? …Plus other thoughts on reincarnation that may stretch your imagination.

Reincarnation is a Reality

Embrace your inner cat and do what it takes to SURVIVE. This is me – Warrior Cats