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New SEC fiddle for GE on a faked Facebook $100m claim

Memo Question to SEC and Facebook Fare Fund: How is it that you are NOT familiar with the theft of the social networking invention itself, not only by Facebook, but the entire of the social networking? Curiously, the SEC engaged in FBfairfund project yet IGNORED the overarching failure of the reps and warranties on the original Facebook intellectual property claims in the IPO in 2013. (Reps and Warranties says that you own the underlying intellectual property that you are offering to the public… which FACEBOOK DID NOT, AND HAS NEVER OWNED IT!)

Bill Barr is Pilgrims Society legal groom – never had a real job other than as a Pilgrims Society beauracratic scumbag law groom

Bill Barr was a law student under Professor James P. Chandler, III at George Washington University (grad. 1977).

First job out of college was with the CIA (British MI6)

Parents were Jewish background, converted to Catholicism (good Kharzarian Sabbatian-Frankist), father taught English at Columbia, the educational center of the British Pilgrim Society in the U.S.

Dominion Resources is an energy company, unassociated with Dominion Voting Systems Corporation

This meme implies Dominion Voting Systems and doesn’t indicate that it is not.

How Attorney General Bill Barr Built A $40 Million Fortune ( (This Forbes article cleverly attempts to misdirect the reader into thinking that Barr and Malloch-Brown were in the same company).

Yes, but this is an energy company DOMINION, not a voting systems DOMINION.

Love seeing the truth being spread into Gab. This post is much more extensive that what we screen-captured below. Click into Gab and see what she wrote; repost and spread. Then write your own Gab post about the Pilgrims Society and pass to your downline.

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Is September 24 a DROP DEAD date?

An elected German official announced in his parliament that September 24th is a date that we would ALL remember. Is this related to Charles’ accession to the throne?

Ukraine’s 2nd Largest City Plunged Into Total Darkness As Russia Strikes Key Infrastructure

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Magnesium, Epsom Salts, and Shilagit

The Gabriels give you their favorite recipe for total body mineralization, health, and cosmic connection capabilities.

The Asuras, Third Force, and Incarnation of Ahriman

Several of you had questions about the ‘War of All Against All’ and the incarnation of the anti-Christ and Ahriman. We get into the spiritual details to provide insight.

We were discussing protocols for mineralization of the body in a recent Substack audio. (See link above.)

A comment was left by AIMCat (aka “Hot Springs”) Todd: “Love the deodorant convo. I actually have a company that makes natural deodorant using ozone (O3). I’ll be happy to share a stick if anyone reaches out.”

We ordered some to give it a try… plus we LOVE supporting fellow cats.

ZERO Waste Natural Deodorant (Dual-Strength) Biodegradable Eco-Friendly

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